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The Novice  by daw the minstrel 24 Review(s)
NotACatReviewed Chapter: 1 on 4/8/2015
I was confused about Galelas, because wasn't he the one that Legolas got into trouble for thumping (Galelas thought that Legolas was getting special treatment when he was actually recovering from stabbing the spy)?

But then I looked at the list of stories, and they weren't written in sequence, so I guess that scene hadn't been thought of yet…

If I'd been reading these in order of publication, I don't know whether I'd even have spotted that, but I'm getting so caught up that I am paying even more attention than usual!

Author Reply: Hi, NotACat-

You're right. I didn't write these in order and sometimes I got myself in trouble because I forgot what I'd said somewhere else. Like I think somewhere I say Turgon doesn't speak Common, and then somewhere else, I show him speaking it.

Another thing that sometimes happened from writing them out of order was that I boxed myself in over who I could kill. I wrote "Question of Duty," which is about the Fellowship very early, so anyone who appeared in that was going to survive the Battle of Five Armies.

Oh well. These things happen. :) I had so much fun writing these stories that I mostly didn't care. Enjoy!


endorearwenReviewed Chapter: 12 on 8/28/2013
Actually, Maldor's wife wasn't unexpected to me - somehow the idea that this would be the perfect 'opposites attract' relationship made perfect sense! (I did laugh out loud though when she invited them back because they love to have visit from younglings! I can just imagine the nightmares those novices had for weeks after that!!!) Now, Legolas' advance on Miriwen after she'd pulled down her collar to show him the necklace he'd just given her - THAT was unexpected to me!! I think that's one young novice has been much too attentive to studying the habits of his oldest brother when he's not looking! ;-)

The other thing that is not surprising to me is the fact that you are a 'proper' (and no doubt, published...) author! A natural talent shines right from the outset and these stories definitely reflected an innate ability to draw others in with words!! It must be nice to be an inspiration to others! :-)

Author Reply: I'd love to be able to say I've published fiction but I haven't yet. I do have an agent who's shopping my books to publishers. Maybe one of these days.

endorearwenReviewed Chapter: 12 on 8/28/2013
Wonderfully written, story, Daw! There's something very comforting about the constancy of people's personalities, isn't there?! I am amazed at how well you keep everyone's reactions to circumstances so perfectly 'predictable'! I don't mean that in a negative way, I simply mean that you understand each of these character so well that every word and action 'fits' the situations through which you take them. I can't say how many times through this story, like Legolas, I just knew what was going to happen when Thranduil or Ithilden or Eilian found out! I think I might have said it before, but I enjoy it so much because I feel as though I am actually a part of this family - not an easy feeling to evoke in a reader!

My favourite scene - Legolas losing it at Alfirin and Thranduil for interfering in his 'private life'! One just knew that something was going to break because the stress of all that he was enduring kept building and the strain was definitely showing! But, I think I loved Thranduil's reaction best - have a drink and then have a chat!! Quintessentially Thranduil! (I loved the line about only a certain number of sins he could cope with at a time - Ha!)

I also very much enjoyed seeing Eilian in a position of some 'weakness'. He needn't talk about Ithilden's need to control everything! It was interesting to see Eilian off-balanced by a wound in a situation that, for him, he should have been controlling! Kudos on that one! :-)

Moving on now to the next little instalment! ;-)

Author Reply: I'm really glad to hear these characters come across as consistent because, as I told you, I wrote these stories all out order and across several years. But I guess I did feel I came to know them really well. So much so that when I started trying to write original fic, it was hard starting over learning about characters. I forgot it took me a while to learn my fanfic characters too.

There's nothing like adolescent first love to throw off the whole family. Eru knows, most parents need a drink or two to deal with that one. And while Thranduil has older sons, this is the first time he's dealt with this as a single parent.

I made myself laugh sending the boys to visit Maldor and his sweet wife. Who knew?

Dream PainterReviewed Chapter: 12 on 1/22/2007
Bravo! A very well-writ story--I enjoyed it immensely.

Dream Painter

Author Reply: Thanks, Dream Painter. I enjoyed the chance to try to imagine what Legolas's adolescence might have been like, and how he grew to be Legolas of the Fellowship. I appreciate your taking the time to tell me you enjoyed it.

pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 12 on 10/6/2005
They were drunk and not very happy on the morning. Tonduil deciding to be a horsemaster, very good. Thranduil talking to Eilian about his concern for him, he dosen't express it much but it is there. And he knew egolas had too much wine, not much gets past him.
Miriwen and Legoas just friends for now, proubly a good thing. Legolas finally sees Just being Legolas isn't enough, that having his family and friends make him who he is...Nice work...

Author Reply: Thank you, Pipinheart. I had a good time writing this story and I'm glad you enjoyed reading it.

pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 11 on 10/6/2005
It seems Galelas likes Eilian as he hasn't a brother like him. I like how they fixed each others hair, a celebration for them.

Author Reply: LOL. I'm afraid that their parents and the novice masters aren't going to be equally happy about the hair.

pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 10 on 10/6/2005
Galelas and Legolas teamed up and tripped thier teacher.. Then an attack with an injured teacher, and Eilian taking up a bow when he was not suppost to. Eilian ordering Legolas to help him out of his wrappings and Legolas refusing...

Author Reply: Yes indeed. Exciting things are happening on the novice training trip. I enjoyed having Galelas and Legolas knock Maldor on his rear.

pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 9 on 10/6/2005
A talk with Galelas might work after all, kinda manipulation as well...

Author Reply: Manipulation can be good!

pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 8 on 10/6/2005
The bank slipping, that was unexpected... Galelas wants to swift blame always to Legolas. Even so Legolas saw danger and pushed him out of the way.

Author Reply: This chapter ended in a literal cliff hanger. :-) I don't do that too often so it was kind of fun to write.

pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 7 on 10/6/2005
Interesting how Thelion and Maldor differ on Tonduil. How he could be a horsemaster and other a warior, what does he really want though.
The masters are teaching and each have sound advise.

Author Reply: Tonduil has to make up his mind what he wants. I think he trying to impress Ithilden in a way. He admires his new brother in law.

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