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To Tell a Tale  by Lindelea
Today's Posting: "On the Role of the Yule Dwarf" by Larner. This is a group effort, first posted on LJ, based on the premise: After the Coronation of the King, Pippin, having neglected a cold, falls seriously ill. Elessar, acting in his capacity as healer, decrees that the young hobbit must stay in bed. Of course the young and restless hobbit is chafing to get up just as soon as he's feeling a little better... How to keep him resting quietly? A fine problem for the newly-crowned King to tackle! Authors include, in order of posting: Lindelea, Shirebound, Beruthiel, Elendiari, Bodkin, Dreamflower, Pearl Took, Rabidsamfan, Anso the Hobbit, Pipkin Sweetgrass, Jay of Lasgalen, and Larner.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Come Early, Come Late4
Chapter  2: Silent Knight, by Shirebound8
Chapter  3: A Knight to Remember, by Beruthiel6
Chapter  4: Watchman, What of the Knight? by Elendiari8
Chapter  5: Never Cross Swords with a Shield Maiden, by Bodkin4
Chapter  6: Muffled Conversation, by Dreamflower6
Chapter  7: Shining Knight, by Pearl Took7
Chapter  8: A Little Knight Music, by Rabidsamfan7
Chapter  9: Turnabout is Fair Play, by Anso the Hobbit7
Chapter 10: The Knight Has Been Unruly, by Dreamflower4
Chapter 11: Good Knight, Sweet Prince, by Pipkin Sweetgrass3
Chapter 12: A Narrow Escape, by Jay of Lasgalen7
Chapter 13: Late Knight Snack, by Dreamflower3
Chapter 14: On the Role of the Yule Dwarf, by Larner6

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