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Hunting  by Nilmandra 12 Review(s)
rgbjReviewed Chapter: 6 on 3/8/2004
You can't sneak up on a wood elf in the forest can you? Those gossipy trees.
Bregolas and his resolve to protect his baby brother was so very nice and in character. All his brothers and sisters would move heaven and earth for Legolas.
To a wood elf the only good orc is a dead orc but poor agitated Glorfindel. He and his group have gone through so much with nothing to show for it now. The message is lost.
So Elenath has a he elf friend and the king is in the dark so far. Love is in the air. What will Legolas think about another warrior in the family? He will probably love an extension to his audience.
Wild elves!! Ha. They have no idea how wild and dangerous. Are they friends, well a qualified yes on that one.
Oh my Legolas, is he our prisoner? He has prisoners on the mind right now. He has been prisoner enough to think that his is a natural progression of things.
The twins frighten Legolas and get flattened. The dynamics of life around the littlest prince is very different from what the twins are used to. When it comes to Legolas the wood elves will be dangerous indeed.
Elrohir is not being co-operative. He is trying. Snort. Ah they have different names. That is how their adar and naneth tell them apart. Well they should have mentioned that first. Now Glorfindel leaves the twins to Legolas' tender mercies. Yikes.
Now he must care for his prisoners. He did a very good job. It would be nice to tell the twins they are just part of the prince's learning curve but they still wouldn't be too happy about that.
He has the twins tied up now. This is such a giggle. The world turned upside down for the Peredhil twins and they don't know what to do about it. They are still prisoners.
So as they get close to the stronghold they feel the energy the forest and the king share. I like your making the wood elves a mystery to the twins. I really enjoy the wood elves being very different.
Thanx for a very exciting chapter. The orcs really had very little to do with the main thrust of the story. It was just a device to get Legolas more exposure to life in Middle Earth.

Author Reply: I almost felt sorry for the orcs - i used them as a plot device and then killed them all too! But, they do have a purpose, though it shall not be immediately revealed.

It did not seem to me that there was much visiting back and forth in the realms, although I enjoy stories where the twins and Legolas are friends. This was fun to write them different - and i think the Lorien elves, who the twins would know, are different yet again.

Poor Elrohir. I really don't know why I beat up on the elf. He is just so good natured and forgives easily :/

Thank you again.

LKKReviewed Chapter: 6 on 3/2/2004
I'm so glad Legolas and the orcs did not meet. I hate to think of the memories that such an encounter would have provoked in him. (I was afraid they would meet because I had misread the chapter title. I switched the words and read "captive elflings"! Very worrisome!)

Poor Glorfindel. It must be very vexing to him to not know why the orc captain was so anxious to get back to his home. I feel for him. I would have liked to know what that message was myself.

The twins' first encounter with Legolas was hysterical. You are not being very cooperative, Elrohir. That line makes me grin every time I think of it. I can hear and see the moment in my mind. It's delightful. Then on top of that is Elladan's reaction upon seeing Glorfindel arrive. these wood elves would get off his back, and they could go home to a place where elflings were sane. LOL Part of me wants to be annoyed at Elladan for thinking Legolas was insane. But then I turn around and picture the situation from Elladan's viewpoint. How was he to know that Legolas has taken practically EVERYONE prisoner on this trip?

I predict that your hit counter for this chapter is going to be unusally high. I can predict this with confidence because I know I'm going to come back many times to read this one.

Love it!


Author Reply: Oh, I don't think I could do captive elflings for real *shudders* I am glad you liked the chapter - that first meeting was fun to write. I have been trying to convince Elladan to go easy on the little prince when they get back to the cavern-palace, but Elladan just grins at me with a strange gleam in his eye.

eokatReviewed Chapter: 6 on 3/2/2004
Wow another chapter, and so quick. At last the two groups have met up and it was hilarious. I laughed out loud when Glorfindel stepped over the twins tied on the ground, without even looking at them. The love between Bregolas and Legolas is intense. I wonder what Thranduil will feel about his daughters soon to be betrothal, I can imagine him to be a little possessive at first, not wanting to let her go to another. Looking forward to the next.

Author Reply: Thanks, eokat. I think I do not envy the object of Elenath's affection, all those brothers and a king for a father. Eep! I felt a little bad for the twins in this chapter - they really did not know what to think!

NikaraReviewed Chapter: 6 on 3/1/2004
Wonderful chapter. Legolas was completely adorable. I love Elladan and Elrohir's reactions to him. Great job!

Author Reply: Thanks, Nikara. I like adorable Legolas - he practically writes himself :D

MeljeReviewed Chapter: 6 on 2/29/2004
So apparently Elladan has found out that not only trees are different in Mirkwood!

