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Sons of Fellowship  by Conquistadora
The homeward journey for Legolas and Gimli, from Gondor to Greenwood and beyond, and their subsequent efforts to achieve acceptance in opposing worlds. (Author's Note updated.)
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Not Forgotten17
Chapter  2: Beneath the Stars12
Chapter  3: Ride With Me11
Chapter  4: The Road Ahead16
Chapter  5: All Is Fading12
Chapter  6: Use these Days Wisely10
Chapter  7: Dream and Memory10
Chapter  8: To Smile Again7
Chapter  9: The Victorious Dead10
Chapter 10: Promise Me This9
Chapter 11: Farewell, Fare Free8
Chapter 12: Light In the Darkness14
Chapter 13: Truth In Lies8
Chapter 14: By Fangorn's Leave9
Chapter 15: Light And Shadow14
Chapter 16: Fading Voices10
Chapter 17: In Crowning Triumph8
Chapter 18: The Measure of a Foe10
Chapter 19: Remember That You Are Dust11
Chapter 20: And Unto Dust You Shall Return7
Chapter 21: That Which Endures11
Chapter 22: Thorns Amid Roses10
Chapter 23: Reservations12
Chapter 24: The Demands of Honor11
Chapter 25: Wine and Inquisition9
Chapter 26: What Must Be9
Chapter 27: Burnt Bridges Rebuilt9
Chapter 28: What Would You Have Me Do?8
Chapter 29: Gold and Crimson11
Chapter 30: Down the Swift Dark Stream10
Chapter 31: As the River Runs10
Chapter 32: Shades of the Elvenking12
Chapter 33: Across the Threshold12
Chapter 34: Two Steps Forward9
Chapter 35: In Kindred Fire10
Chapter 36: Three Steps Back12
Chapter 37: The Thunder Rolls9
Chapter 38: A King's Ransom10
Chapter 39: Small Victories34
Chapter Author's Notes: 2

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