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A Light in May  by Antigone Q
A storm brings travelers and a mystery to peaceful Imladris. It's a "whodunnit" told largely from the point of view of young Estel, but also includes lots of Elrond, Gilraen, Legolas...and a little of Lovely Glorfindel for good measure. The end of the story, "A Long Awaited Conclusion," is now posted. Enjoy.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: The Storm3
Chapter  2: The Injured Elf Wakes1
Chapter  3: Language Lessons1
Chapter  4: An Eventful Dinner1
Chapter  5: More Lessons: Tracking and Etiquette1
Chapter  6: Evening Stars2
Chapter  7: Nost-Na-Lothion2
Chapter  8: An Evil Deed2
Chapter  9: Sunrise and Revelations1
Chapter 10: Thinking Time7
Chapter 11: Eyes Opened12
Chapter 12: A Long Expected Conclusion5

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