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The Green Knight  by Le Rouret 193 Review(s)
LynReviewed Chapter: 13 on 6/5/2006
Two things---the humorous banter among Gimli, Bandobras, and Legolas is
the best!

Earlier you added that Legolas had yelled--in dwarvish---at the unworthy dwarves who had mistreated Bandobras. I believe Tolkien stressed that the dwarves kept
their language secret. While it is not known whether Gimli would have taught
dwarvish to Legolas, I tend to think he did not for two reasons: 1) it was
not absolutely necessary for survival of either and 2) in honor of his father
and his race's tradition of secrecy. I have no doubt, though, that an
infuriated Legolas would have made quite a dent in the renegade dwarves'
heads simply by the strength of his voice no matter what language he used!

LynReviewed Chapter: 12 on 6/5/2006
the Green Knight’s esquire has collected well over a dozen tokens of esteem from diverse young ladies, hoping to supplant you, my lady, in his favor.”

I had to read the above sentence three times (yes, I am slow)to get the true
meaning. The first time, it sounded like the esquire (Bandobras) was hoping
to supplant (Eowyn) in his (the Green Knight's?) favor. Silly me. The
comma after "ladies" threw me off...I read "has collected...then paused
at the comma and then read "hoping to supplant you". Oh, well. One shouldn't
read this late at night. Your stories are like a rich dessert...not for
late night consumption.

I think the sentence would read well without the comma after "ladies":

the Green Knight’s esquire has collected well over a dozen tokens of esteem from diverse young ladies hoping to supplant you, my lady, in his favor.”

LynReviewed Chapter: 11 on 6/4/2006
The bevor came lose with a soft spang,

I believe another "O" is needed, as "The bevor came loose with a soft spang...."
I've yet to build up the courage to look up the names of all those bits and pieces that make up a knight's've certainly done a lot of homework!

LynReviewed Chapter: 9 on 6/4/2006
Shouldn't want to mess with perfection, but.... Turnips grew everywhere on
England's soil (as far as I know), but I'm glad Legolas' squire didn't put them
in the casserole because turnips make everything taste like turnips...such a
strong flavor they have! Spices and many herbs; I suppose it could be argued
that trade through Harad may have brought some in, but sugar came from cane
grown in the Caribbean area, too far from Tolkien's known lands (I believe).
I believe tomatoes, like blueberries,
pumpkins, peanuts, corn, and potatoes, came from the New World, discovered
centuries later. I think Tolkien envisioned LOTR to be a prehistory for England,
taking place about 7,000 years or so in the past. Oh, well.

Pastries would have been possible, using lard and flour (alternating ice box
storage and rolling the dough) to create mille fleurs (misspelled), the
delightful thousand-layer pastry. Honey can be whipped with butter and whipped
cream is wonderful as are yeast breads, doughnuts on a stick, and meat on a stick.
As for fruit, I would think apples and wild strawberries, plums and grapes
would be available.

Thank you for sharing your story telling talent with others. It's a rare treat
to read such quality stories about one's favorite characters.

NessaReviewed Chapter: Author's Notes on 12/30/2004
For Le Rouret: i usually dont leave a review even though i do read alot and,especially in the Stories of Arda. i just wanted you to know what a great story this was. like a book you just cant put down. great writing,and a very good job at explanations. please write more stories and, i will be looking for your writings. should you have others,or, you do write a sequel to this one,let me know.thank you for your time,and have a great New Year!

Elf messengerReviewed Chapter: 38 on 10/24/2004
O that is such a good story! I stumbled upon it while searching Stories of Arda. It took me some time to read but it was worth it. I commend your efforts and hope your write many more stories(now on to the next story).
Elf messenger

Aislynn CrowdaughterReviewed Chapter: 10 on 8/10/2004

Up until now this story is a delightful reading experience, and while it takes a bit of suspending with canon to imagine full fledged knightly rules and fiefdoms and a century tournament comlete with plate weaponry taking place in Forth Age Gondor, Middle Earth, once one accept this, you have all the caracters and personae deeply in character and the plot is developing well and excitingly.

Well, actually, all the characters, save Gimli. I feel that you have him out of character here; I can not imagine Gimli of all people being the one petuantly intending to drive home and harken to human and elvish knightly customs and court protocoll (that, after all, has nothing to do with customs of the dwarves, anyway). And discussing Bandorbas shortcomings in manners for an esquire at lenght in front of the guests of honor - even as close friends as Aragorn and Faramir are - is, to my view, equally bad mannered and therefore unlikely.

On another note, I regret that you have the evil dwarves that abused Bandy originally coming from the Iron Hills and Gimli complaing at length in front of outsiders (well, non-dwarves) about them here; the Iron Hills, after all, were allied to Erebor, and the slain former king of Erebor during the ringwar, Dain, came from there. I think having those dwarves being from Ered Luin would have worked better. I also can hardly imagine any group of dwarves cowing in fear from a single elf, even if it was Legolas, because of that elf merely gave them a good sclding.

And on a final note, having Aragorn and Legolas discussing the new soon-to-build fleet in detail like this is all fine and well - but what would Legolas, wood Elf that he is, know of constructing a fleet and of constructing ships? save he has informed himself thouroughly by Cirdan because he prepares for building one himself already (and then, *that* in itself would be a frightening prospect to Aragorn, I think!).

Otherwise, this story is great, and I enjoy it a lot! Thank you for this spirited attempt at bringing Arthurian chivalry to Gondor, and keep on writing!

Greetings to you,


TieAillin AlcarionReviewed Chapter: Author's Notes on 8/3/2004
I've greatly enjoyed this entire thing. I began reading the other "story", the series of letters, and realized I was going to need some background. I startled my kids many times laughing out loud! The concern of Bandobras when Legolas leaves: "To go off like that without a proper breakfast!" was hilarious and exactly what a young hobbit would have in mind!

I do think your fiction is among the best on this site. Please keep writing!


Reviewed Chapter: 38 on 6/1/2004
sigh, so wonderful

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 38 on 5/26/2004
When I started your story after seeing the *Complete* there, I had no idea how completely absorbing I would find it. It is an amazing peice of work, and I am sorry to see it listed as your only fanfic on this archive. Do you have any more somewhere else?
The style totally appealed to me, and I have not seen archaic language handled so skillfully in any other fanfic. Even professional writers have a hard time handling "speaking forsoothly", but it is something that I have loved since reading Howard Pyle's Robin Hood in fifth grade (my favorite book until I found The Hobbit and LOTR a few years later.)
I *absolutely* adore Bandobras as an original character, although I was at first troubled by the fact that he was so young ( a 15 year old hobbit is more like a 9 or 10 year old human ) and that it did not seem as though Pippin had made any effort to find him. But I soon forgot these quibbles, as he is a wonderful personality, very like his uncle in inspiring affection, in fact.
Legolas as a Knight is a terrific concept, and the way it was handled made me think of Ivanhoe ( another of my favorite books from the past) and The Talisman.
I could tell in your last couple of chapters, (which by the way took care of my quibbles) that you were all set up for a possible sequel--but I would *love* to see a *prequel* with that first encounter with Bandy, and his introduction to Thranduil's court.
Thank you for a delightful story, and I forgive you for making me sit at the computer for almost two solid days and not getting a lot of my housework done
8-)and it was really tough, because we're almost out of ink, so I couldn't print chapters out to take in the bathtub or to lunch. I hope to see more stories from you soon.
Sorry this is so long, but you deserve it!

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