I LOVE the way you contrast the two Elvish cultures. Mirkwood Elves must really appear wild to the twins' eyes!

Especially if they keep humouring Legolas so. I see that they're only trying to teach Legolas a valuable lesson, but do they really have to do it at Elrohir's expenses? He's hurt, the poor guy! And he has probably been brought up to be curteous and diplomatic, all of which puts him now at a distinct disadvantage. I hope you give him the chance for some little retaliation, later on.

Do we also get to see the Imladris Elves through the Wood Elves' eyes?

Author Reply: LOL - I think the twins will need to figure out how to handle the little princeling if they expect to survive their stay in Mirkwood :D Being an object lesson for Legolas for much longer might be a little much for them. It would be fun to see the Imladris elves through the eyes of the wood elves - the first thing they might think is 'why do the sons of Elrond let Legolas get away with so much?' Poor diplomatic Elrohir - you have hit exactly on the problem!

nanethReviewed Chapter: 6 on 2/29/2004
Wow, that was a quick update! Thanks!

What a fun chapter. Two things made me really laugh. Elenath is about to tell her father and big brothers that she's in love and wants to exchange rings and she's looking forward to it? Hah! Elladan wants to return home where elflings are sane? Has he forgotten his own childhood????

Author Reply: I think Elanath underestimates the reactions of the males in her family, and I think Glorfindel will be reminding Elladan of his own childhood very soon! Legolas is charming, though, and soon the twins need to figure out how best to interact with him, as he seems quite taken with them. :D

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 6 on 2/29/2004
I adored Legolas's reaction to the twins, especially as it is told through Elladan's eyes. The wild wood elves have certainly been a revelation to the Sons of Elrond!

And I SO look forward to Elenath breaking the news to Ada that his little daughter is in love. I wouldn't like to be the boyfriend.

Author Reply: I don't envy the boyfriend at all - after all, Elenath's father is the king and she has three big brothers! But it will be fun :D

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 6 on 2/29/2004
What a great chapter - from Bregolas being such a wonderful big brother, and so protective (I liked the part about him being the 'final defence'), to the twins (of course!) and especially Glorfindel.

The tension between the two groups of elves when they first meet was well described, and I loved Legolas' reaction to the twins - and his guardians' response to that! Poor twins!

Glorfindel stepping over the twins, and completely ignoring their predicament was great. But poor Elrohir - he's hurt! Please don't torture him too much - (which reminds me, when can we see an update for History Lessons?)


Author Reply: I have felt bad for the twins all along, I admit! They are in the midst of battle, they are tired and weary, and recovering from wounds.....and now they have a culture shock and are being object lessons for little Legolas! Elrohir won't receive too much more torture, and I think he will enjoy the rest of his stay.

As for HLII - it is drafted, but a serious work situation has consumed so much of my time in these last few weeks that I am going to finish this story (only a chapter to go, I think) and then we'll return to our injured elves on the banks of the Hoarwell.

mistry89Reviewed Chapter: 6 on 2/29/2004
This is great - I love to see the distinction between the "sophisticated" dwellers of Imladris (at least the high-born ones) and the "wild" wood elves. And the the grand ones have things to learn - the tree stuff is great (and I like the tree bit as the approach their destination).

Favourite line : “Why did you not tell me you had different names? That is how your Adar and Naneth tell you apart.”

The Legolas bit is great - they are not being over-indulgent, they are letting him make decisions of the type that will be real enough one day. And it is safe to do so here!

So, the 2 sets of elves meet .... who will be sent to uncover the task the orcs were carrying out? A combined team? I can't wait.

Author Reply: I was surprised to find Elladan as much of a tree hugger as he turned out to be! A child's logic is often fun, but I think the wood elves are also smartly teaching this child, as you have already guessed. He is being taught to think logically and critically, even at a young age, through what appears to be fun. The times they live in are dangerous, so teaching hard lessons in a fun way are important.

Not sure what will happen with the may be some time before the elves learn what that message was. :D

finafyrReviewed Chapter: 6 on 2/29/2004
I do so enjoy your stories about little Legolas.. they are one of the delights of my heart.. I woke up this morning sick and a bit sad.. and you story brightened my day.. it is nice to read something written with such love and such talent.. Keep up the good work.. and thank you for being such a wonderful story teller..

Author Reply: *sends you sunshine and something to make you feel better*

I am glad if the stories have that same impact - I like writing stories like this, where we see real life going on and people living and loving their families amidst all the cares of the world. Little Legolas is a charmer, although I think my beloved twins are looking forward to a rest!

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