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Sundry Scrolls IV  by Raksha The Demon

VII.  Fosterage (Elrond) 

The children of Men grow with such haste!  Isildur’s Heir had been a toothless infant but a handful of years ago; and this day he had missed his lessons to take out, unbidden, my most mettlesome horse.  Mercifully, the stallion was wiser than the boy, and returned the child unharmed.   


His legs and arms are longer now; and he has risen in height.  But he is still a boy; and this day he asks me to explain the ways of men and women.   I must remember Uncle Maglor’s words to me on the same subject.  Was I ever this young? 


He rides out this day to rejoin his father’s people.  Isildur’s Heir sits tall in the saddle, wise and kindly and valiant.  He will make a worthy King.  I am well pleased by his progress, yet loath to see him leave.  Is this what it means to be a father?


My foster-son is a King well-seasoned, with fair children of his own now.  This day, they attend my wedding, to my great joy.   In Isildur’s Heir and his son, I can see traces of Isildur and Elendil, and even my brother so long lost.  How swiftly the years have flown…


Isildur’s Heir has come home for the last time.  I sit at his bedside and hold his hand while the last moments of his life pass; breath by labored breath.   Eldacar meets my eyes sorrowfully as we await his father’s passing.  His heart stops and mine breaks.  Valandil, my son!


Author’s Notes:

Valandil, youngest and only surviving son of Isildur, was born in Imladris about ten years before the end of the Second Age; and apparently stayed there from childhood to manhood, when he took up the Kingship of Arnor (see HoME Vol 12, The Heirs of Elendil, as well as Appendix B, The Tale of Years: The Third Age, ROTK).  Eldacar is the only son of Valandil mentioned by Tolkien; I have implied that Valandil might have had more than one child.

This piece is written as five drabblets of 50 words apiece - because I felt like it - and originally posted at HASA in honor of Dwimordene's birthday.

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