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Back to Middle Earth  by Golden

What is a role model for you? Do role models require certain qualities for you? How should people relate to their role models?
Write a story, poem or create an artwork based on characters who are role models for their people.

Thanks to my Beta and to Cathleen for the nice dog name! :)


Role Model Against Her Will

“Eww…spinach!” Pervinca muttered, looking at the green stuff on her plate. “I hate spinach! Looks like the stuff on the duck-pond.”

“Pervinca! I don´t want you speaking like that. And now eat up! Spinach helps you to grow strong and healthy!”

“Yes Mama…” Pervinca answered sullenly, while her baby brother Pippin giggled and stuck his hands into the spinach on his plate.

“Pippin, no!” Eglantine said with a sigh. She wiped his hands clean with a wet cloth and picked up the spoon, that was lying next to her son’s plate.

“Here, darling, use the spoon.”

Pippin took the offered piece of flatware in his small hand and smiled up at his mother. “That’s a good lad!” Eglantine praised. “And now….”

“Mama, Mama….” came a loud call from the corridor and seconds later Pimpernel came running in. “Mama, come fast! Pearl fell of a chair and I think she sprained her ankle!”

“Oh dear! Off a chair? What? Why? …Yes, I am coming.  Pervinca, Pippin, you stay in here and eat up. I will be back in a minute!” she said, before rushing out to the parlour, where Pearl was sitting on the ground, stifling sobs and holding her ankle.

As soon as Eglantine was gone Pervinca got up, taking a look down the corridor and then smiled. “My chance!”

“Biscuit,” she called to the dog sleeping near the oven. “Come lad, come to me.”

In moments Pervinca’s plate was empty and she sat back on her chair proudly.

She looked to her brother, who had looked on with interest. “Psssst!” She made, putting a finger on her lips. “No telling!”

“Psssst!” Pippin copied Pervinca’s gesture and nodded.

Five minutes later Eglantine came back into the kitchen. Seeing the empty plate, she gave her daughter a pat on the head.

“Very good! Now, please clear your plate away then you can be with your sisters. They are in the parlour cooling Pearl’s ankle.”

“All right Mama!” Pervinca said, jumping up from her chair.

“And you eat up your spinach now.” Eglantine said to Pippin, pointing at his still full plate.

Pippin dunked his spoon inside the spinach and then held it over the edge of the table, letting it drop to the floor.

“Bis´cit, Bis´cit!” he called giggling.

Pervinca stopped dead in her tracks and stared at him in shock.

“Pssst” Pippin made the shushing noise and gesture while smiling at his sister. “Pssst! Pssst! Pssst!”

Eglantine turned around to her daughter with raised eyebrows. “Pervinca?”

“Drat!” Pervinca mumbled and glared at her brother, before turning her blushing face to her mother, smiling innocently.

“And where did he learn that, young lass?”  Eglantine asked, knowing full well what the answer was, she just had to hear how the child would try to explain it.

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