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Spring Awakenings  by daw the minstrel 406 Review(s)
erunyauveReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/14/2004
I'm glad Celuwen is starting to see reason - the risk of losing one another remains the same whether they are bonded or not. It seems to me that she has been hoping that time and distance would lead them both to seek others, but of course, when Eilian does so, she becomes jealous. In any case, being an elf, there is not much she can do about it, and I think her heart is beginning to tell her that this is her true love, not some infatuation from childhood. And she is going to have to stand up to her father - his interference in her life goes beyond the bounds of a father's right to protect his children.

Author Reply: Celuwen has some choices to make, you're right. And Eilian intends to see that her thought process is as clouded as possible while she makes them. :-)

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/14/2004
Oh no, your dawness, you've called my bluff. Here you have gone and posted Eilian's 'personal' letter, and I've not yet seen Aldamir's letter! I'll have to speak to him tonight.

What a great beginning. Legolas is home, and Eilian is recovering. I still get a chuckle out of how mother-henish Thranduil can be. For as fierce as he can be in the protection of his realm, he is equally, if not moreso, protective of his sons. I really enjoyed the evening meal exchange between the brothers about how Thanduil can hover.

Celuwen's attitude change was interesting. She was worried for fear he might be cold or hungry! Interesting. But, it's no surprise that her adar was interfering with the mail. Shouldn't that be punishable by realm law? I want to sympathize with him in his desire to protect his daughter, but I'm having a hard time. He has not endeared himself to me. What a hardheaded Elf! But then, it does sort of prepare Celuwen for life with Eilian.

It's time now to move on and see what happens next. I look forward to seeing where this takes us.

Good start! Carry on, your minstrelship. Karen

Author Reply: As the sons have become adults, they've become better able to tease their father, I think. It's nice to see.

LOL about how life with her father prepared Celuwen for life with Eilian. It's hard to imagine what holiday dinners would be like, isn't it?

I suspect I know some of the contents of Aldamir's letter and they are no fun at all.

nanethReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/14/2004
Sooooooo....Eilian, Celuwen...finally? Your faithful fans are hoping to *finally* be rewarding for our "patient" waiting for the blessed event!

Can't wait for more!

Author Reply: Eilian certainly *intends* for things to go better this time. We'll have to see. ;-)

sol IIIReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/14/2004
Oh, a new story from our favorite Minstrel! Truly a treat for a dismal
Working Sunday! This looks to be an intriguing one, what with everyone
together again for the moment. I look forward to seeing more :)

Thanks for sharing,


Author Reply: Working Sundays are sad! I'm glad you liked the first chapter. I'm excited about this story. I've been building up to some of the stuff in it for a while now. Thank you for the review.

FirstMateReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/14/2004
Always such a treat to see a new story by you! I was surprised to see that it was taking Eilian so long to heal. He must be SO frustrated by now. But it's great to see he and Legolas back home for awhile. Are you ever going to have the two of them actually in the Southern Patrol together (well, for more than just a day or so like the last story). I'd love to see what kind of adventures they would have together and just how well Legolas would fare under Eilian's leadership. Well, another great chapter...thanks!

Author Reply: The Orc poison was bad. Eilian really nearly died this time. I may have them serving together again. It would be interesting to see the complications of command as you say. Thank you for the review, FirstMate.

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/14/2004
I love what you added to the end - trust the brat to take his responsibilities seriously! I think Eilian may find Maltanaur going with him to visit Celuwen, especially if baby brother decides he really does need a babysitter!

I was really struck with how ill our poor Eilian has been. He needs Celuwen now, as his outlook on life has surely changed a bit.

I need to go put on my alter ego now. *grin*

Author Reply: So this alter ego. Would that be the one where you're the mean beta as opposed to the nice reviewer? Or would that be the author (I hope). It certainly isn't the sweet child that Karen seems to have deluded herself into thinking you are. :-)

Maltanaur is away in the Southern Patrol right now. He doesn't get three months off to watch Eilian be sick.

Yes, he does need Celuwen. :-)

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