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The Tide of Times  by daw the minstrel 17 Review(s)
pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 3 on 10/11/2005
Thranduil is having problems at the council and is angery, and who could blame him. He needs help but they are not listening....

Author Reply: Thranduil was in a difficult position. His realm was under attack in a way that Rivendell and Lothorien were not, and he had no ring of power. Of course, those with the rings had other burdens too, but he can't see them.

Antigone_QReviewed Chapter: 3 on 10/30/2003
I think I am going to start leaving reviews on this website instead of It's much easier to use and never seems to get too busy. Anyway...

Thranduil seems to be becoming aware of the issues in Elrond's family concerning Orcs, but he still hasn't quite got it figured out. I wonder if he will feel more kinship with Elrond when he does? I feel sorry for Thranduil. It must be frustrating for him to wait for everyone else to debate while his realm is being overcome.

The scenes with the war games are interesting. Legolas is apparently gifted in stratagy - not surprising, considering the way he grew up. The best part of the chapter for me was Legolas' interactions with Galor. They show Legolas developing some good leadership qualities. And once again, I do not like Synia at all - the presumtuous little twit. I hope he drops her soon.

Great chapter - hope you are writing quickly!

caz bazReviewed Chapter: 3 on 10/29/2003
Argh... i just talked to this girl i don't know cause i thought she was my friend, it was soooo embarrasing!
i thought ALL the new warriors started in the Home Guard.
poor Legolas i know how he feels, i'll be with my boyfriend and soon i'll find that we're away from the others on ar own with no one else to talk with not that that's a problem or anything but never mind!

LeraReviewed Chapter: 3 on 10/28/2003
Poor Thranduil. He has to live with the shadow, spiders and orcs everyday! His own sons suffer trying to protect the people. That must especially weigh on him. It must be so frustrating when the other leaders don't understand. Maybe Thranduil should consider inviting them all to take a vacation in Mirkwood?

I remember this novice war game! Only Legolas was in a different position last time. It's cool to see him as a leader. I'm starting to see the Elf we know during the War of the Ring. I liked how he didn't jump all over Galor and instead took responsibility for his own mistake. He is becoming a good leader, someone other people will respect and follow. Now he just needs to learn how to deal with girls!

As much as I dislike Synia, I think I kind of understand her. Who wouldn't want a relationship with Legolas? And even if HE thought he'd been clear about his plans, people will hear what they want to. Or perhaps she's just very confident in being able to change his mind. Even if he's saying that he plans to join the SOuthern Patrol and doesn't mean to bond with her, his actions are not reinforcing that!

Thank you for frequently updating. Altogether great job!

DotReviewed Chapter: 3 on 10/28/2003
This was such a great chapter. Once again, I really love the way you show things from Thranduilís point of view, even down to the way he mentally compares Elrondís map with the one has drawn up from Ithildenís reports. His observations of Elrond were really heartbreaking. Elrond seems to be suffering and Thranduilís understanding of what he is experiencing is really quite poignant. He should say something to him Ė they really have more in common than Thranduil might want to think.

You did a great job with Curinir, showing his distance from the others, yet also their reluctant agreement with him. Heís a bit of a pain, isnít he? Iíd quite like it if Thranduil lost his temper with him...!

Yíknow, there are loads of interesting little titbits in this chapter! So, Ithilden spent time with the twins? Thatíd make an interesting story...! And that part about Eilian! Just what kind of danger did you put him in?!! I canít imagine Thranduil was too thrilled... No wonder he empathises with Elrond.

LOL at poor Radagast, by the way!;)

Ah, the exercise with the novices sounds familiar. Itís fascinating to see Legolas in a position of authority this time in the same situation. How much he has grown....

Syniaís been causing a bit of trouble, has she?! I must say, I did wonder at Legolas going to the Southern Patrol and whether Ithilden knew about this or not, but still Synia should surely have asked LegolasÖ Do those two talk to each other at all?! Iím back to not liking her againÖ

Galor is an interesting little addition to these stories. He reminds me of Tonduil a little bit in that he seems like a more gentle spirit who probably shouldnít really try to become a warrior. Of course, then he totally freaked me out with his amazing, and rather frank, perceptiveness at the end of the chapter. It was a little bit disconcerting to say the least. In one way, it was eerily like Thranduil telling Legolas he was proud that he was being responsible and setting a good example, and then that bit about doing things he may not enjoy was, well, a tad creepy. Obviously Legolas can apply this to having to talk to Synia about their future but somehow I doubt that Galor meant that.... So, what did he mean, or am I just a little slow?! Donít tell me Iím the only one feeling a bit unsettled by his remarks?!!:)

brynReviewed Chapter: 3 on 10/28/2003
Are you going to write Cirdan's character? Just curious... I've never really read him before and wonder how he and Thranduil would interact. They are kin, but at the same time, Cirdan's at the sea while Thranduil's holed up in the forest. An interesting thing to ponder. Would they agree with one another on the matter at hand, or disagree? I think Thranduil would hold him in much respect, even though he does have a ring. And a beard.

Ooooh, looks like Elrond's having some issues with E2's behavior. I like how you only just hint at it, and how Thranduil manages to pick it up.

