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Following the Other Wizard: journey into healing  by jodancingtree
Gandalf had sent Frodo on the Quest, and brought the hobbit out of Mordor in the end, on Eagles' wings. But Gandalf went over the Sea at last, and Frodo was left behind to find what peace he could. There was another wizard, though, wise in the care of wounded creatures...
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: How It Began...0
Chapter  1: Father Bird3
Chapter  2: Wasted Words1
Chapter  3: Bronwe Athan Harthad2
Chapter  4: Village of Death0
Chapter  5: Gratitude0
Chapter  6: Escape3
Chapter  7: Ruins1
Chapter  8: Land's End4
Chapter  9: Mischief in the Wrong Place1
Chapter 10: A Question of Truth3
Chapter 11: The Lord of the Glittering Caves6
Chapter 12: Rhosgobel6
Chapter 13: Catching Up with Death5
Chapter 14: City of the Wraiths9
Chapter 15: Gorgoroth Plain7
Chapter 16: Friends and Enemies5
Chapter 17: Frodo's Wager7
Chapter 18: Storms2
Chapter 19: Around the Fire4
Chapter 20: Fighting the Darkness6
Chapter 21: The Green Country2
Chapter 22: I Will Not Let You Die5
Chapter 23: Change of Direction4
Chapter 24: Hope and Threat2
Chapter 25: The Pit That Was Barad-dur5
Chapter 26: Light-bearer5
Chapter 27: Of Mother and Child5
Chapter 28: The Hunt3
Chapter 29: Binding Hearts2
Chapter 30: The Gift4
Chapter 31: Winter of the Bear2
Chapter 32: A Time of Parting7
Chapter 33: A Detour On the Way5
Chapter 34: Home is the Wanderer1
Chapter 35: Even the Dregs Are Sweet26

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