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Back to Middle Earth  by Golden


In two or three sentences, write about the happiest moment you've experienced in the past two days.

Create a story, poem, or artwork based on the circumstances, experiences, or feelings associated with that moment.

Betaread by Dreamflower! :)


Pippin walked through the spring meadow. White snowdrops, purple crocuses and yellow winterlings were bathed in the sunlight of the early day.

At Pippin´s side trailed his dog Maxi *. Her black and white fur was sparkling and dancing under the sun´s warmth and the wind´s gentle hands.

She looked at him, her old eyes content.

Pippin smiled, thinking back through all the years that had passed. Nearly fourteen years ago, he had promised Jule to take care of her daughter and that he had done.

Soon he would have to leave her. He would follow Frodo, Merry and Sam out of the Shire, without knowing if he would ever return…or if he should return, without knowing, if his beloved dog would then still be there to greet him.

He swallowed hard, but before he could get too gloomy, Maxi barked and stood before him, her tail wagging, her eyes sparkling with joy.

She turned and ran over the meadow, barking again and looking at Pippin, wanting him to join her and to enjoy this new spring day.

Pippin laughed and followed her invitation happily.

* See Story “A promise”

AN: My happiest moments the last 2 days were the moments I and my dog Maxi walked around in nature.

Like Pippin I soon have to leave her… I have to return to my studies ( she stays with my parents) and as she gets 14 years in April, which is very old for her size/race, I cannot say for certain if I see her again, when I come back in the summer, but every moment with her is a happy moment, that I will never forget.

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