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A Cat in King Elessar's Court  by Agape4Gondor 386 Review(s)
Szepilona10Reviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 7/15/2008
I loved this story and I am sad to see it be done!
God Bless!


Author Reply: I too am saddened over the ending of this tale.... I'm hoping, once I finish Denethor, that the Cat will be ready to tell the Scribe more....

God bless you too!

Szepilona10Reviewed Chapter: 38 on 7/15/2008
Tobit is one of my favorit stories too. Great chapter!
God Bless!


Author Reply: Oh - it's so neat to find another 'Tobit' fan! Thank you so much!

TariReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 7/7/2008
Thank you for taking the time to write this glorious tale. Were there bouncing emoticons on this site, I would post a bunch of them. The only thing that eases the sadness of knowing the end has come is knowing there just may be more in the future. This dear little cat has captured my heart, and Aragorn's it would seem.

This story is very different from your others, but was just as enjoyable to read. You rock!


Author Reply: Humor seems to be becoming part of my tales as of late. I think I'm finally healing over a few things in my life... In fact, the next tale that I'm starting is part of that process that Eru uses for some of us to face things that are difficult through the tales He helps us write. If that makes any sense whatsoever!

I'm glad you like the Cat - there might be something later on this year - who knows!

EdlynReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 7/6/2008
I'm very late reviewing (as has become usual, alas!) but I thought this was the perfect ending for the story. I do so hope that Denethor was waiting on the other side of death to greet Alqualonde after he was released (I am a firm believer in the idea that God permits those we love to be with us after death, including Cats!). Balian came and sat on the desk as I read this last chapter aloud and saluted the Cat with dignity and respect (perhaps my resident Cat is growing up). I'm still surprised that my comment made such a difference but am glad that it did. Take care, both you and the Cat. Hugs,


Author Reply: That is a very nice picture you paint... for the Cat was never disloyal to Denethor nor forgot his love for the Steward... *sobs*

Alqualonde, servant of King Elessar, humbly acknowledges Balian's salute and ask if he might like to join the Cat sometime in a quick meandor across the Court of the Fountain and a stop at the Third Company's buttery?

Both the Cat and the Scribe accept the hugs and return them with dignity.

GrumpyReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 7/6/2008
HI there, just thought I would tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your story of the brave cat; Alqualonde. As a owner of 4 cats I much enjoyed it.

Author Reply: Thank you very much. I haven't been owned by a cat for way too many years... but once you've loved you, I guess you never forget the little things they do to make you their slave....

Blessings and thank you for reading and for the review.

SarasratiReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 7/6/2008
A lovely ending to a wonderful story!

Author Reply: Bless you - I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Grey WondererReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 7/5/2008
I know, I know, I reviewed this already but as so often happens I thought of something that I wanted to remark upon. It hit me that in the end the cat's thoughts remind me of Pippin as the Troll was falling on top of him.

(I felt my Kings tears fall. I tried to lick his face, but the pain from my reumatismi held me firmly in its grasp. I wish Pippin were here, I sighed. I looked up at him one more time. The face that so resembled my beloved Denethor smiled back at me. I love you, my King. I have only served you in love.)

Pippin wished for Merry at that moment thinking it to be his last and the cat thought of Denethor and wished to see Pippin once more. Very nice connection. Now, that's all of the reviewing for this one I think. LOL

Author Reply: Oh my gosh - I hadn't even thought that as I was writing... the Cat probably did and giggled at my obtuseness... dratted Cat!

But its perfectly perfect - isn't it? Thanks for noticing and bringing it to my attention so that the Cat can't hold it over me!!!

*heavy sigh from the Scribe* Difficult living with a Cat, you know!!!

Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 7/4/2008
Bravo! Bravo!! Bravisimo!!!

A truly marvelous and original tale, Agape :-) Thank you so very much for sharing it with us.

Hearty Hugs!

Author Reply: Many, many thanks, especially for the hugs. The Cat rarely accepts them, but this time, because of your effusiveness, he did.

The Scribe grabbed a couple too!!!

Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: 38 on 7/4/2008
Dear Alqua! I'm so glad he has two legged folk that love and care for him, and that his King will return him to his position in the court. :-)

Author Reply: I was glad too - Aragorn could have turned him over to Faramir and told him to be taken to Emyn Arnen - after all, the Cat was Denethor's cohort... and yet, he saw the love and loyalty in this particular feline and loved him back...

*heartfelt sigh*

Glad you felt comforted for the Cat - I'm sure he is grateful... well, maybe he's grateful... one never knows with this Cat... the Scribe doesn't :-)

Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: 37 on 7/4/2008
Your liberties are fine - haven't we all taken some liberties with the dear Professor's words?

This was a wonderful way to handle Pippin's fall.


Author Reply: The Scribe tried to bow graciously, but the Cat batted her aside and took the bow instead...

Dratted Cat... I don't know if we can ever collaborate together again... Tried my patience to the nth....

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