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Agape's Airs & Arias - NOT!  by Agape4Gondor
Some songs and poetry with a truckload of different characters who just tickled me the 'right' way! I have no training in poetry; but sometimes the Muse is wicked. I hope you enjoy!
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: Boromir's Dead In The Dell3
Chapter  2: Rohirric Theme Song3
Chapter  3: My Immortal - A Poem2
Chapter  4: The Touch of Grief - A Poem2
Chapter  5: The King Shall Come - A Poem3
Chapter  6: Jingle Orc - A Song2
Chapter  7: A Dragon Named Smaug - A Limerick2
Chapter  8: Faramir's March - A Poem2
Chapter  9: Somewhere in Lothlorien - A Poem2
Chapter 10: Gandalf's Lament2
Chapter 11: Lesson Learned in Rohan3
Chapter 12: By The Valar2
Chapter 13: Remember Who You Are2
Chapter 14: Tears3
Chapter 15: In Fair Lothlorien2
Chapter 16: Aim High3
Chapter 17: Battlements3

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