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In the Hands of the Enemy  by meckinock 8 Review(s)
daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 2 on 10/10/2008
Have I told you lately how much I admire your writing?

his wiry mass of brows plunged together again, deepening the furrow above his much-broken nose

I want that! I want to be the one who wrote it!

But really I just admire the way this feels so easy, combining actions, emotion, description, characterization, and humor with seemingly effortless ease. I'm in a nasty, ill-lit attic on a rainy night in Bree.

He fingered the map once more, tracing the route of travel as if caressing a favorite pet, then tapped the corner of the table absently. “Go and fetch your men.”

“But it is nearly dark -” Teburic protested, only to be cut off by a flat, expressionless gaze.

“You were told to make them ready,” the other said with a note of accusation. “They must be waiting for him at the falls tomorrow. Everything must proceed exactly according to plan. Do you understand what is required?”

“Yes, my lord,” Teburic answered, suddenly realizing that he was not sure that he did.

lindahoylandReviewed Chapter: 2 on 8/8/2005
THe plot thickens ! You have me very worried about Aragorn.I love the way he is so caring for the horse and it is heartbreaking that one so great and noble finds a fire and a meal such a luxery ! Beatifully written !

Thank you so much for your much appreciated reviews of my story. Aragorn is in all my stories, Gandalf is also in First Meeting and The White tree but my other tales are Fourth Age

Author Reply: It almost killed me to send him back out into the cold rain! But I guess he'll have a chance to warm up in the next story. I'm enjoying your story very much and looking forward to reading more. Thanks very much for reviewing

LeawardReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/18/2005
Meckinock! What can I say, but I stand humbled in your shadow!

Teburic found himself unnerved by the answering glitter of cold amusement in the other’s pale eyes. An unnamed villain, that you know is up to no good, that reeks of evil .. glitter of cold amusement ... how poetic!

I love the detail you put into your writing:

Her winter-thick ginger coat was just beginning to dry, and the leather he worked gently over her muzzle and around her ears was still soaking wet. As too were the saddle, and the blanket, and the girth strap which he tightened and cinched with fingers already half-numb again in the damp chill of the stable.

As for the story itself ... you have worked so much detail into the plot that even in chapter two I can tell it is going to be a well thought-out rich story. Sigh, you have set the bar so high!

Author Reply: Hey, I thought you didn't read Dunedain stories! Gosh, I'm honored that you broke your cardinal rule for me,'re braver than I am. If I read anything in my own genre while I'm writing a story I turn into a quivering mass of humbled protoplasm. Whereas normally I'm a flaccid mass of humbled protoplasm, or something...Anyway, just take a deep breath and vault right over that bar! Thanks for the review, and glad you enjoyed the villain. He may reek of evil, but he doesn't have the stench of Mordor on him, or so Gandalf is telling Elrond in the chapter I'm supposed to be writing now...

Orophins DottirReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/11/2004
Elves are not usually violent, but it is our considered opinion that Mithrandir should have indeed roasted Butterburr! You have a large number of characters, many of them none too savory. Elf is concerned for her safety. Thinkest thou that Balrog Mama might lend me her fiery whip? 'Twould be a comfort to me. Yes, Precioussssssss!

Am still pondering goose. It is awesome.

Well, on to next chapter! Noro lim, Arod, Noro lim! (Asfaloth hath the day off.)

Humble Scribe to his Majesty Thranduil

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 2 on 10/28/2003
Poor Aragorn! What misery - cold weather, wet clothes, pouring rain, exhaustion, bad memories, a wounded knee. And I assume there are nasty surprises to follow. It's hard to recall sometimes what persistence it must have taken for him to keep following his duty. The internal conflicts were one thing, of course, but ff writers often neglect these physical miseries.

Again, great job with dialogue and details to make this all come alive.

Author Reply: Thanks for reviewing so kindly again - and you really hit on a theme with Aragorn that resonates with me, too - the guy just won't quit. Your comment about ff writers neglecting physical miseries makes me chuckle - I think most of the time we skip right over the "damp clothes" phase and go straight for compound fractures!

fliewatuetReviewed Chapter: 2 on 10/27/2003
I just found this story and I love it for many reasons. First, I am a squeeling Aragorn and Halbarad fangirl, and I love your characterization of them. Then, I am always fond of well-written gapfillers about the life of the Rangers, Saruman's treachery and the like. And I like the way you tell the story. The villains seem quite intriguing to me, not just some brainless brutes that harass people out of spite, but they have a motive for what they do (even if it is just money, on Teburic's part). But his as yet unnamed 'boss' seems to be a quite cunning adversary. And finally, I like the atmosphere you create. Your description of Aragorn's wet and sodden clothing and gear (almost) made me shiver with sympathy (sitting on a comfortable sofa with the sun shining in through the windows;-))

Needless to say that I'd like to read more and soon:-)

Author Reply: I love Aragorn and Halbarad, too, and I hope that my characterization of them continues to ring true for you! Thank you for the lovely review! You make a good point about motives - I have found that there is ultimately a reason for everything, even chaos.
I'm glad you (and others) found Aragorn's situation poignant - I wanted to portray his determination and his loyalty to Gandalf even in the face of utter exhaustion, both mental and physical.
I plan to post Chapter 3 tomorrow (Tuesday). The story is done but there are some parts I am still tinkering with...

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 2 on 10/26/2003
Another good chapter. I felt terrible for poor almost warm Aragorn. Even the horse wasn't too happy about the whole affair.
I loved it when the shadowy boss told the thief that the Master would hold him accountable if anything went wrong. Well, duh! Teburic just might be over his head with this one.
This is so well written and such a pleasure to read. I'm always thrilled to find such good stories. If I were an editor for a publishing house, I'd be scouring these pages. So much talent. I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Karen

Author Reply: Thanks for another wonderfully gracious review - I will try hard to make sure the story remains entertaining! You are right that Teburic will realize his mistake too late...

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 2 on 10/26/2003
This agent is thorough, and his words to Teburic are chilling. He really is bought and paid for, and they have no idea how long the reach of this master!

But Strider! That is where my heart broke, as I sit here with hot tea, wrapped in my favorite cozy blanket. The life of the rangers was rough and the comforts few, and even though removing his comfort is the least design of these evil men, it is the one I am most immediately angry for!

Author Reply: I know, isn't it awful? (sips cocoa and adjusts flame on remote-control gas log) I was intrigued by the notion that unremitting misery is more easily tolerated than a fresh jolt of it after one's guard is down...

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