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Sons of Fellowship  by Conquistadora 433 Review(s)
PSWReviewed Chapter: 39 on 9/30/2021
Beautiful, hopeful, and sad which is of course appropriate for Middle Earth, where there is no beauty, joy, or triumph without sadness. A lovely read, thx for sharing!

PSWReviewed Chapter: 11 on 9/28/2021
I remembered liking this story, and I am enjoying it again. I just love your take on Legolas.

Author Reply: Thanks! I always appreciate your reviews. :)

mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 39 on 12/20/2019
I really enjoy reading this story. Great character development, well written descriptive storyline. I often read late at nights but it was absolutely worth it. It would be wonderful if you could consider to write more what happened to Legolas and Gimli later and I really would love to read about reunion in Valinor. Thank you so much for your story.

Author Reply: Thanks! I'm getting spoiled by all these great reviews! :D

mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 38 on 12/20/2019
Can't believe that Legolas did it.

mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 37 on 12/20/2019
Thorin is a great king. Action and characters so well written I can picture them easily like a movie.

mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 36 on 12/20/2019
Your story keeps getting better and better. There is never a dull moment in the whole series.

mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 35 on 12/20/2019
You are having a hypnotic way of story telling. Amazing cliffhanger.

mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 34 on 12/20/2019
Incredible action packed story.

mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 33 on 12/20/2019
Kali is a great character. I was sitting again till 1 p.m but o could not put your story down.

mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 32 on 12/20/2019
Thorin seems to be friendly. Love your story.

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