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The Cursed Queen of Angmar  by khazar-khum
What would have happened if the Witch-king of Angmar had married a Rhudaurian princess? WIP; chapters are added as soon as they are ready. Rated R for Violence, BDSM, and Adult Themes. (Originally published at HASA, and my website.)
Status: In Progress
Chapter Prologue: Prologue--The Ruins3
Chapter  1: The Curse3
Chapter  2: The Journey Begins2
Chapter  3: The Mines of Angmar1
Chapter  4: Carn Dum4
Chapter  5: Coronation Day2
Chapter  6: Ring of Mystery2
Chapter  7: Storm Rider1
Chapter  8: Herumor1
Chapter  9: Day of Reckoning1
Chapter 10: A New Life0
Chapter 11: Family Matters1
Chapter 12: Treachery0
Chapter 13: Screams in the Night1
Chapter 14: Tower of Torment0
Chapter 15: A Message of Death1
Chapter 16: The Captive King0
Chapter 17: Into the Tombs1
Chapter 18: Wraith Hunting0
Chapter 19: The Long Night1
Chapter 20: The Mithril Shirt0
Chapter 21: Devolution0
Chapter 22: Seance0
Chapter 23: Black Opal2
Chapter 24: Lessons0
Chapter 25: Villains0
Chapter 26: The Elf Maid1
Chapter 27: Khamul 0
Chapter 28: The Round Room0
Chapter 29: Questioning 1
Chapter 30: The Bell Wether 0
Chapter 31: Interlude of Innocence 1
Chapter 32: A Goblet of Brandy0
Chapter 33: Survivors1
Chapter 35: Cleaning House2
Chapter 36: Herumor Returns2
Chapter 37: Blue Boots2
Chapter 38: The Grotto2
Chapter 39: The Captive Queen2
Chapter 40: To the Victor1
Chapter 41: Negotiations0
Chapter 42: Return to the Keep0
Chapter 43: The Prince of Cardolan1
Chapter 44: Passages0
Chapter 45: Daybreak1
Chapter 46: Wedding Night1
Chapter 47: The Silver Phantom4
Chapter 48: The Hands of a King1
Chapter 49: The Intentional Fallacy0
Chapter 50: Homeward Bound1
Chapter Epilogue 2: Epilogue3

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