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Chance Encounter  by Dreamflower 14 Review(s)
Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: 8 on 1/20/2006
Oh! Well done, Dreamflower! *applause*

I like Pippin admitting to himself and to the others that, without the warning, he would have fallen for the scoundrel's lies. He is a tender hearted lad. I liked Pippin's sweet innocent look convincing the scoundrel that he had succeeded. I loved Sir Peregrin biting and kicking the wretch! And, best of all, Pippin standing up to both Frodo and Merry :) :) He's not baby Pip anymore, and though I'm sure there will still be plenty of times that he'll regress a wee bit, he's a strong mature hobbit now.

"Aragorn crossed the street in a few quick strides and hauled the still groaning villain to his feet. As he did so, he spoke softly into his ear, "You are quite lucky that my young knight did not have his sword. Trollsbane is its name, and Sir Peregrin Troll Slayer its wielder." Minastir stared in horror at Pippin, blanching."

So much for the scoundrels not believing a pherian could kill a troll :) :)

Author Reply: Thank you! *blushes and bows*

He *is* tender-hearted and impulsive; he realizes that he could have been taken in. Yet Aragorn wisely points out that is not necessarily *his* flaw. I know my husband's philosophy on pan-handlers--if they are really in need, they should have his help; if they are conning him, then the blame lies on *their* head--he'd rather do something for someone who *doesn't* deserve it than risk turning someone down who *does*.

Boromir taught Pippin and Merry that they needed to do *anything* they could to bring down a larger foe, and both hobbits have taken that lesson to heart.

It was a bit of a stretch for him to stand up to his older cousins--but in this case he's right, and they have come to realize it.

That last bit was Marigold's idea: she didn't like the wretch going into custody and *not* believing Pippin had killed his troll!

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 8 on 1/20/2006
hurrah! *throws confetti*

I do remember reading just the ruffian part of this on LJ. I had no idea it was part of a story with Menelcar!

more frightened at the tone of his senior cousin's voice than he ever had been in the grip of the criminal. This was priceless, as was Pippin's sudden coming of age, in a manner of speaking. No longer a baby cousin, indeed...

I don't know if I saw the chapter before this--it has been a busy time. I'll have to look later, as a matter of fact. Interrupted again.

Author Reply: Yep, it was part of the original "Chance Encounter" bunny chase.

Well, Frodo yelling at Aragorn for allowing Pippin to do something he had volunteered for rather loosened his tongue. And Frodo had not really come to terms, I think, with all his younger cousins had *done*--not that he did not know or believe in them, nor that he wasn't *proud* of them--but in terms of the implications for the future,he had not thought that far along.

Interruptions are the pits.

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 8 on 1/20/2006
"Boromir would have been proud," said Faramir.

I can't think of anything that would make Pippin happier to hear. And I love how he stood up for himself with his cousins, and everyone got their feelings out in the open. Hobbits are anything but helpless, as the citizens are finding out!

Author Reply: You are right! And I think Faramir realizes this--that a compliment from his brother would definitely mean a lot to Pippin.

Hobbits are anything but helpless

This is true. And Minastir *definitely* found out, LOL!

Garnet TookReviewed Chapter: 8 on 1/20/2006
Great chapter! I loved Pippin standing up to his older cousins. I agree that, if he had not been prepared, he would have fallen for the con-artist's story. He is such a soft-hearted person, and I wouldn't have him any other way.

Thanks for a wonderful story.


Author Reply: He is finally asserting his equality here. Of course, it won't be the last time, but as first times go, it's not bad.

As I have said in another story, say "large-hearted" and you will be closer to the mark. He has all the love and compassion there, and ready to give it out, and he will still have more.

Thank you for the lovely review!

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