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The Betrothal  by Nilmandra 20 Review(s)
Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/26/2006
Little Legolas is just adorable in this - I love his exasperation that a 'pack of females' is after him! Where did he learn such an expression? A time will come one day when he might not be quite so reluctant :)

I liked the moment when Tinania refused Lathron's bid to court her. What a shock that must have been for the onlookers! I love the certainty of their love, even if it seems a little 'hasty', as Treebeard might say. Thranduil, of course, is as Kingly and wonderful as ever. I do love it when you write about him.

Lucky Dot to have two such wonderful stories for her birthday!


Author Reply: Thanks, Jay. This was fun to write. Lathron and Tinania are hardly traditional elves, despite outward appeareances, so it was fun to see them shock their parents. :D

I hope Dot had a wonderful day! She deserves it.

French PonyReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/26/2006
Lathron marries. . . Tinania! So that's where you got the name! I think I do need to find time to sit down and read more of your Greenwood stories. (For that matter, I have to find time to catch up on History Lessons. Ha.)

I love all of the bustling and rumbling around. These ceremonies -- coming-of-age and betrothal -- always seem like they ought to be so calm and cool and controlled. But what I love here is that you see all of the flurry and improvisation and misbehavior that always gets in the way of things. It breathes life into what could easily be a staid, formal event.

Author Reply: I like it when the ceremonies don't go exactly as the planners might thing.. little surprises and all that. This was fun to write. :>)

KarriReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/26/2006
Oh, that was jsut lovely! Perfect! *claps* *squeals with delight* *begs for more Mirkwood stories*

Author Reply: Hehe - feel free to throw more ideas my way. :D

DotReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/26/2006
Woo-hoo!! You made me so happy today, Nilmandra. I can’t believe you posted it so that I’d have it this morning! Thank you for such lovely words and for this WONDERFUL gift :-)

I admit I got a little shiver of delight when I saw the title! And I’m still smiling at the opening scene. Did I mention how much I love the two brothers together…?! I was glad Bregolas was there to give Lathron a little push. I love seeing him in love, and his concern for Tinánia’s feelings is really touching – but the guy thinks too much!! LOL at the fact that everyone knows, and Lathron – normally so in tune to what others feel – has no idea. I actually particularly like Bregolas straightening Lathron’s hair and collar and putting the finishing touches to his outfit. There’s such closeness there, and it shows his love, respect and support for his brother. Yet he still has time to reach out and catch a golden bundle of elfling! Legolas is as funny as ever. He must provide so much entertainment. […] then suddenly a whole pack of females was after me.” ROTFL!! Really now, where did he get that from?? I get the impression Bregolas might adopt it when he is certain there are no females around to admonish him ;-)

So Legolas is still looking for a sword?! Well, at least he’s old enough for a circlet. I bet he looks adorable. I love that little moment when Bregolas smiles at Lathron. I think he would be pleased to have his older brother behind him, but Bregolas is right that Lathron will do what he has decided when the time comes. At least, I was really hoping he would…

I don’t think I’ve read a coming-of-age ceremony for a female before so this was fascinating. You write traditions like this so well. And for Tinánia, I love the idea that she would be given a bow and quiver and the song shows the pride the realm has in this unassuming but skilled and brave young woman. I could really feel the desire between her and Lathron too. I’m still smiling at his reaction to seeing her, as Legolas so eloquently puts it, looking like a grown-up. You made me laugh when Legolas sighs at the thought that she won’t be as much fun any more.

I hadn’t realised she would be accepted as a novice warrior now too. That was a lovely addition to the ceremony, and more special because it’s so rare as part of a female’s ceremony. And it seems they’re still teasing her about shooting Bregolas! But there’s such sincerity when he says that they’re proud to train her and fight with her – it seems more than just traditional words.

What a fantastic moment when Lathron comes and stands before Urithral! And then, “No, Adar,” replied Tinánia firmly. LOL! I nearly fell off my chair. I was actually thrilled that Tinánia managed to shock Lathron by having a ring too. See, you didn’t need to wait, Lathron! Of course, in between laughing and cheering, I did feel a little sorry for the parents before they realised what was happening ;-) I love the moment between Lathron and Tinánia where they feel the beginning of their bond. And everyone seems so completely delighted that I can’t stop grinning!! It’s very fitting too that these two families have an official link too, apart from the bonds of love and sacrifice between them all.

“Lathron, you kissed her!” That made me laugh. Poor Legolas. I think he’ll recover, though. Emlin is so sweet and is enough to keep him distracted, whether or not it’s just for now. Thranduil, of course, has realised the one problem with choosing this time to become betrothed! But I imagine most people will be forgiving if Tinánia wanders off a little early :-) I’m trying to decide who I’d like best as a chaperone… Bregolas would be more easy-going. But then he’d tease relentlessly…

I loved this story so much, Nilmandra. Thank you. I treasure this gift and your wonderful generosity :-)

Author Reply: Dot, you are most welcome! I even made Daw stay up past her bedtime so I could finish and we could post together.. and the stories would be there when you woke up. Happy, happy, birthday!

