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Sundry Scrolls IV  by Raksha The Demon
An anthology of tales, each one 1000 words or less: 4/2/11 - "Heart of Glass" - On the breaking of things, a glass heirloom and a heart; will Gilraen's spirit be the third?. 4/2 -"All Shadows' Night, the first of two Finduilas ficlets; because I have always thought her a woman of strong will, not just a fragile fading flower. "At the Turn of the Tide" - What If Finduilas had not died young? Pippin tells of a pivotal moment in ROTK...
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: I. The Tower (Sauron)9
Chapter  2: II. After The Hour of Doom (Imrahil)8
Chapter  3: III. Ranger's Dawn (Faramir)10
Chapter  4: IV. In the King's Shadow (Ecthelion)12
Chapter  5: V. Small Victories (Éowyn)6
Chapter  6: VI. Pilgrimage (Faramir)5
Chapter  7: VII. Fosterage (Elrond)4
Chapter  8: VIII. The Eye of the Beholder (Tuor)3
Chapter  9: IX. Heart of the Storm (Faramir)9
Chapter 10: X. Wings of Summer (Faramir, Aragorn)8
Chapter 11: XI. Heart of Glass (Gilraen, Aragorn)4
Chapter 12: XII. All Shadows' Night (Finduilas)2
Chapter 13: XIII. At the Turn of the Tide (Pippin, Finduilas)10

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