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Reunion in Mirkwood  by Mirkwoodmaiden 29 Review(s)
mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 6 on 8/12/2020
I absolutely love it!!! Great fight scenes. Does it mean Gollum informed the bird which in turn called orcs? What sort of bird could it be then?

Author Reply: My Starlight!

So glad you love it! Yeah! And it does mean that Gollum and the birds were have the conversation. In Fellowship film Legolas mentions "Crebain from Dunland" and Gandalf also mentions that many creatures are sympathetic to the Orcs and Sauron. Writing the next chapter now. Some more explanation may have happen but I can't for sure as I have not yet written about it yet!

Stay Safe

Mellon nin!


mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 5 on 7/27/2020
I have just thought that if Gandalf asked them to guard him there should be extra guards to watch the prisoner. If guards left their positions their captain should be furious as they are part of the army I think and if they left there is another question why? I am sorry to bother you. Can't wait for another chapter. Stay safe!!!

Author Reply: Not to worry. It isn't a bother. Technically I agree with you. But when I write I try to stay close to what I have read in Tolkien's various writings. In the chapter "the Council of Elrond" in the Fellowship of the Ring, Legolas says that they were vigilant yes but perhaps too kind, or to use Legolas' word "overkindliness". They didn't have the heart to keep in him the dungeons the whole time. Early on he says that they guarded him as Gandalf wanted but also to keep in mind the "hope still for his cure," In Spring they let him climb trees. From my reading of the chapter they were not harsh captors and that is more what I was trying to reflect.

Looking at the chapter in Fellowship again I could rework that portion of my chapter to reflect the initial guarding of Gollum. It could make for some interesting interactions.

Thanks for writing!!

Stay safe!



mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 5 on 7/27/2020
Little elfings were really clever to get so close to Gollum but where were the guards? Wonderful bond between Thranduil and his sons.

Author Reply: Mystarlight!

Good question! I could say that they bribed the guards with wine or got them drunk, After all it worked in the Hobbit!! But the real answer is part of me didn't think about it and the other part of my creative brain remembered that the dungeons of Mirkwood are generally not horrible places as stated somewhere in Tolkien's writings. I surmised then that there were differing levels of cells and keeping in mind that Gandalf had some hope (however misguided) of Gollum's possible reform and the fact that Mirkwood elves generally were kind to their prisoners (who were not dwarves, I guess) I went with the idea that the cell that Gollum was placed was like minimum security. And in the end he was more treated like a prisoner/ guest. Thanks for paying attention and pointing that out! :-))

About Thranduil and his sons, I just feel that family is probably the most important thing in Thranduil's life. He has lost so much and tries to paid to what is really important. And sometimes in life we don't recognise moments when we should. I wanted to give Thranduil that moment.

Stay safe, mellon nin!


mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 4 on 7/20/2020
Thranduil shows in a great way who is in charge. I am not convinced that he couldn't see the wider perspective as Gandalf suggested and to tell the truth I think it is offensive to the king that he did not get full background. We know Maia who thought he everything. Really enjoy good relationships between Aragorn and Thranduil. Awesome chapter. Can't wait for another one.

Author Reply: mystarlight!

So very true! Gandalf is not above misjudgment as he himself admits. And it is an insult to not include Thranduil. People do misjudge situations and Gandalf does here. The tension is building to a purpose in the story.

The good relationship between Thranduil and Aragorn refers to another story of mine called "The Heir Apparent" about how Aragorn came to Imladris and his growing up there.

Thank you again for taking the time to write, I really do appreciate it!

Stay Safe! mellon nin!


mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 3 on 7/19/2020
Thank you. Thought you wrote the story using the same title :D. Can't wait for another chapter.

mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 3 on 7/19/2020
Tried to find Morgoth ring but I can't. Is it posted here?

Author Reply: mystarlight!

Hello! Sorry that I wasn't clear about the sourcing of the "Twinned" concept. Morgoth's Ring is Vol 10 of the History of Middle Earth series. It is a near complete collection of Tolkien's writing about Middle Earth edited by his son, Christopher. They are essentially first drafts of LOTR and his other works, Treatises written about the people of Middle Earth. Histories that he wrote out. First drafts of maps he drew. All edited and published by his son. If you type into Google "the Laws and Customs of the Eldar" you will find the long essay/ reference work about Elves that I read. It talks about the fea of Elves and how fea which in essence is an Elf's spirit or soul and how the fea of two married people remained connected or bound even after one has died. That is where I got my idea, though there is a lot more than what I refer to. It is fascinating and confusing and if you really want to go deep into the weeds of Elvish culture as devised by Tolkien it is definitely an interesting read. Thanks for writing back!


mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 3 on 7/18/2020
I really enjoy your story. Thranduil is well written and I love the idea he can somehow communicate with his wife. Will you add later what happened to her please? Gandalf wants him to keep Gollum but doesn't want to offer explanation why. It is a bit arrogant of him to do it because Thranduil deserves his trust at least as a king even if this knowledge is dangerous. As you said he risks his people their welfare and they suffered enough so at least they should know what they risk and why. Looking forward for the next chapter.

Author Reply: Mystarlight!

Thanks again for writing. I read in Morgoth's Ring (V.10 of HoME series) about how Elves are twinned souls in their marriages and how even while one waits in the Halls of Mandos their souls remain twinned, which is why Elves don't remarry, generally and I thought it would be wonderful if Lasgalen spoke in Thranduil's heart in times of great emotional upset. :-) I have considered a story of Thranduil reuniting with Lasgalen but it hasn't progressed beyond the thinking stage yet! "Last Gift of Lasgalen" sort of tells what happen to her in Middle Earth but it is told from the perspective of Thranduil.

Yeah! Gandalf can be a bit arrogant and he grudging gives up much of the story but he realises that Thranduil has to know at least some of the reason he should risk the safety of his people. Gandalf is stubborn and set in his ways I'm afraid and a bit irascible! You can't tell him anything! :-)

So glad you are enjoying the story! Working on Chapter 4 right now!

Stay safe! ((hugs))


mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 2 on 7/18/2020
Awesome description of Thranduil's Halls. Wonder how Thranduil found out about Balrog in Moria?

Author Reply: Mystarlight!

Thank you for taking the time to write. I have always imagined what Thranduil hidden fortress would look like and Legolas makes mention of the fact somewhere in LOTR that his father's had airy feel though mostly underground.

I don't think he knew about the Balrog in Moria, but he of what a horror that balrogs were from legend.


mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/18/2020
I really love Thranduil in your story.

Author Reply: Mystarlight!

Thank you so much! The pain, passion and loss of Thranduil really speaks to my heart. Thank you for taking the time to write!


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