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Thranduil's Begetting Day  by daw the minstrel 69 Review(s)
ManderlyReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/11/2006
Oh definitely party time!!! And even though I'm not invited, I'm thoroughly enjoying every bit of this bash in honour of Thranduil.

What a deluge of characters and all their delightful little quirks! The giggles and cackles came quite effortlessly while I was reading (unlike Legolas and his so unelvish belch).

Poor Alfirin trying to keep tabs on everything and everyone to make this a perfect party while the male members of her family (excluding Thranduil and maybe Ithilden) are certainly not making it any easier for her. Is this typical or what?

So I am looking forward to see how Thranduil twirls Helad and Eman around his fingers, how Legolas further saves himself from his aunt's matchmaking plans and how Eilian, well, be Eilian.

Looking forward to more giggles ahead!

Author Reply: You are definitely welcome at the party, Manderly.

I knew there were a ton of characters here, some of whom I've mentioned before but never named, like Calith's son and Maltanaur's son-in-law for instance. I'm working at trying to keep it from getting too confusing but man it's tough.

Poor Alfirin indeed. If she only knew what Eilian and Legolas had been up to, she'd be mortified. And Sinnarn has plans that she's better off not knowing.

LOTRFaithReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/11/2006
(laughing) That was certainly enjoyable!!! Lol... Legolas burping :-D :-D Certainly one way to force a girl to leave :-) Can't wait for the next chapter!! Hopefully it won't involve any other types of (ahem) 'burping' :-D

Author Reply: Isn't it amazing how guys thing women are kidding when they say that stuff puts them off? Because guess what. It really does put them off!

I have enough farcical stuff going on without "(ahem) burping." :-)

Glad you enjoyed it, Faith.

DotReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/11/2006
ROTFL!!! What a treat this is :-D

I was grinning from start to finish. There’s something very endearing about Thranduil and his sons being hugged by relatives. I do hope we see lots of Thranduil in this – I’ve really missed him! It amused me hugely that Thranduil seems to have to hang out in the Great Hall as people arrive and bustle in and out. I get the impression that Thranduil is rather enjoying this, though, if only in watching others and getting to play diplomat without them realising it. However Alfirin persuaded him that this begetting day would be celebrated in such a manner. I do love how fond he is of her. I’m still smiling at his reaction to her kiss on his cheek and assertion that he’s the reason they’re all here.

“I am so happy you could be here to help us make Adar’s begetting day one he will long remember” Um, should I be groaning?! I sense Thranduil may indeed be about to have a memorable begetting day…

I can’t believe Glilan is trying to match-make! LOL. Poor Legolas.

The entire scene with Eilian and Toviel was absolutely hilarious. Lines like ‘sort out a situation between a mare and a stallion that promised to create a surprise for the mare’s owner in a little under a year’, “You must thank the king for loaning him to me”, “I would rather you brushed me” had me in hysterics. And then the man from Esgaroth! I was wheezing by the time he tossed the coin to Eilian. Eilian did well :-) Although, I’m not sure his father would be too pleased… Unless he realised how much worse it could have gone if Eilian didn’t hold his tongue.

Maltanaur’s grandson? Calith’s son? Woo-hoo! At last :-) It’s just priceless that Calith’s son looks up to Sinnarn and Calylad like that! And he can’t keep him away from them because Ithilden is his boss! I loved the idea of Sinnarn taking the harp – and playing a really lively tune. It sounds like a fun party. You do a great job creating a sense of all the activity around the place.

LOL at Eilian wiping his fingers on his formal robe. That struck me as particularly funny! And so very Eilian.

Good old Beliond. Such a trusting, naïve elf… *snort* Whether or not his suspicions turn out to be correct, I’m grinning at the image of him trailing this guy instead of enjoying himself.

What’s in the bag? No, really, what’s Sinnarn just left in the family sitting room??
Sinnarn’s answer to Eman made me laugh. I didn’t know it was possible to be cheeky and discreet at the same time!

I assume Eman’s belch was a sign of appreciation for the food. Not one the elves are used to, though! Poor Iseniel. You had me choking with laughter at the end. That was an inspired reaction on Legolas’ part (and it probably still isn’t as bad as whatever Eilian did ;-) I wonder how many people witnessed it?!

Most enjoyable! More please!

Author Reply: Glad you liked it, Dot. I had a good time writing it. Thranduil opens the story and closes it, but I'm afraid we don't see much of him in between. We have to follow the adventures of the striped bag.

I had a ton of fun figuring out the ages of Maltanaur's grandson and Calith's son and realizing they were reasonably close in age to Sinnarn. Calith would indeed have a hard time telling his son to stay away from the Troop Commander's boy, although Eru knows, Ithilden would probably understand.

The most challenging part of writing this is that there's a huge cast doing a bunch of different things and I don't want to confuse readers too much.

Indeed Eman's belch was a sign of approval for the food, but the elves were horrified. I wound up making a list of things Legolas could do to put her off. I don't get a chance to use all of them, sadly.

