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Story Favorites
bullet The Tenth Walker by Lindelea Last Updated: 1/21/2018
Probably been done before, and perhaps better, but Bill the Pony gave my elbow a nudge this morning, causing me to spill my tea, and he licked up all the sugar from the bowl, and is likely to make a complete nuisance of himself if I don't write down his story. Hollin at last: setting the watch.
Rating: PG Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 90 Published: 6/15/2005
bullet To Lead His People by Dreamflower Last Updated: 9/24/2005
In which Aragorn and Pippin have a conversation...
Rating: G Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 1 Published: 9/24/2005
bullet The Stars Will Light Your Way by SlightlyTookish Last Updated: 6/25/2005
A sequel to Stars and Sniffles. The final battle leaves Pippin unconscious and his mind wandering. How does he manage to find his way back? NEW: Chapter 6 - now complete!
Rating: G Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 6 Published: 6/6/2005
bullet A Leap in the Dark by Auntiemeesh Last Updated: 2/28/2005
What caused Pippin to hesitate so long before jumping over the chasm in Moria? Written for Marigold's Challenge 13.
Rating: G Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 1 Published: 2/28/2005
bullet The Trial of Frodo Baggins by Gentle Hobbit Last Updated: 10/1/2003
Frodo is crushed by the knowledge that he was unable to fulfill the Quest without Gollum's intervention. In this story, he moves towards self-understanding and healing by various paths -- one by design, and others unexpected.
Rating: PG Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 14 Published: 8/3/2003
bullet The Ernil i Pheriannath by MarigoldG Last Updated: 8/23/2003
Merry is delighted by Pippin's title in Minas Tirith but Pippin fails to get the joke. Takes place the night of King Elessar's crowning. Written for Daisy Gamgee on the occasion of her birthday...
Rating: PG Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 1 Published: 8/23/2003
bullet I Always Know You by Baylor Last Updated: 8/4/2003
While the Winter Sickness strikes Bag End, the three cousins recall growing up together. A sequel to "Handkerchiefs and Mushroom Soup." Pre-LOTR.
Rating: G Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 11 Published: 8/4/2003