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In the Hands of the Enemy  by meckinock 7 Review(s)
daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/25/2006
I just reread this. Man, it's good. You set the scene and give us characters very economically, and it's all show, no tell.

Author Reply: Wow, thanks, Daw. What a surprise to check the e-mail and see a review alert - definitely a great Christmas present.

Ainu LaireReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/3/2006
This is really bugging me. I swear I left a review for this story, yet I cannot find it anywhere. *frowns* well, thought you should know that I've probably read this fan fic more times through than any other fan fic, ever. It's brilliant.

But I *swear* I left a review... *frowns* And I found Karenator's reviews. I split a gut laughing. XDD Must continue reading those.

Author Reply: It's OK. I'm not even sure what day it is at the moment, much less remember something I did two years ago. You made my day, though. I'll have a smile on my face the rest of the day, which will really confuse everyone...

lindahoylandReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/30/2005
As I'm enjoying your other story so much I felt compelled to try this one too and am already gripped by it. I loved your scene for Aragorn and Halbarad.You already have me worried about Aragorn !
Was this your first story ?If so it is excellent !THe Aragorn Angst Group recomended your work and I'm glad they did !.

Author Reply: Hehe. The other one will make more sense if you read this one first, although maybe not much more! This was my first story, yes. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Orophins DottirReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/10/2004
*Fanfare of elven trumpets! Harps and flutes abounding! The Scribe enters to review.*

OK, now did you really think the ELF would not NOTICE when you left her poor "Wood-Elf" story lying by the side of the road? (Chapter THREE I belive it was of FOURTEEN Chapters?-- *taps elven foot in anger and offense*) She feared for your safety. She agonized at what harm had befallen you. She lit candles to Eru. She sent out searching parties to rescue you from the Uruks. She agonized in her bewilderment. Yet, she feared to consult the Balrog Mama, who was on "vacation" as you well know. So, she quivered in fear in Taur-E-Ndaedelos that she had somehow offended you.

Elf has decided to give you the benefit of the doubt that the evil Real Life may simply have waylaid you. *Do not push it, Meckinock! Elves are not stupid. We are just trusting.*

So, we are here to sweetly review thy story and set thee a shining example of fidelity. The Karentator assures her elven kindred that thou art a fine writer.

*The Scribe bows low to the human and whips out her steno book of notes on this story.*

We very much like your portrayal of the Rangers. Halbarad is among our favorite humans. We consider making him an honorary elf.

I am not a human/ranger specialist. I am an elf. This whole chapter is giving me many insights into them.

Scariest line for the Elf? This one:

". . .And then,' the other answered, smiling with a chill that the thief felt in his backbone, ‘we wait.'"

Elf suddenly feels the need of her sweet Naneth. HELP! Nasty humans! Alarm!

Humble Scribe to his Majesty Thranduil

Hist, Meckinock, say unto the fair Balrog Mama that she simply must post her story of young Legolas and his cousin Daeron when it is done! It is so perfect, so fair, so charming! Yet, she doubts it. Elven kin are torked at this. So, DO something, Human! Mayhap, she will listen to you! *Listening to humans rather than elven kin? Is this good? Will it annoy us further? I want to see that fic published. Will put up with humans.*

Author Reply: Um... Your Scribeship....if I'd known you were coming I would have cleaned up a bit...really, these dirty socks are just here because the dog was playing with them...never mind...can I offer you something? A Diet Coke, perhaps, or I think there's a half-bottle of Turning Leaf Pinot Noir from New Year's Eve, it's probably still good...oh. You ate already? All right, then.

Yes, well, Real Life. If you are of the generation which is puzzled as to why it can no longer eat half a Domino's pizza every night at midnight and keep one's girlish figure, then I have nothing to tell you about Real Life.

Fact is, Real Life completely aside, I am an absolutely lousy reviewer and I do want to get a sequel to "Hands" out before I am eligible for Social Security. That's Eru's honest truth.

You are a wonderful author and I really liked your satire on HA today on behalf of Lindorien. It cracked me up. I had heard that the esteemed reviewers at HASA were quite critical of her latest submission and even though I'm not that interested in Faramir or in romance I read the story and found it very touching.

Thank you for your indulgence of Halbarad. Halbarad actually gets along with the elves very well because he has nothing to prove to them about being an elf. If they want to take all three watches because they don't need the sleep anyway, that's fine with him. He's happy to work with the twins every chance he gets, and he's blessedly free of hangups about Elrond and Rivendell. Heck of a nice place, and the mattresses are very soft.

I am doing my best to encourage the Balrog Mama in her endeavors, but I have an iconoclastic bent which unfortunately might skew her to a somewhat irreverent bent if she listens to me...although based on her reviews of my work I would say that irreverence is not something new to her! Let us hope that she favors us with her product sooner rather than later!

Best regards,

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/28/2003
I tried to review this yesterday and my computer quit. We will assume that was a coincidence!

I am so glad I found this story. I loved the interaction between Aragorn and Halbarad. Their irritation came through so clearly, as did the nasty weather conditions. You had me from the minute I read this in the first paragraph: "his intransigent adversary, otherwise known as Aragorn, son of Arathorn, Chieftain of the Dúnedain, among other names, some of which did not translate well to the common tongue, particularly the ones Halbarad was thinking of at the moment."

But then things got tense in Bree. The details were wonderful here too, including things like the boy's chapped hands. I assume these folks are spying for Saruman, which is nicely canonical. Now I intend to go read chapter 2, assuming all goes well with my electronics.

Author Reply: My computer doesn't quit, it's just way smarter than I am! I'm glad you found the story and enjoyed Chapter 1. Unfortunately, Aragorn and Halbarad won't get to patch things up for a while yet, although Halbarad is going to try! Yes, Saruman has been up to no good - such a scenario has fascinated me ever since I read "The Istari" in the Unfinished Tales.

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/26/2003
What a terrific start. The portrayal of the two rangers is just wonderful. Even though they are both ill humored and tired, the depth of the friendship between them is readily apparent. Their personalities seem very true. And I was glad that Aragron took the horse!
You have done such a good job of describing the slimy thief and his "boss". The thief is such a 'bought and paid for' kind of fellow. The boss is quite mysterious and, I think, quite dangerous. And you have even corrupted a hobbit! Well, times are hard, I guess.
You have done a great job of laying plans and I look forward to seeing where this heads off to. Karen

Author Reply: Thanks for the wonderful review! I'm glad you are enjoying the story. I think I started Aragorn and Halbarad out arguing because well, they're guys, and guys seem to emote best when they're whaling away at each other (figuratively, at least!)

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/25/2003
Glad to see this posted! I am excited to see where you take this, the story behind those men Saruman had watching Gandalf watching the Shire.

I particularly enjoyed your portrayal of Halbarad - gruff and willing to push his chieftain when needed. Great voice for him.

Author Reply: You're very kind! Yes, poor Halbarad - all the dirty work and none of the glory. I should have known that you (who have finally succeeded in opening my pea brain to the Silmarillion - an amazing accomplishment!) would be the one to zero right in on the story's fatal flaw - our heroes will unfortunately never be quite smart enough to figure out who's behind all this...

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