More is on the way. :-)

French PonyReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/11/2006
Thranduil just can't win, can he? Of course, it would be a sadder and soberer world if he did.

Lorellin's relatives are marvelous. We really need more of them. I love that Aunt Glilan is such a yenta that she can commandeer a young maiden to come along with her on every visit despite never having any success. Thranduil keeps inviting her, and the maidens keep coming with her. That's a serious matriarchy she's got going there. Thranduil is lucky she's on his side.

Alfirin the party planner is hard at work making sure that all the details go off as planned, even to making sure that the minstrel plays exactly what he's paid to play. I guess this would be the equivalent of making sure that the band plays "New York, New York," instead of something more recent? Looks like Sinnarn hasn't yet figured out that he's reached an age where antics like that aren't cute any more. But I'll bet Thranduil could dance to his tune, and probably better than Calylad, too. Thranduil always has little surprises like that up the royal sleeve.

Legolas is definitely showing the effects of being raised in a household with only boy children. That poor girl was just mortified even to be there and had no intentions of courting him whatsoever (probably even has a sweetie at home). If Legolas had had a sister, she would have taught him how to figure things like that out, but the poor boy is just too dense to see it. On the other hand, I am jealous of his ability to belch on command. I never learned how to do it young enough, and it's one of those skills that always have an appropriate moment, if you look hard enough.

Author Reply: I've thought before that I never did enough with Lorellin's relatives. Would the kids go to visit them? Would they come and fuss over the motherless boys? Glilan makes me laugh. She was the one who wanted Thranduil to do something about the fact it was raining when Ithilden got married.

Until I read your review, it didn't dawn on me that I'd just seen someone run a big party like Alfirin is doing, ie my son's wedding. My daughter-in-law banned the chicken dance, which I suspect Sinnarn would like.

I can't belch on command either, but so far as I can tell, most guys can. And they think it's witty to do it.

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/11/2006
I forgot to tell you this, but I nearly spewed lemonade all over my new monitor at the end of the chapter. You'd have been in trouble if I hadn't managed to stop myself. And the Beliond stuff is great. I really like all the goings on - your woodland realm seems like an entertaining place to be and in line with Tolkien's merry wood elves.

Author Reply: Not the Precious! That would have been awful.

Beliond is always a hoot to write. I have plans for him.

As always, thanks for your help.

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/11/2006
How nice to see one of your stories again. All the old familiar faces I love are here!

You'd think Legolas would be used to having predatory females with matrimony on their minds after him by now. He hasn't learned to deal with the problem very well yet, though.

I loved seeing Eman mistake Eilian for a groom. Can't wait to see his face when he realises his mistake!!

Author Reply: I wonder if elves were matchmakers or if they just left the young people alone? I suppose the kids had plenty of time to find someone, but given that I've just been to a wedding, it's hard to resist trying to create new sets of love birds.

I think I need to get into Eman's head for a few paragraphs and see what all this looks like to him. Yes. Definitely. :-)

LiannaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/11/2006
Oh, this is funny -- although I see a need for some serious diplomacy, too.

I'm glad to see Alfirin in charge. I like her in that role, and I notice that Thranduil seems to appreciate her efforts, too.

Loved the belch. Go, Leggy.

One question, though. I thought the age difference between Eilian and Legolas was more like 60 years than 40. I thought that in A Spring of Joy, Legolas observed that Sinnarn was closer to him in age than Eilian was. But here you make the age difference between Legolas and Sinnarn the same as the age difference between Legolas and Eilian. Or am I remembering things wrong?

Author Reply: Oh crap! You're right about the age. I hurried right over and changed it.

I have a son and I've spent years wondering how old guys have to be before they think a really loud belch is a witty remark. I don't know yet.

rikwenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/11/2006
This chapter should come with a drink warning. I nearly washed my monitor when I read what Legolas did to discourage the ellyn that his aunt had brought with her to the begetting day party. I know it was very impolite, but how like a young adult. I have a feeling Legolas is going to be regretting what he did when the family finds out.
Welcome back. All my favorite characters from your stories in one place and for once not worrying about fighting orcs and spiders. I am already curious in what is in that tacky silk bag. Is everyone going to be trying to sneak a peek before Thranduil opens his presents?

Author Reply: I figure guys of all races should be able to generate a good belch when they want to. Eru knows the ones I see on a daily basis can do it and think it's witty.

No orcs or spiders in this at all. Just some fairly broad comedy that I had a good time writing. The bag will reappear.

GwynhyffarReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/11/2006
I have to admit that I squeed when I saw you had another story started, and once I started reading I was grinning ear to ear. I LOVE that there is so much Thranduil content *grin* and Aunt Glilan trying to play matchmaker with Legolas and some maiden from her village is hilarious. Of course, the last line had me rolling! I can't wait for the next chapter! I'm still laughing!

Author Reply: I let myself go a little writing this and decided I'd just have a good time! So I dragged out just about every character I'd ever created and threw them all together to annoy one another.

I'm glad you liked it, Gwyn. I was shameless and laughed while writing it, so it's good to hear others reacted that way too.

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