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A Tale That Grew in the Telling  by GamgeeFest
One night, Daisy-lass can't sleep, so Sam decides to tell her a bedtime story that becomes much more than either of them bargained for! What begins as a simple tale of every day life in the Shire becomes a story of the meaning of friendship, the power of loss and finding the will to continue on in face of adversity.
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: A Fact of Life2
Chapter  1: The Tale Begins1
Chapter  2: An Ordinary Day1
Chapter  3: Market Day1
Chapter  4: A Small Discovery1
Chapter  5: Supper With the Cottons1
Chapter  6: Tempest1
Chapter  7: In the Storm's Wake0
Chapter  8: A Friend Unlooked For2
Chapter  9: Arrival At Brandy Hall1
Chapter 10: Secrets Revealed5
Chapter 11: Out of Sorts3
Chapter 12: The Spring Feast2
Chapter 13: Missing3
Chapter 14: The Search Begins4
Chapter 15: Far and Wide3
Chapter 16: Return to Brandy Hall5
Chapter 17: A Flight in Panic3
Chapter 18: Berwin3
Chapter 19: Fever2
Chapter 20: Recovery and Revelation3
Chapter 21: Missing, Part II1
Chapter 22: Torn in Two1
Chapter 23: Moving On and Standing Still3
Chapter 24: Adrift3
Chapter 25: Denial3
Chapter 26: A Very Fond Farewell6
Chapter 27: The Prophecy4
Chapter 28: Desperation3
Chapter 29: An Unexpected Return4
Chapter 30: The Treachery of Bag End4
Chapter 31: Homeward Bound5
Chapter 32: The Most Important Thing3
Chapter 33: At Journey's End4
Chapter 34: Everything Sad Comes Untrue4
Chapter Epilogue 2: The Pledge10

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