Glad you liked the story, too. I like writing these brothers together too. I laugh to myself at the vision of Legolas in the care of sisters and Tathiel, but there is nothing like big brothers to step in and take over at certain times.

It was also fun to have Lathron and Tinania be a bit unconventional. I can't believe myself that Tinania managed the 'No, Adar' line, but I laughed as I wrote it.

Glad this made you smile. No one deserves it more!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/26/2006
I love Emlin. "I have you!" What a great thing to say. It's like she's keeping him safe somehow.

The female coming-of-age ceremony was interesting to see. I think it's fitting that it stresses a woman's role as lifegiver. And given that elf women made lembas, bread is a good food for her to distribute.

The moment when Lathron and Tinania declare their love for one another was so touching. Even though they'd never spoken, they knew.

Author Reply: Hehe - Emlin is like the adoring little leech that never lets Legolas get too far away... and he loves it - for now, anyway!

I enjoyed writing Lathron and Tinania together. I guess its a good thing my beta talked me out of some things years ago :D

Lady SarumanReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/26/2006
woooh! you're on a roll here! keep them coming! I wonder where legolas got the idea of the 'pack of females'. and one thing that you've got wrong is this: you said that Tinánia wasn't as graceful or as beautiful as Luthíen, but Tolkien himself stated that all elves have grace. though, i agree with you as having her beauty not exceed that of Luthíen, because in "The Silmarillion", Tolkien said that she was the most beautiful of the children of Iluvatar.

and for that thranduil thing, Tolkien said somewhere that he lusted for gold greatly. maybe an appendix? I don't remember.

Okay, great story, Nilmandra!
Happy Birthday, Dot!

As for my author submission thing--i hope you will pardon me because my story is nearly complete and i will send it to you within the next few weeks--school has kept me really busy.

Hershey's hugs/kisses,
Lady Saruman ^_~

Author Reply: In Lathron's eyes, she was as or more beautiful and graceful! But, I meant that she is an average female elf - all beautiful in varying degrees - but to his eyes she was the best. :D

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/26/2006
For two who have made sheeps-eyes at each other over ... quite a while, but never spoken, Lathron and Tinania are clearly made for each other. That they should both have prepared for the moment by taking a silver ring with them! I do hope the jeweller was there, laughing his head off!

I loved Legolas's reaction - a pack of women, indeed! Probably not a bad moment for his brother to win the hand of his Tinania. He seems to be at the point of becoming more boy than child and girls won't matter so much to him for a while.

Lovely ceremony, too. And Tinania's career has been clear from her earliest appearance - she is a natural defender. Although, if she and Lathron are to marry, she might not be front-line troops for long. I can see him coping well with a reversal of the usual pattern, though. He is remarkably strong.

Bregolas made a terrific support for his brother - and was able to point out what Lathron appears to have missed: that Tinania would be very disappointed in Lathron were not to speak.

A delightful story to wake up to. And Happy Birthday, Dot.

Author Reply: I liked adding that little twist. These two are a bit unconventional and do things their way! But, they surprised their parents and that had to be fun.

In my world, the females are not supposed to be front line troops too often. I've had to think that though and need to represent it better in writing - they are back up for home. Three females were in the search party because they were searching for females and children... and did not know what they would find. The story took some turns that kept them from finding awful things. Elenath did a tour on the safest border in 'Hunting' as part of her training. But really, they are well trained but serve on the homefront. Still, they will be very useful one day when I write the Battle under the Trees.

GwynhyffarReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/26/2006
Yay! Another Woodland Realm story! Even though I thought I knew what was coming, I couldn't help but blink when Tinánia said no. I think my neighbours heard me cry out HA HAA! when she produced a ring as well. Very clever! But then, she's always been very clever.

I really enjoyed reading this and seeing Lathron overcome his nervousness. I have to admit I also giggled at this:

“No,” interrupted Urithral. He grinned. “I’ve always wanted to tell you ‘no.’

Legolas seemed quick to find a new elleth... or rather, she was quick to find him.

Cute story, Nilmandra.

Author Reply: Thanks, Gwyn. This was fun to write. I love it when unexpected but good things happen. And Legolas's heart was fickle, wasn't it? But then, little Emlin looks up to him. He'll take his own fan club anyday!

ElflingimpReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/26/2006
I really like these stories the only problem is I just keep on wanting the story to go on!

Author Reply: LOL, I have the same problem! Writing one-shots is hard that way, but at least its all part of the same universe, so it can be added to. :D

pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/25/2006

I always have like Lathron, and he will have the young bride he always has loved, though legolas was a little disappointed, but seems his eyes went elsewhere....

Author Reply: LOL, Legolas was pretty easily distracted by Emlin, wasn't he? Closer in age, plus he is the one being looked up to. :D

I love lathron myself. And he proves again he is the slightly unconventional child of Thranduil's.

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