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Branwyn's Baubles  by Branwyn

Feanor and basic chemistry. I had read that Feanor might have crafted the palantiri. Also, a play on his name--"spirit of fire."  Written as a birthday drabble.


before there was glass,
there was sand--
flecks of stone, white and salty,
scoured and sifted by the waves

before there was glass,
there was seaweed--
deep-drowned grasses, sleek green hair,
swaying and curling in the tide

before there was glass,
there were seashells--
cups of bone, empty houses,
holding the distant echo of Eldamar

before there was glass,
there was fire--
kelp rendered to ashes and light,
shells burned to lime, sand to glowing slag
melding the three,
the craftsman spoke soft words,
burning the dross, smoothing the surface,
as he bound the spirit of fire in the Stone

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