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A Light in May  by Antigone Q 5 Review(s)
Thundera TigerReviewed Chapter: 12 on 6/7/2010
Wow. I'm speechless. That's not normal for me, either. :) But This story is amazing! Larner recommended it to me, and I'm so glad I followed up on that recommendation. When I read through the first two chapters, I thought I had a pretty good feel for where the story was going. It seemed to be following the usual track of other stories I've read where Legolas shows up unexpectedly in Imladris and meets a very young Estel. But you blew me away when the Mirkwood delegation discovered they'd been chasing the wrong prince, and after that, the twists were flying left and right. I kept forming suspicions on what was happening, and I kept having to readjust everything each time you threw in something new. This was a fantastic mystery yarn! It's obviously well-researched (loved the additions of things like Elrond's heritage, the making of Lembas, etc.), and it's linked together so tightly that there's no give in the story. Nothing is wasted, nothing is added purely for narrative benefit, and it all twines together in the end.

And the characterizations are spectacular! As a general rule, I'm leery of young Estel stories because he's either too wise, too innocent, or Imladris is just a glorified Day Care. But you've woven a story with distinct personalities for everyone (love your depiction of Gilraen), a wonderfully keen but innocent Estel (rarely have I seen him written this well), and an elven society as complicated as the story it frames. Many thanks for sharing such a wonderful gift with writing and for taking the time to pen the best mystery story of Middle-earth that I've ever read. This was brilliant!

Author Reply: Thanks so much! Your review made my day!

When I read Appendix A in LotR I felt like there was much left unsaid. Gilraen, being a fairly young mother in a foreign culture, probably had a lot to deal with in the years following her husband's death, and she was certainly world-weary by the end of her life. Tolkien probably would have had an entirely different view on her - and most of the other characters - than I did, but since he didn't SAY so I was very content to build my Imladris the way I wanted it to be.

And besides, I like little Estel. He's funny!

LisaGReviewed Chapter: 12 on 2/28/2010
Marvelous story!!! The "who dunnit" was very interesting, as was Estel's meeting with Legolas, but I think what I enjoyed the most was the day-to-day vignettes of little Estel's world. Learning languages with Glorfindel, tracking with Elladan, maps and geography with Elrohir, etc. His reactions to all the goings on in Imladris were wonderful...Elladan bringing a fox to the dinner table, the spring celebration, and so on. I also loved all the Estel/Elrond interactions...they were most heartwarming and at times heartbreaking, too. As Leoglas did, I could see the King in little Estel. :)

Author Reply: I'm so glad you liked it. I certainly had fun writing it!

grumpyReviewed Chapter: 12 on 10/3/2009
So glad that you came back to finish your story, I always thought it was so good. Glad that Gilraen took down Ilothuir down, serves her right for trying to harm a little boy.

Author Reply: Thanks! Sorry to leave everyone hanging for 2+ years, but at least it's finished now!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 12 on 9/13/2009
Aha! So THAT is it! And it is apparently very long since you last posted. At least we NOW know!

Thank you for a diverting morning! A fine mystery indeed! Alas for Legolas's brother, realizing he's been in love with a mad woman!

Author Reply: Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 12 on 9/13/2009
How nice to see this story finished! But poor Laegryn is likely to suffer if he really is somehow bound to her. I liked the "dark as a spider's eye" description, and also the use of the bit of canon about how killing diminishes healing skill. Elrond and Glorfindel must react especially strongly to kinslaying, given their history, though I suppose most elves respond strongly to that. Estel is a sweetie and his mother rocks!

Author Reply: Thank you very much. You are fabulous to read the end after the story had such a long hiatus! I posted it at three in the morning because I had decided that, no matter what, I wasn't moving from the computer until the last chapter was up. I'm glad you liked what I did with Gilrean. I hope she redeemed herself, at least a little, after being such a flake for most of the story.

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