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Back to Middle Earth  by Golden

Consider something that you regret: something that you did and wish you could undo, something you didn't do and wish that you had. Think or write briefly about what you would do if you had a second chance and how you think your life might be different without that regret.
If your character would have a chance to start anew and with a clean slate, what would he or she do with such a chance? Write a story, poem or create an artwork where this is offered to them or how they execute such a chance.

Thanks to my beta! :)


Cherry Pie

Pippin trailed along behind the rest of the Fellowship; his feet were hurting and he was feeling wearier and hungrier than he had ever felt before. His thoughts wandered to tables full of pastries, cakes, biscuits, scones and pies. It made his mouth water. He thought of the very best cherry pie he had ever eaten.  It was at a picnic he went to shortly before leaving the Shire. Myrtle Burrows had baked it.

Myrtle was three years younger than he and a distant cousin of Frodo’s. She was as sweet as her cherry pie, with lips as full and red as the cherries inside said pie.

Pippin sighted loudly.

He didn´t notice that Merry and Frodo had turned around at his sigh and were now walking more slowly, so that they came to be on each side of him.

Pippin sighted again. “Cherry Pie.” He mumbled dreamily. “ And cherry lips…I wish I had kissed them before leaving.”

“And of whom are you speaking?” Merry asked curiously from his left side.

Pippin jumped high. “What? Uhm..I..well..have..have you nothing better to do?” he asked his cousin annoyed.

Merry put on a thoughtful expression. “No.” he said after a few moments, smiling at Pippin sweetly.

“Nor have I.” Frodo said from Pippins right side in a purposly joyful tone, making his younger cousin jump again.

Pippin glared at Frodo. “Can’t one have one moment of privacy around here?” he grumbled, looking to and fro between his cousins, who just kept on grinning.

Each of them put an arm over Pippins shoulders as they winked at each other.

“So, cousin dear… I’ll ask again, of whom were you speaking?” Merry asked innocently.

Pippin blushed as he stared at the ground. “I didn’t say anything about anyone!” he mumbled grumpily, but he knew from experience that he had lost this battle all ready. And if he regretted not having kissed Myrtle, he regretted even more to have thought of cherry pie with Merry and Frodo nearby.


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