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The Tide of Times  by daw the minstrel 19 Review(s)
FadesintothewestReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/19/2003
Oh yes! I was so delighted to see that you have yet again penned another story. So we get to have a glimpse into Legolas' life during his coming of age, and his first patrols. This will be very interesting. I look forward to seeing how his character develops- he's gonna have to work hard at impressing us readers again. Ithilden and Eilian have truly stolen our hearts, but I think Legolas will easily claim it again.

Antigone_QReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/19/2003
Hurray! Another story! I'm so glad! And the beginning looks very promising. Legolas coming of age ought to be interesting.

Thranduil's reaction to the council is great:"he felt as if he were neglecting his duty by coming to Elrond’s pleasant refuge to attend a council that he doubted would result in anything useful." Oh, snicker. Nothing useful - well, he'll soon see. It was nice to have some insight into Thranduil's character: he wants help with the Shadow creeping into Greenwood, but he doesn't want to have to heed any unwanted advice. He wants to follow protocol in Elrond's house, but he doesn't want to leave his weapons behind. I wonder what exactly has happened that makes him so very distrustful?

The politicking going on behind the scenes was very well done. I am sure the steward really was tearing his hair out getting the seating arrangement right. The bit about Galadriel being a bit of a challange as a mother-in-law was just soooo funny.

I see that Legolas has a new romantic interest. Hope this one fares a little better than the last one. The horse scenes were just great. Thank goodness you remembered the saddles for the poor horses - you have to wonder why some of Tolkien's Elf horses don't have a big bald patch from being ridden continuously without even a blanket. I'm sure Legolas will get used to riding that way very soon.

Do we get to look in at the coming-of-age ceremony? I hope so - I also wouldn't mind seeing the ceremony for a female elf. It occured to me that it might be quite different.

Brenda G.Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/19/2003
Okay, now that I've really thought about it, I'm crying. We are losing our elfling!

Brenda G.Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/18/2003
A new story... A NEW STORY!!!! What a wonderful way to spend the last few minutes of Saturday night - reading a new story by you. I can tell I'm already going to love this one. Legolas coming of age - a new girlfriend - learning combat tactics on a horse outfitted with bridle and saddle. Oh, dear, it this gets any better (and I know it will), I think I may need my heart medicine! Can't want to see what all transpires at the White Council, and you have given me cause to brush up on my Tolkien about the meeting of the White Council. Also, I hope you reveal why Thranduil is adverse to Galadriel. Is it because of the ring of power that she wields? Is it because she descends from kinslayers? I know the Mirkwood monarch already has an ingrained prejudice against other elves that do not have to fight Orcs and other fell beasts day in and day out (like the elves of Imladris). Still, he wouldn't be the great, girm Woodland king we all know and love without the struggles that have made him so. Long live Thranduil!

I am breathless with anticipation for the next chapter. Please post again soon.


The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/18/2003
What a pleasure to find a new story! Thranduil going to Imladris was quite a surprise. You gave us a great view of what his thoughts were. His ambivalence about Imladris is certainly understandable, but he always maintains his proper kingly composure. He guarded his words to Arwen in kindness for her feelings and shuddered at the thought of Galadriel as a mother in law. While these two scenes made me smile, for different reasons, it told us a geat deal about the elf king. I'm eager to find out what this council brings about. Now, my big question.....Thranduil is going to allow Legolas to be posted to the Southern Patrol?! Ithilden wouldn't let Eilian go until he had served 6 months in the Home Guard and then he, nor Thranduil, were happy about it. And Ithilden told Eilian that he was too young and inexperienced to be there in the first place when he sent him back for his immature reckless behavior. So these older, over-protective elves are going to let the youngest go there when things are progressively getting worse? Boy, I hope nothing goes wrong or there will be heads rolling and feathers flying. This should be interesting. I'm a bit sad that our littlest elfling is growing up and coming of age. I'm excited for him, but feel somewhat like any parent setting their child off into adulthood... proud and sad. And the Fair One has a new female friend. Well, let Miriwen eat her heart out! I loved the description of the coming of age ceremony. I look forward to hearing about both Annael's and Legolas's. A good beginning with a lot to look forward to. Karen

TolkienFanReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/18/2003
Hi Daw,

I'm glad to see you start another story! The first chapter looks like another great beginning. I love your characterizations -- even Legolas' horse has an interesting personality! Can't wait to see more!

Tapetum LucidumReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/18/2003
Yeah! A new one!
Great start! Thranduil in Imladris - that is very unusual. We rarely get to see him outside of the woodland realm. You are right, Thanduil is somewhat abrupt but given the condition of his forest pleasantries are not his first responsibility. The Elrond/Thranduil interaction was terse but seemed very much in character. I liked the King's assessment of his room. He has lived a cave to long. His snide remarks about making the servants work made me chuckle. I am glad that his sons are still foremost in his mind.

Ithiliden is certainly responsible. He has proven his abilities in the last few years - handling dwarves and hot tempered siblings. Asking for help would injur any leader's pride, it should be a normal feeling for the leader. I liked the picture of him sliding a dagger into his boot. The comparison of crowns was also very clever.

I imagine you were clutching your own head over those seating arrangements. Arwen does make an excellent hostess. She was very sweet. Thranduil noticing her smile was cute - no one is that married. He was very sensitive to pick up on her discomfort over her brothers. He handled that well. Shuddering over Galadriel as a mother-in-law. I was laughing out loud! Can you even imagine in laws who could read your mind and see the future. My mother is hard enough to deal with now...

Legolas performance on Pilin was very well described. I am torn between missing Turgon again and being relieved that he is not there to lead my favorite elf into trouble. I am glad we are going to get to know more of his friends as well. The vigil and hunting trip seem very ritualistic. I would think that tradition is very important among immortals. Legolas' enjoyment in the imitation of his father was great. I am looking forward to the coming of age events. I am sure you will portray them well, especially with a unique royal perspective - you are the master (no pressure).

Glad you are back again!

nanethReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/18/2003
I'm so excited to see a new story! I wasn't expecting this until next week. What a wonderful surprise.

There's already so much to love about this story. Thranduil's reaction to the members of the council and life in Imladris; Legolas and friends coming of age; Thranduil's reaction to his "baby" coming of age (yikes!); and, oh, that hint of young romance.

Your stories are addictive...they always leave me wanting more, more, more...soon, soon, soon!

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/18/2003
I *love* Thranduil. His thoughts, how he perceives things - you are very much in his head and he comes across tremendously. It really stuck me that both he and Elrond recently lost their wives - both to orc attacks -which is a terrible piece of common ground.

Annael is so wonderful. I am so glad he seems to have it all going for him now - soon to be a warrior, soon to be an adult and apparently also in love :) I am looking forward to seeing Legolas also ready to be an adult.

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