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Back to Middle Earth  by Golden

Here is the Back to Middle-earth prompt for March 1, 2009

Margaret Atwood once wrote: "We are learning to make a fire." Create your own story, poem or piece of art around this.

Betaread by Dreamflower! :)


“Did you get it?” asked Sancho, excitedly.

Pippin nodded, grinning. “Of course, I did. Even Bilbo was not as good a burglar as I am!” he bragged.

“Great! All right, I have prepared everything.” Sancho pointed at some dry grass on the sandy ground, lying in the hot sun. “Now we just hold it over the grass and wait and then we will have…”

“a lot of trouble!” came a sharp voice from behind the lads.

“You will return those spectacles at once to their owner and then you will meet me in the parlour!”

“But father, we haven’t done anything!” Sancho exclaimed.

“No, not yet, but think about what you could have done! Making a fire on such a dry and windy day! We´ve very little rain this summer and near all those plants?”

“Oh…” Pippin mumbled and he and Sancho stared at the ground, ashamed.


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