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Glimpses of Middle-earth  by Linda Hoyland

No Greater Love

B2MeM Challenge - Four words - infidelity, new, mesmerise, classify;
Format: drabble
Genre: humour
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Characters: Faramir, Eowyn, Arwen
Pairings: Faramir/ Eowyn
Summary: Does Faramir has a rival for Eowyn's love?

"I have only just met him, but I love him, I really do!" Éowyn's eyes were alight as she spoke to Arwen.

Faramir, who was walking past, reacted in horror. Surely, his beloved wife was not guilty of infidelity?

Later he found her in the stables, gazing as if mesmerized at the new stallion her brother had sent from his herds.

"Look, Faramir!" she cried. "How do you classify such perfection? I love him!"

Faramir smiled and petted the horse, his worries forgotten. He should have known that Éowyn had no greater love than her horses. It troubled him not.

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