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Eilian's Begetting Day  by Nilmandra 18 Review(s)
The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/14/2003
I joined the Mirkwood group just so I could read this...and have found it a delightful place since. I loved it then and loved it maybe even more in this reading. Eilian is such a delight as a child. The adventurous and carefree elf he will become is already apparent. I was thrilled to find that Maltanaur was slipping through the high branches overhead. He has apparently been keeping watch over this one for a long time. No wonder he feels strongly about his charge. I imagine that while he knows his place well, he can't help but feel some parental urges toward Eilian. I was a little worried about the storm and about the swimming expedition, but all turned out well. When Eilian went under water, I thought Maltanaur showed great restraint in not going in after him. But, then, guys never seem to get as worked up over possible death defying acts as the females of the species.
The interlude between Thranduil and Lorellin was...well..really...nice. It was wonderful to see them together since we only know her postmortem. I loved the part where she smiled at him and he thought how he melted at that smile since the very first time he had seen it. I always hoped that Daw would write a story about their courtship. I'd love to know how they met and how they came together. Lorellin not only tempers the relationship between Thranduil and his sons, she also seems to temper him personally. She's so good for him. I loved them together and felt such a sad little tug knowing that he will have to go on without her. This was beautifuly written, Nilmandra. Vivid and strong. I'm so glad you decided to share it with all the readers. It is so well done and such a wonderful birthday gift for Daw. Thanks, Karen

Author Reply: Thanks, Karen. I am glad you liked it, and that you see what I hoped people would see in Lorellin. She was carefree and spontaneous and loving, and brought out the best in Thranduil and her sons. It is sad to think of how their lives would be different had she not died.

Maltanaur indeed did come close to intervening several times :D He was never far, and it is a credit to his stealth that Eilian never knew it.

White WolfReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/13/2003
I've read all of daw's sorries, and Eilian is one of my favorite characters. I loved seeing him as an elfling. His adventure was wonderful, especially the gift to the chattering squirrel and exploring the beaver dam.

The love scenes between Thranduil and Lorellin were steamy and yet tasteful. It was so obvious how much they loved each other. I had thought, at first, that maybe Legolas would have been conceived at that time, but then I remembered that Eilian is about sixty years older than Legolas.

I hope daw was happy with the story, because I sure was.

Author Reply: Thanks, White Wolf. :) I was glad when daw asked me to post it. I am also glad you thought the love scenes were tasteful - that is very important to me!

KarriReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/12/2003
Very entertaining, Nilm. I enjoyed reading it again. :-)

Author Reply: Thanks Karri! I liked Eilian as a happy go lucky elfling :D

Antigone_QReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/12/2003
Naturally, you post this after I join the Royal Mirkwood Home list in order to be able to read it. Oh, Well.

Anyway, I liked it a lot. Eilian seems to have lots of adventures even at that young age - that seems right to me. And it's good to see Thranduil happy and um....relaxed for once. Certainly, this scene is fairly typical of Thranduil and Lorellin if the names of Daw's characters are anything to go by.

Thanks for posting/writing this. I enjoyed it very much.

Author Reply: Thanks, Antigone. My style is much different than daw's, but I hope her characters still shone through. I saw Lorellin as someone who could make Thranduil be spontaneous, to leave his work, to laugh and just enjoy a day, carefree. I imagined Eilian to be like her. And I feel bad when I think of all Legolas missed out on :( I am glad you liked it.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/12/2003
I am so glad you agreed to posting this, Nilmandra. I think of this story as part of my cycle of Legolas stories. It's a great picture of the queen that shows what they all lost when Lorellin died. And it's great smut!

Author Reply: I am glad you liked your gift :D It was fun to imagine your characters in the world you created, but at a happier time.

Elena TirielReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/12/2003
Nilmandra, this is utterly delightful! It works on the cute-elfling level, and also on the steamy-adult level. Does Eilian really mean rainbow? How cute!

- Barbara

Author Reply: It was fun to write cute elfling with steamy elves, I admit. Thank goodness the king doesn't assign himself a keeper too :D

Strange BlazeReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/11/2003
oh WOW Nilmandra!! This was sooo good!! It has all the elements of your own fic--cute wonderful elfling, great descriptions and attention to detail, and best of all, those wonderfully sensuous, delightfully heated and sexy intimate moments between the king and queen. And they aren't even your own characters, that's what makes it so great. I see in your own stories what a talented, unique writer you are, but to be able to adapt your own skills to someone else's characters like this is just amazing. I guess that's what we're all trying to do with Tolkien fan-fic, but I have to say that you and daw are two of the very very best. I have grown to love Nilmandra-canon and daw-canon, and to have them meet in this way is very great.

See daw, people will read a non-Lego-centric Eilian piece! Even if this one was really about Thranduil and Lorellin, what drew me to it was the title. Bring on the Eilian fic!

also, I wondered what his name meant, thanks for letting us know. It's really beautiful.


Author Reply: Thanks Strangeblaze - glad you liked it! Daw had once written that Lorellin sort of mediated between Thranduil and Eilian - so it was fun to show her doing that as well as showing that somone could tempt Thranduil away from his work! Life was good then....

FirstMateReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/11/2003
This was so sweet! I really like Daw's character, Eilian, and it's wonderful to see him in more stories. You did a great job showing him as the happy-go-lucky little elfling that he must have been. I was especially happy to see Maltanaur as his guardian--he must really feel like an uncle to Eilian, even in the later years. Anyway, lovely little story!

Author Reply: Thanks, Firstmate! The story idea actually came from a discussion daw and I had when she was writing 'When Shadow touches home' - where she so heartbreakingly showed us Thranduil and sons trying to recover from the loss of their wife and mother. This little story was to show what they lost - a lighthearted, carefree elf who softened Thranduil's hard edges and dearly loved her sons. Glad you liked it!

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