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In the Hands of the Enemy  by meckinock
When Aragorn is waylaid by bandits while racing to answer an urgent summons from Gandalf, he gains an unexpected ally whose loyalties are suspect. With Gandalf and Halbarad in pursuit, can Aragorn discern friend from foe and escape the hands of the Enemy before he is forced to reveal the secret of the Shire?
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: The Trap is Laid7
Chapter  2: An Urgent Message8
Chapter  3: Ambush7
Chapter  4: Friend or Foe?10
Chapter  5: Spies in Bree12
Chapter  6: A Clandestine Raid11
Chapter  7: An Ill-fated Rendezvous10
Chapter  8: A Battle of Wills10
Chapter  9: Leverage9
Chapter 10: Revelation Retracted10
Chapter 11: Rolly's Decision13
Chapter 12: Ranger Names46

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