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Eilian's Begetting Day  by Nilmandra 18 Review(s)
CesReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/12/2008
This was a beautiful story and little Eilian is almost as cute as elfling Legolas!

What child doesn't like to explore a beaver's dam, the forest and talk to squirrels? I'm glad Eilian had such a good day.

Maltanaur on the other hand probably reflects back on this day as one of the easiest he ever had with Eilian! What a handful his charge turned out to be.

And you portrayed Thranduil and Lorellin as loving parents and two elves I would love to get to know. What a happy family they must have been during those times of little danger in the Greenwood.

nautikaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/14/2007
This is the story that really got me started on your recommended in one of daw the minstrel's of course. Poor Maltanaur, he got an early start, didnt he? Guess that explains how he became so fond of "the young fool".

Author Reply: I think Daw thought Eilian should have gotten into much more mischief on this outing, but I wanted him to have a good day! A true little wood elf. And yes, I like that Maltanuar knew the innocent young child... it had to help when Eilian was being reckless and impetuous later on. :D

Eruanneth_LuinReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/3/2005
What a sweet tale of a delightful little elfling! When Tolkien wrote that elflings (or elf children) needed little governance or teaching this is just what he would have in mind. Explorations of discovery, harmony with nature, be it trees, animals or weather, innocent enjoyment of all around him.

Oh my stars, Nilmandra, a truly evocative time of loving for Thranduil and Lorellin, and I loved the way focused on their ability to choose when to conceive a new life. My dear husband, Blue, being a health functional male, particularly enjoyed Thraunduil and Lorellin ‘communicating’ during their ‘let us go look for another rainbow’ interlude.

LeawardReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/31/2004
This is a lovely story! I love the imagery of the thunderstorm coming through in the middle. I should have seen it when you mentioned the rainbow. I'm terrible at seeing other people's foreshadowing. And I can guess what the ending portends .. I don't want to give it away for others here though.

Author Reply: Woohoo! And I wasn't even looking for a review, but if offering myself up as an example gets me such a nice one, I'll do it more often!

I would have a hard time writing this in a longer story, but this was meant to be a romantic sexy birthday present for my beta - and so writing her characters in love and making love was fun. And Eilian was a cute elfling! Glad you liked it.

DuchessReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/13/2004
Excellent! Thank you very much for the glimpse of Eilian as a little elfling, that was adorable. *vbg*

The relationship between Lorellin and Thranduil was quite passionate, wasn't it? Too sad that she died... :(

Very good writing here! :)

Author Reply: I love Eilian - (I am Celuwen, btw) *grin*

I wrote this story to show what the family lost with her death. I think she was special. Glad you liked this.

ElentariReviewed Chapter: 1 on 4/27/2004
How darling! I have half a mind to try and coax some Thrandy smut out of you. I have water in my mouth, dammit!
Eilian was amazingly well-behaved for the adventurous boy he is, and being without anyone to 'censor' him on top of that! for a moment I thought he would swim on a too-deep part of the lake/river, but he behaved nicely and was a very nice little boy.
Thank you for the treat. It really was priceless.

Author Reply: LOL at Thrandy smut! I think this is the most I can write - and I blushed as I wrote this, even. Daw tells me if she had written this, Eilian *would* have gotten into some trouble. *grin*. I like my elflings cute, adorable and well behaved, if only for a day. He was a cute little ellon on this day and truly a rainbow in his parents life :D Thanks for your nice comments.

Estel_Mi_OlorReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/22/2004
Well that was great. Eilian is so cute. Seriously, I can see him growing up fromt his cute elfing to the happy elder brother of Legolas. Poor Thranduil, he really loved his wife, and she loved him too. So sad...Keep writing. Cheers.

Author Reply: Eilian is downright adorable, even now as a grownup. I bet he was cute - and it is very sad to think of how different life might be for thranduil and his sons - esecially Legolas - if they had Lorellin still. Thanks for your review!

rgbjReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/18/2004
More Eilian is a very good thing. I love his impetuousity, if that is a genuine word.
I am also partial to daw's stories. They are so full of nuance, so carefully thought out and researched and updated so quickly I am in awe of her abilities. It was very nice of you to write her a birthday story.
This will be Eilian's best adventure. He gets to go alone into the forest. This must be still during the Watchful Peace for him to get a little freedom.
How nice the Queen and her little warrior. He is so sweet I am on the verge of squeeing.
Thranduil doesn't necessarily want another begetting. Eilian is enough. More than enough in the centuries to come. The King and Queen decide they can still have a big adventure also. How very romantic.
This is just to sweet. I well remember hopping through dappled woods on my way to the creek. I didn't have a full fledged river but the creek was big enough for me.
His guardian in the trees watching him like a hawk and asking the trees to keep him secret so Eilian will think he is on his own. He found a gold rock. Such a sharing elfling to give it to the squirrel youngling.
My that was a very erotic interlude for the King and Queen. Nice that they are still so close. After being together for hundreds of years it's nice to see the old spark still there.
Eilian found a beaver dam. They are fun to see them work so hard. I love those big dirty looking teeth. The part where he tries to get in to say hello was kind of scary. It is so easy to get caught in the current and pinned under a deadfall. But Maltanour would have been there in a heartbeat and gotten him out. That is what he is there for.
The thunderstorm was nice. I love them but I wouldn't want to be in a tree when it happened.
The death of a majestic oak. Well there is a time to live and a time to die. At least the beech tree protected the elfling from harm.
Eilian singing a mournful ballad to the oak as it sings it's last song. I love the link between the wood elves and the forest. I'm sure I've mentioned that a few hundred times before. He also thanked the beech tree for it's protection. His nana did teach him exquisite manners as a child. I guess her death and maturity dampened them a little. He does try though.
Naneth and adar now wait for their little rainbow. So nice to know what Eilian's name means.
Yep best begetting day ever for Eilian and the second best for naneth and adar, but they got to see two rainbows today.
That was just so cute it is almost criminal. I am sure daw more than enjoyed your tale of Eilian's Best Begetting Day. Thank you for sharing.

Author Reply: Thanks for your nice words. I love cute and fluffy, and the idea of Thranduil happy. I bet Eilian was adorable too. Hmm.....then again, I find Eilian rather adorable now too.

Legolas4meReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/27/2003

What more can I say....that was sooooo well written. Eilian is so cute! As for Thranduil, now there is someone in love. It must have hurt him so deeply when his wife was killed.

Author Reply: It is terrible to say, but I wrote this to show exactly what it was they lost, and what little Legolas never knew. And Eilian *is* adorable, isn't he?

erunyauveReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/27/2003
I can see why Eilian becomes such a good scout, given his curiosity and eye for the unusual. I can also see how he would choose a day to explore by himself - unrushed by others less interested in seeing the home of a beaver or who would stay on the path, leaving the mysteries just beyond unexplored. Lorellin and Thranduil's celebration of their son's begetting day is sweet and a bit sad at the same time. I couldn't help but think of how much Thranduil will lose and how much Legolas will miss without his naneth.

Author Reply: This story was written when daw was writing 'When Shadow Touches Home' - just for that purpose - to show what the family lost, and what Legolas will grow up without. Thranduil had to deal not only with his own grief, but filling in a large gap in Legolas's life at the loss of his mother.

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