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Branwyn's Baubles  by Branwyn
Growing collection of very short pieces about different characters. Nos. 20-25 feature Eowyn, Aragorn, Faramir, Elboron, Beregond, and (in my first attempt at writing elves!) Elladan and Elrohir.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Dragons and Shadows (Faramir, Eowyn)5
Chapter  2: The Armsmaster (Boromir)4
Chapter  3: The Muster of Rohan (OC)4
Chapter  4: Midwinter (Finduilas)5
Chapter  5: The Armorer (Faramir)3
Chapter  6: Alchemy (Feanor)4
Chapter  7: Gifts of the Forest (Elured, Elurin)3
Chapter  8: Old Farmhouse (Faramir)4
Chapter  9: Diagnosis (Denethor)3
Chapter 10: Awakening (barrow-wight)2
Chapter 11: Betrayed (Eowyn)4
Chapter 12: Envy (Grima)4
Chapter 13: Herbs of Healing (Faramir)4
Chapter 14: Early Snowfall (Boromir, hobbits)4
Chapter 15: Terra Incognita (JRRT)3
Chapter 16: No Man's Land (JRRT)4
Chapter 17: Last Defence of the City (Denethor, Peregrin)4
Chapter 18: The Road Not Taken (Boromir)5
Chapter 19: The Turning of the Year (Faramir, Eowyn)3
Chapter 20: The Household Accounts (Eowyn)3
Chapter 21: The Oathbreakers (Aragorn)4
Chapter 22: Pink Oliphaunts (Faramir, Elboron, Beregond)4
Chapter 23: Soldier's Luck (Faramir)2
Chapter 24: Servant of the Tower (OC)4
Chapter 25: Peas in a Pod (Elladan and Elrohir)4

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