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Northern Lights  by shirebound 11 Review(s)
LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/27/2010
What a lovely picture of Aragon, the lonely wanderer, his quest ever before him.

And this was perfectly phrased:
As dawn approached, Aragorn stretched his long limbs and thought about Frodo's question. The children's tale was fanciful, and it was highly unlikely that it was true. And yet... he did believe it, and always had. He, a Ranger, traveled far, in search of an elusive enemy or the wandering spirit of someone gravely ill or injured. Even if trails were faint or long cold, or seemingly hopeless, who would not go to the ends of the earth -- or beyond -- if there was the slightest chance of finding your heart's desire? was his promise to the Lady.

I've seen the Aurora Borealis a few times. It always seemed like a magical curtain blowing in ethereal winds, shimmering with shifting colors. I'd love for the wee hobbits to see that sight someday, but it's very rare where we live now, and when it does occur (as it did earlier this year, which we missed, I don't recall why) we have to drive more than an hour or two to get out of the influence of city lights.

The Giant Schnoz is fond of assuming impossible sleeping positions. While she's much larger than Scamp, I sense a kinship there.

Author Reply: It was one of Pippin's 'impossibl sleeping positions' that inspired this whole ficlet. Our pups are very inspiring. :)

I'm so pleased you like this. I've never seen the northern lights in person, but hope that someday I can. I love your description of them! :)

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