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Of Finrod and Bor  by losselen
Here is a song called Of Finrod and Bor, also called by some, Of Finrod and the Coming of Men, as was still sung in Rivendell in the Third Age of the world. It is but a fragment from the Lay of Felagund, which told the story of Finrod Felagund in full. It was first cast into Sindarin in Imladris by some of the High Elves who dwelt there for a time, and later into Westron.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Canto I: Of Finrod tarrying in Ossiriand1
Chapter  2: Canto II: Of the waking of Men and their journey West1
Chapter  3: Canto III: Of Finrod spying Bors camp in the woods2
Chapter  4: Canto IV: Of Finrod's song of Valinor1
Chapter  5: Canto V: Of the conversation of Finrod and Bor2
Chapter  6: Canto VI: Of the disquiet of the Green-elves and the passing of Men into Beleriand0
Chapter  7: Canto VII: Of the death of Finrod Felagund and the deeds of the House of Bor0
Chapter  8: Coda0
Chapter  9: Notes by Barahir of Ithilien of a surviving alternative translation1

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