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A Light in May  by Antigone Q 12 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 11 on 9/13/2009
Still another murder! It is time to get to the bottom of this, definitely! Alas! Kinslaysing is so horrible!

KarriReviewed Chapter: 11 on 3/1/2004
*sigh* I saw this at the top of the page and thought there was a new chapter. Oh well, I enjoyed reading this chapter again. Its very good.

Author Reply: Oh! Sorry hon, it must have sent a chapter alert for the millisecond I had it on Publish instead of hide. But the new chapter is up now! Let me know what you think.

LairewenReviewed Chapter: 11 on 2/28/2004
Just read the story over and was wondering when you were going to update! I really want to know what happens next!


PS - May have said this before, but I LOVE your Elladan! :)

Author Reply: Very soon, I think. It came back from being beta-ed yesterday and I want to do a little re-writing and have it checked over again before I post. Within the week, at least, I would say.

Elladan is fun to write - and he will show up again in the story very soon.

The Blind GuardianReviewed Chapter: 11 on 1/21/2004
wow! this absolutly fantastic! although i am quite afraid that Glorfindel is not the mighty Elf Lord he is....
but nonetheless, it is a great story!!!

Author Reply: Thank you!

LairewenReviewed Chapter: 11 on 1/20/2004
Read this after reading your other fic, this is very good! I never saw the twist with Legolas' brother coming and I'm looking forward to finding out exactly what is going on!

Author Reply: Thanks! I do like plot twists a lot...

Aislynn CrowdaughterReviewed Chapter: 11 on 1/17/2004
This is a wonderful story, and gratly written. I discovered prowling the archive and have followed it breathlessly. I love the way you describe the enfolding events out of little Estels perspective.
I love the slow development of things and the way the story manage to focus on Estels perspective and the things that are important to *him* nevertheless while the mystery of the escaped Mirkwood-prince Laegryn enfolds. Why is he hunted? What is he supposed to be guilty of? and is he, or is the real poisoner somebody else? But that is not important for Estel: for him, it is about meeting the strange patient of Elrond, and learning to track, and befriending Legiolas, and going to the feast... and still you manage to develop the main plot and tell it without ever loosing focus of either threads of your story. Greatly done!
I loved the chapter about Estel crying becuase he wanted Gilraen to care a bit for him, and Glorfindels reaction, and I like the surprise about the identity of Calen-glad.
Now, I am eager to learn who is the real would-be-killer. Is it Medlin-the-grumpy and unlovely? Or Neshtwen? or Ilothuir, Calen-Glads girlfriend? or is it really Calen-Glad? or somebody else? And how does Erestors mystery of the missing half cascet of walnuts fit into it, or does it have nothing to do with anything? And will Legolas live? (I certainly hope so!)

I can't wait to see, and I hope you update soon. Thank you for this great fic!


Author Reply: I'm glad you like it. It's always nice to see new readers.

You know, I think you are the first person to wonder about Erestor's walnuts. Yes, I did put it in on purpose with the intention of explaining it later, although I don't really think you could call it a "clue" per se. I don't expect people to be reading this story THAT closely.

And bless you for realizing that the blame may very well not fall on Medlin...then again, it may - if Elrond doesn't know yet, nobody does. ;)

paranoidangelReviewed Chapter: 11 on 1/15/2004
I've just found this story and I couldn't stop reading it. I liked Estel's POV - it's an unusual POV to be writing from and you've done it well without making him young and cute - merely young and human. I also liked your interpretation of Gilraen - although I see her a different way there's no reason why yours isn't valid too.

I'm really not good at whodunnits though - I have no idea what's going on, but I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

Author Reply: Thanks! It would have been nice to see the whole thing only from Estel's POV, but I couln't quite pull it off. Writing even pieces of it from Estel's viewpoint has been a nice challenge for me.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 11 on 1/13/2004
I loved everything about this chapter. Glorfindel is so capable as he gives orders and makes sure that the area is secured. And then Laegyrn reveals himself because of his distress for Legolas and the Mirkwood elves all start shouting. I liked the way you didn't feel you had to tell us why they were shouting. You trusted us to see it.

Gilraen is so mysterious. What is with her? And it made a shiver run up my spine when Estel says "You are keeping him here."

The fact that this is spide poison suggests a link to Mirkwood. All is not well here.

Author Reply: I liked Glorfindel in this chapter, too. I think reading fanfiction has given me a little fixation on that particular elf ;)

I hope I generally trust the reader to deduce from what is implied. I'm always disappointed with lengthy explanations of things I think are obvious.

LKKReviewed Chapter: 11 on 1/13/2004
A pretty mystery you have set here, Antigone. I had already decided that Calen-glad was Legolas' brother. That much was obvious. But I can't quite guess what is wrong in Mirkwood that would send him to the Lady for guidance. Or why the Lady would think that that guidance could be found in Imladris. Nor can I fathom why someone would want to poison Legolas. My thought is that he was mistakenly poisoned, that the true target was the brother.

And what's up with Gilraen? She seemed to be getting better, more responsive. Suddenly she's not only sullen again but actively hostile.

Well, like I said, it's a pretty mystery you've created. I'm looking forward to more clues and revelations. Hopefully soon!


Author Reply: Glad you are enjoying! I hoped that most people would see who Calen-glad really was by chapter 10 or so - although it still seemed to come as a surprise to some people. As for your questions, I think most of them will be answered in the next chapter. I'm getting ready to finish up everything in another two chapters or so.

CarolReviewed Chapter: 11 on 1/13/2004
I'm really enjoying this story. Gilraen is interesting. I remember that when I read the appendix, her statement that she gave hope to the Dunedain but kept none for herself really struck me as odd, because although she didn't have everything easy, I didn't see that her life was so terrible that she had reason to abandon hope for herself. Your portrait of her as so caught up in her own internal world that she barely responds to others is convincing, though sad.

The subtle prejudices against humans that Estel is demonstrating also make an interesting thread. I never found stories where young Aragorn is overtly put down and teased about being human to be very convincing, but the sort of unspoken negative assumptions he is reflecting ring very true, especially with his mother so uninvolved in his life.

The understated humor of Estel wondering in all seriousness if he's "too good" was delightful.

I am eager to find out what's going on with Legolas' family. The suspense is quite compelling!

Author Reply: Thank you! I wrote Gilraen the way I read her, which was that she was grief-stricken and depressed right up till she died. She and Aragorn obviously cared for one another, but I couldn't help but wonder what kind of a parent she might make.

Elves always seemed a little aloof to me, and although Elrond is of mixed heritage he has been raised among Elves himself. So I thought that Estel would have some issues with the little unintentional messages he gets from the adults in his life.

I'm glad the suspense compelling - it's my first "mystery" and I wasn't sure I could pull it off!

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