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Back to Middle Earth  by Golden

Prompts for "Mercurial Mondays" will give you a choice of theme:

 2--Mercurial Monday
Think of the most dangerous situation you can face. Have you ever been in such serious danger? What is the greatest danger that you have experienced? Think or write briefly about your experiences (or lack of experiences! ) with danger.
Write a story, poem or create an artwork where the characters face a great danger
where characters reflect on their reaction to a great danger.
--- OR
What is the most tedious, routine work that you have to do? Write down a few tedious or routine tasks that you're sometimes required to perform. How does doing routine work make you feel? Would you like to have somebody do it for you?
Now write a story, poem or create an artwork where characters have to deal with tedious jobs.

Betaread by Dreamflower! :)



The Monster

“P..pippn..don´t move!” Pippin stood still and stared at Merry´s white face. His heart began to pound hard in his chest and he felt sweat forming on his forehead.

“What ...what is it Merry?” he  asked staring at his cousin with big frightened eyes. “Is there a…a…MONSTER?”

Merry nodded and Pippin started trembling. “Just don´t move Pippin! FRODO! FRODO!” Merry shouted, until Frodo came running in, looking wildly around.

“What has happened? Is everything all right?”

“Frodo, help us! ” Pippin squeaked.

Frodo looked in confusion at Pippin, who was standing awkwardly in the middle of the room as if he´d grown roots.

“Frodo,” Merry said, pointing at the floor behind Pippin.

Frodo followed Merrys hand and…. started to laugh loudly.

Pippin stared at his cousin open-mouthed, but finally now also dared to turn around.

Still open-mouthed, he then turned to his other cousin, who still stood there white-faced and trembling.

“THAT is your monster?” he asked incredulously.

“Just..just someone bring it out!” Merry whispered, embarrassed.  Pippin rolled his eyes, bent down and let the spider crawl on his hand.

AN: Well no, I am not scared of spiders! But actually I haven´t faced many dangerous situations…and even I can imagine many dangerous situations, they just didn´t fit well with Hobbits.

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