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The Tide of Times  by daw the minstrel 19 Review(s)
pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 5 on 10/11/2005
A fire... and the novices get to help, but them Legolas gets hurt, and on his first time out too.

Author Reply: Legolas does indeed get hurt, poor thing. After I started writing this story, wild fires broke out in California, so I was sure that people there would know how wrong I was undoubtedly getting things, but no one said anything!

FaerieQueenReviewed Chapter: 5 on 1/9/2004
I know, I know, I only review at the end of a story. And since this story is already complete, this review is rather pointless. But I had to rant at Legolas. What and earth is he doing? And what about Annael? Good grief, it's rather comical though. Novices cutting trees: watch your head. Well either way keep writing!

caz bazReviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/4/2003
awwww, poor Legolas! i'm sure he'll survive - well he sort of has too doesn't he. I'm so lucky i've never broken anything, Touch wood! apart from a bone in my foot a couple of weeks ago that was horrible i could move the bone around.
I wonder why Eilian wants to protect the settlement, hmmmmm, i don't think i even need 3 guesses for that one.
well i better go before someone finds me on the internet! oh well bye bye until next chapter.
caz baz

LamielReviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/3/2003
How hard it is to balance family love with duty! Especially when it means sending your loved ones into dangerous situations. I think, though, that Ithilden needs to be careful not to judge too strongly against Legolas--it isn't just that he wants to go to the Southern Patrol, he's also got the skills for it. They need him. If his family could be impartial they'd realize that, but of course they can't. And there ought to be a rule that one family doesn't send more than one child into dangerous territory. Of course it's all dangerous, but they've already got Eilian on the southern patrol. Don't need to risk more.

Speaking as someone in California, I think you handled the forest fire marvelously. I loved the added tension from the trees, and the way Legolas apologized before cutting. How hard that would be for an Elf! I sincerely hope they don't actually hear the tree in pain from the chopping--that would be impossible. I also liked your note that they usually let the forest fire burn naturally, unless it threatened their homes. If we did that, we wouldn't have these problems now.

Great job, as always. I'm all caught up now!

LeraReviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/3/2003
Another wonderful chapter. (Not that I expected anything else) Well, Legolas finally gets to see some action. A little too much, I guess. At the moment though, I mostly feel sorry for Annael. It wasn't his fault, but if he hadn't cut that particular tree at that particular just sucks for him. I'm so glad Eilien's first reaction wasn't to yell at Annael.

Hmm, so a certain maiden whose name starts with a C still has a hold on Eilien's heart. I am so glad!!! I always liked her. Apparently you did too.(Assuming you are talking about Celuwen.)

If most of the novices are first posted on the home guard, why did Legolas think Ithildien was going to make an exception? It sounds wise for Annael to be posted elsewhere and it's considerate of Ithildien to want to keep him and Legolas together. I can see why it wouldn't be a good thing to place Annael directly under his father's command. I wonder if it's easier to be placed under a brother's command than a father's?

Till next time!

DotReviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/3/2003
That was intense. I donít know anything about forest fires, thankfully itís not something we experience in Ireland, but this definitely sounded very convincing.

I like the idea that the elves normally respect forest fires as part of natureís cycle and it must indeed be frustrating for Ithilden Ė and Thranduil Ė that they could allow it to run its course if not for the few elves who refuse to move nearer to safety.

Isnít it funny that in Thranduilís absence all of his sons spend their time being thankful heís not there to witness whatever is going on?! Even Ithilden. He was really good with Siondel, I thought Ė I suppose as a father now heís more aware of peopleís feelings conflicting with their duty. Itís interesting that he doesnít think he should post Annael with Siondel. I can see how it would be a problem, but I wonder would it really be any different than having Legolas under Eilianís command. Such a difficult job that Ithilden has. Maybe he just needs to distance himself to see what he should do.

Um, this settlement wouldnít have anything to do with Celuwen, would it...?!!

I really thought it was great the way you showed the excitement of the older novices quickly replaced by a more sober outlook when they realise the extent of the danger and the unpredictability of the whole situation. This whole chapter is amazingly descriptive, particularly the effect the fire and smoke had on the elves, their grimy, sweaty skin, stinging eyes, etc. So vivid and realistic.

Woo-hoo, Eilian! I just love the way he pops up in the middle of extreme situations! I was thrilled that he finally appeared here. Of course, then you almost killed Legolas.... Poor Legolas can probably say goodbye to his hopes of joining the Southern Patrol. Thereís no way Eilian is ever going to want to see his little brother in danger after this. Unless, of course, he realises that thereís danger everywhere and he canít protect LegolasÖ I guess Iíll just have to wait and see...!

Is some poor soul going to have to inform Thranduil what happened? I would NOT fancy that job!:)

FadesintothewestReviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/3/2003
Oh no! Poor Legolas, a broken ankle and a head injury, and who knows how many other bruised parts. And Eilian is back, I like how he calls Legolas brat, no matter what his age. I can almost imagine Eilian finding out that Legolas is off to Mordor as one of the Fellowship, and thinking, come home safe brat! Or greeting him in such a way. In fact, I cannot wait until you write that story!

Brenda G.Reviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/2/2003
Good thing we know that Legolas reaches maturity, becomes a part of the Fellowship of the Ring, and then, a century or so beyond that, sails to Valinor because if we didn't all know that, we might think his elven days are numbered! Yikes! A tree limb falling on him, rendering him unconscious and with a broken foot. All this, and he still lies in harm's way from the advancing fire. Never a dull moment in the forests of Mirkwood, right? Poor Eilian (so glad he's back). His ulterior motive (seeing his lady love)got derailed and quickly with Legolas' accident. And what will Ithilden think? Legolas will be lucky if he is allowed out of the sight of his oldest brother again. Forget the Southern Patrol or Home Guard. If he is lucky, Legolas may get posted to his own front yard, and even then, he'll have a bodyguard with him at all times. I think it is a very good thing that Adar is away with all this transpiring. As it is, he may confine Legolas to his room for the rest of his days!

Good chapter. Ready for more.


Antigone_QReviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/2/2003
Whoops - meant to say "more obligations THAN hunting Orcs in the south."

Antigone_QReviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/2/2003
One of the things I like best about your work is that you always seem to have a very clear theme in mind that carries through the entire story. In Tide of Times, I see that all of the main characters are struggling with personal desires versus a sense of larger duty. This is very clearly defined in the way you present Ithilden, whose concern for Legolas and even his own family currently has to take second place to the greater good of the realm. Thranduil would clearly rather be at home. Likewise, Legolas will have to learn that he has more obligations to his family and to his kingdom hunting Orcs in the south.

I thought the forest fire scene was very well done. I agree that Elves wouldn't bother with it unless someone's home/life were at stake. They seem to have a good balance with nature. And I was just thinking this morning how hard it must be for a Wood Elf who could hear the trees to cut down a live tree, so it was nice to see someone else had the same thoughts. But really, Daw, I must protest. We have twice seen Legolas shirtless, Thranduil once without his shirt or anything else, and yet Eilian is still frustratingly fully clothed. Ah, well. At least he has made an appearance. I've grown fond of him.

Curious to see how Thranduil is faring, and if he is coming home soon.

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