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Happily Ever After  by Nilmandra 81 Review(s)
TithenaruReviewed Chapter: 4 on 5/21/2008
Elrohir and Elrond watching Elladan sailing with Earandil: such a fantastic image.
What is wrong with Elrohir??? I feel so for Elrond and Celebrian, there is nothing worse than being unable to help your children.
Oh this story is superbly executed, I can't wait for more.

Author Reply: I was very excited when I had this story to tell and it occurred to me that telling it from a POV other than that of the twins would be the more interesting. I am glad you are enjoying it.

perellethReviewed Chapter: 5 on 5/20/2008
Ah, smart author! This was a very intelligent device! All our attention focused on poor Elrojir, while the crux of it all was in Elladan! Masterfully woven, NIlmandra, it is good to guess how much you have enjoyed writing this. A very deep, and well thought and well woven tale! Congratulations! Now get well.

Author Reply: Oh, I'm glad you like how it worked out. This was the story I wanted to tell and I felt so very clever in figuring out how to tell it, LOL. I wasn't sure if anyone else would find it clever so much as annoying.

I wish getting well were as easy said as done. Thanks for sticking with this to the end. You've made me very happy.

Author Reply: LOL, make that 'done as said'. :D

perellethReviewed Chapter: 4 on 5/20/2008
I was sure I had reviewed this properly, but the weekend turned out quite..difficult. I remember that I could only think of that blue sphere held in those fiery hands... and felt so jealous of Elladan! Earendil and Elwing are being so supportive here, it is a contrast with the sadness and worry besieging Elrond, torn between the upcoming birth and Elrohir's worrying state...and being forced to step back and watch....a very dificult moment for the peredhel, even in Valinor happiness is not yet fully ensured for him!

Author Reply: I feel so very jealous of Elladan too... and bit too much like Elrohir! I am sorry you had a difficult weekend, though.

I want to see the stars and the Imperishable Flame!

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 5 on 5/18/2008
Now, that was a good happy ending! :D

Although, it really might have gone the other way too! :o No, no, no, not from you! You would not do that to us. Thank goodness!

Well, it was a little more tangled circumstances than I had thought, but Elwing did speak true when she said Elladan's choice lay before him. The twins did prove to be inseparable. *whew* All is still right with the world. And Elladan did have to plead his case to be allowed to make his own choice in his own time just as the Valar promised Elrond. Really, I still think the lady-love played a major role in their decision. If Lindorie had not loved Elrohir, Elladan might have chosen differently, despite having seen both sides of his nature. Good thing little lady Alasse was there too to pitch in!

Excellent story.

So, when do we get a peek at Elladan on his new job? :) Alasse grown up maybe? :D

Author Reply: LOL, see, I could have seen it going either way, except that Glorfindel gave me that very disappointed-in-you look when I suggested it. For Elrohir's sake it was good, and there is enough of the Eldar in Elladan to wish to remain with his family. Heh, just as there was enough of the Edain in Elrohir to be willing to go. As for Elladan's job, I have only an inkling. Perhaps in time it will be revealed to me too!

I would like to get to know Alasse, who seems like she is going to be the spitfire her nana was... and really, Lindorie and Elrohir need to get married. :>)

Thanks for coming along for the ride.

pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 5 on 5/18/2008
Very well done...

Very surprising that it was Elladan who chose for them both. That was hard one him. But Elrohir called himself weak, but he is not. To make his brother make the choice for him knowing he could not have the one he loved and the life he desired because of what choice Elladan could choose.
Elrond was right he had an iron will.

Loved it..

Author Reply: The world's concept of weak involves how powerful, how wealthy, or how physically healthy one is. But real strength is found inside.. and Elrohir had that!

Thanks for coming along for the ride.

pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 4 on 5/18/2008
Very nice...

You have to feel for Elladan and Elrohir, both are taking journey's and both have support. You feel for Elrond, he so wants to her elrohir, but cannot.

Great job

Author Reply: Elrond's nature is to guide.. or to fix. To have to do nothing but love and watch had to be torture. I am always inspired by people like Elrohir who can be content and find peace in circumstances beyond their control.. yet I am glad he had love and support during that time, too. Elladan needed to seek and discover what he really wanted, independent of his brother. Tough roads, both.