Yikes! Is Eilian okay? What happened to the other scout??? *grimace* The term "orc-bait" comes to mind. How on earth did Eilian manage to draw such an assignment? I mean--how did his father and brother let him go??? (Or did they not know about it until afterwards?)

I feel the strange desire to throw something at Mr. "Let's-Wait-And-See-Watch-My-Ent-Impression-Because-I'm-A-Sneaky-Little-Evil-Wizard" Curunir. Grrr. If he hadn't been so adamant and high-positioned on council, they might have been moved to action against Sauron. I'm glad Thranduil's annoyed with him!
Elrond, stop being a pansy and take a stand! Saruman is EVIL and he's TRICKING YOU. (As Glorfindel reaches across the table and attempts to slap me...)

*snort* LOVED Radagast's line about the forest creatures suffering. The man's a crazy old bat, and a lot wiser than anyone gives him credit for. I think he chooses to be insane.

Again, I'm really liking what you've done with Legolas' character. The maturity fits him well--he's beginning to act like the Legolas we all know and love during the War. It's heartening to see him willing to take away meaning from the words of others. In the past, I think he would have dismissed Galor's words much sooner. Thought about them, certainly, but now he takes them to heart. Oooh, I KNEW that Synia was up to no good! Legolas, get rid of her, for Valar's sake! She's a little leech. With claws.

GREAT chapter, as always!!! :)

Brenda G.Reviewed Chapter: 3 on 10/27/2003
Thanks, Daw, for your loyalty to the story and your fans - writing on the plane, going and coming... Now that's what I call DE-VO-TED!

Looks like Thranduil is not going to have it "his way" at Council (of course, he figured all alone he probably wouldn't). Still, I'm glad he is his usual bold self, undaunted by the others, even the Balrog-slaying Glorfindel. No other elf leader at the Council faces what he does every day. I think he does an admirable job of protecting his kingdom and his people without the benefit of a ring of power of his own. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Elrond, my boy.

I knew that Synia was seeing things in her relationship with Legolas that just weren't there. Now that the beans have been spilled and Legolas knows her bent of mind, I hope he moves quickly to remedy her misplaced thoughts. I like Legolas in the leadership role (and I think he likes it, as well). As he matures, he is discovering that responsibility is a saddle he can ride. Perhaps he will watch his father and brothers even more closely as they execute their own roles in being responsible. Well done, Commander Legolas!

Really looking forward to the next chapter and the return of Eilian at some point in the story! I still think Thranduil beats out his middle son for overall sex appeal. I always did like the strong, silent types when it comes to Wood-Elves (especially the rangy, lean-hipped kind). OK, I'm quitting before the drool ensues.

Thanks, Daw, for giving me a perfect end to a long and tiring day. Now I can go to bed happy.

Hope you had a great trip, but now that you're back, WRITE, WRITE, WRITE!!


LKKReviewed Chapter: 3 on 10/27/2003
The council meeting was very nicely written, daw. I liked how you mixed the exposition of the growing Shadow with the personal aspects of how the Shadow touched Elrond's and Thranduil's families. It made the meeting very interesting to read. I laughed when Thranduil wanted to agree with Curunir regarding Galadriel. I can sympathize with why he might feel ambivilant about her. His judgement that Curunir might be worse now, though, shows great insight on his part.

I can see that Legolas has a difficult conversation coming up with Synia. Hopefully, Galor's praise over Legolas' living up to his responsiblities will give him the fortitude to broach the topic as soon as possible. Synia and Legolas need to reach a true understanding, even though it won't be "enjoyable".

Good Chapter!


LamielReviewed Chapter: 3 on 10/27/2003
To be honest, when I read that you had written this on the plane and in airports, I sort of hoped you'd be inspired by all the security. I can imagine Legolas in an airport--with all those weapons, he'd be stopped at every checkpoint, and the guards would never be able to find them all. They'd be pulling knives out of his boots, his wrist guards . . . Elf strip-searches. Wouldn't THAT be a sight to see!

This was a wonderful chapter--I'm impressed by the internal consistency of your world. I remember the novice training exercises from previous stories, and it's great to see Legolas command one. You're right about the Wood-elf attachment to Arda--I can imagine that having to discipline one's mind so as not to get lost in the forest song would be difficult. Sometimes your stories read so much like tales about regular boys; it's wonderful to see little touches like this that remind us that we're dealing with Elves.

And you made an interesting argument for why the White Council didn't act sooner to clear out Dol Guldur. Given that Curunir hasn't gone to Isengard yet, I assume you intend that he isn't evil at this point. But he does have a point, if they just run Sauron out of Dol Guldur, where would he go? Poor Thranduil. Fighting the long fight, no Ring, and his only ally is Radagast. I'd be frustrated too. Still, though, he did show some understanding of what Elrond must be going through, with the Twins off on their own blood-hunts. Those two really do have a lot in common--no wonder they can't stand one another.

Marvelous work, as always! And you did it with all the noise and distraction of travel. I am so impressed.


tigerlily713Reviewed Chapter: 3 on 10/26/2003
Another great chapter! I've just finished watching the movie Windtalkers, so I've got battle strategy on the mind. Well done. It was easy to visualize-- very vivid and real. I also like the dialogue in the council; it said a lot about the individual participants. Can't wait for another, Lily

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