AlassielReviewed Chapter: 5 on 5/18/2008
Greetings Nilmandra,

It was a delight to read of Elrond's family and the healing of his sons. I am glad that both of them have found true peace. I wonder what Elladan's task will be? Perhaps you will feel inspired to tell us some day.

As to your dedication: I absolutely agree. Though Aman is lovely, it is not the home of Men, and its beauty pales in comparison with what lies beyond Arda. To me, Finrod's words to Andreth speak to this:

'This then, I propound, was the errand of Men, not the followers, but the heirs and fulfillers of all: to heal the Marring of Arda, already foreshadowed before their devising; and to do more, as agents of the magnificence of Eru: to enlarge the Music and surpass the Vision of the World!

Thank you for this lovely tale.


Author Reply: Thanks, Alassiel! Only the True King can heal the Marring of Arda, but I cannot wait to enlarge the music and surpass the vision! It is amazing how strong this desire can grow in one's heart.

I enjoyed writing this story, for while not the same, I think we do know what it is to have dual natures - our 'old man' and our new nature. In our case, it is trying to remind the old man he is dead, not decide between them, but it was the concept of the conflict that interested me.

Thanks for reading. :>)

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 5 on 5/18/2008
Aha, so all is made clear. I had chills when I read the part where they were standing before the thrones of the Valar. But when Elrohir and Elladan explained their plight, I was shocked. Wow. You can understand Elladan's resentment a little, that Elrohir's choice was to abide by his. What could he do but make the choice he knew Elrohir wanted? It was generous of the Valar to give them an extension on filing their return (did you happen to write this during tax season at all?), and very fortunate that Elladan got the Man stuff out of his system to the point where he'll be able to be happy in Valinor. From the way he looked after riding around the pathless voids with Earendil it didn't look too good. I'm sure the new baby sister helped. And Elrohir. How painful it must have been for him, loving it there and not wanting to leave, knowing that he'd be bound by Elladan's choice if the other chose to be counted among the Secondborn. And that if that happened, his parents' mended hearts would be broken all over again. I'm glad you found a way for this to all work out - happily ever after. For everyone. They deserve it.

Author Reply: Even as I writing this, I knew the Valar were AGAIN doing a little manipulation, just as they have in the past. Instead of making the twins choose in Middle-earth, where they would know neither the bliss of Valinor nor what lies beyond the Circles of the World, he let Elladan come and have a taste of both. Now, he can't see beyond the Circles to really know what is out there, but then, neither do the Valar, perhaps. But he lets him fly and sail the skies and see the joy of his parents and new life in his sister. And even his brother in love. IT was risky of the Valar - for if Elladan chose the fate of the Secondborn, many people were going to be seriously hurt. But they gave him enough to want to know more. It is harder to leave a situation that intrigues you and makes you happy for a situation you do not know at all.

But since neither did I want to face the wrath of an elf-lord in his fury (or his broken heart), Elladan needed to stay.

ElfinabottleReviewed Chapter: 5 on 5/18/2008
Thank you, thank you, thank you! What an absolutely wonderful ending to this story. Whew! I feel like I'll be able to sleep tonight. Your writing here is beautiful, as always. I hope we can look forward to a story about what the Valar have in mind for Elladan. Yes?

Author Reply: I do not know! I have only an inkling of what they have in mind. I hope more inspiration comes. :>) I am glad you enjoyed the story.

Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 5 on 5/17/2008
What a lovely ending.It is right the twins should stay together and not cause more heartbreak for their parents.What a dreadful choice to make! I am glad not be half Elven and have to make it!It was a lovely touch to give elrond and Celebrian a baby daughter.

Author Reply: I did feel sorry for Elladan, but I am glad he understood Elrohir at the end. And I am glad they stayed, for the sake of their families. But in the end, I hope they stayed for all the right reasons. Alasse was part of that, too - I had written her into their life a few years ago, and nearly took her out, thinking it complicated matters, but new life is part of what Elladan needed to see. Thanks for reading. :D

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