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Chance Encounter  by Dreamflower 15 Review(s)
Grey WondererReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/31/2005
I'm glad that you've moved this one over here. It will be fun to read it again with the changes. I do enjoy Faramir in this chapter. I particularly enjoy the way he gets rid of the curious on-lookers. I now have a craving for chicken though.

good_one_pipReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/31/2005
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You've written a sequal at last!!!!! That makes me happy! I was thrilled when Pip just ran up and knocked Melencar over by way of greeting! I hope this story has some more of Pip's musical talent:) I like how the it only took a couple lines of Bilbo's song to alert Pippin to the fact that his old friend was in the City.

I think it's so funny to hear everyone tip-toeing around the Fellowship members, especially the hobbits. Of course, they deserve the respect, but they're just Frodo, Merry, Sam, Pippin, Aragorn, etc. to me. But then again, I've grown to be as part of them from sharing their adventures, if only mentally. They are as familiar to me as my own sisters. It's sad to think that the hobbits won't get any respect in their own home, though.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/29/2005
A sweet beginning. Am looking forward to seeing how Pippin almost became the apprentice to a bard. Sounds very promising. And I love the gift being planned as well.

Author Reply: Well, the story of his almost becoming a bard is in "Life of a Bard" to which this is a sequel. Suffice it to say, when Menelcar was passing through the Shire in search of the source of some songs, he met Pippin. They hit it off splendidly, and when Pippin had a quarrel with his father, well...

This is the story that kind of overlaps the time frame of your WIP, that I mentioned.

Garnet TookReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/29/2005
So glad to see you posting this here. It is a wonderful story and I'm looking forward to reading it again with the changes and additions.

Poor Pippin, I don't think he realized there'd be a down-side to their fame. I am so glad that they were able to run into Menelcar so soon.

Looking forward to more.


Author Reply: I think you will like this version even better!

There's always a downside to fame,isn't there? But the hobbits really don't quite know what to make of their celebrity-hood.

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/29/2005
I love Chance Encounter. Menelcar is a great addition - and very understanding. Experience of hobbits has just become a great career enhancement, too!

Pippin and the others haven't really grasped the significance of those guards around them - or their exalted position in the city - and how it is partly to keep away undesirables. I am, however, very glad that Pippin heard and met Menelcar. The bard himself is much more aware of the analysis is those grey eyes of the young Steward - he knows he is being checked out for suitability.

I enjoyed watching Eowyn get a look at the more autocratic side of her beloved - I think she would appreciate it. Much as she loves his poetic side, she would certainly want to know that he was a natural leader of men - she is, after all, a king's niece and a king's sister. He'd better not try turning it on her, though! That would be taking it too far!

The enormous chicken pies will find a home, I think. After all, elevenses is elevenses - you wouldn't want to leave too big a hole for lunch to fill. It must get embarrassing after a bit when no-one will take your money, though. And it is typical - those who can afford to (and want to) pay, get gifted with whatever they want, whereas those who are hungry, need to scrape together their coppers to get anything.

I like Legolas and Gimli's conversation - both on how impressed the king will be by flamboyant and expensive external show and on the relative value of luxury goods as opposed to necessities. Not to mention their search for Pippin's instrument of choice!

I'm so pleased to see this - I shall take delight in rereading it and trying - unsuccessfully, I suspect - to spot the changes.

Author Reply: Yes, his friendship with the heroes of the Third Age will certainly not do his career any harm. But of course, it is a friendship that began long before there was any question of that, and Menelcar already knew and loved these hobbits long before they did any great deeds. Menelcar is worldly-wise; he knows the Steward and the King will be protective of the four, and he is very much aware of how much under scrutiny he will be here.

I think she knows he won't be trying it out on her. I think of all the couples JRRT comes up with, these two have the most "modern" relationship--there is a sense of equality and respect between them, rather than one of adoration. I just the other day realized: in the more than 1.000 pages of text, there is only one romantic kiss, and it is not Aragorn and Arwen--it is Faramir and Eowyn.

No, they'll tuck in. Merry and Pippin will scarf theirs down, and then the three humans will find that any left in their own plates will be quickly appropriated. It's really rather a sparse meal by hobbit standards, LOL! (And you are right about the paying thing too, and that is probably another thing that rankles the hobbits--I am sure that aspect of it has not escaped Frodo's notice at the least, and I would not be surprised if it does not occur to the others from time to time as well. But they are not used the have/have not dynamic--the Shire tends to see to its own.)

You know, it's funny, when I wrote this last spring, I was simply going by what we know and are taught about supply and demand. It seemed logical to me that necessities would be at a premium after that kind of devastation, and that luxuries would be hard to move. I little knew that less than six months later, I could observe the phenomenon first hand, and find out that--yes, it's true.

I hope that we've managed to make the changes fairly seamless, but they are pretty significant. I had a major canon timeline flaw in the story that had to be addressed, in addition to some omissions and some awkward transitions. But Marigold was definitely up to that task!

KittyReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/29/2005
Ah, wonderful! I’d seen some of this at your LJ and always hoped you’d post it here! It is good to see Menelcar again. Pippin must be delighted, too!

Menelcar is right, he couldn’t have gone and asked to see them – nobody would’ve believed him he truly knew them. I can imagine how many people try this trick to gain something!

I look forward to more!

Author Reply: Yes, it's finally fit to post here! Pippin is delighted, as is Menelcar.

It's part of the price of celebrity, something the hobbits would simply have been unfamiliar with. But Menelcar knows, and is very aware, of what would happen.

Mysterious JediReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/29/2005
Pretty good so far.

<>< saved from sin through Christ,

Author Reply: Thanks. 8-D

GryffinjackReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/29/2005
Well, I tried to post this review on your lj, let's see if the computer likes SoA better.

It's Menelcar! It's Menelcar! *dances around for joy!*

I've been waiting so long for Pippin and Menelcar to meet in Minas Tirith! And now they are!

""I suppose," said Pippin glumly. He looked up at Menelcar. "You knew we were here, obviously. And you've been here long enough to know all about our knightings and everything. So why have you not come to see me?" He looked at the minstrel with hurt in his eyes.

Menelcar shook his head. "It's not that simple, Pippin. You are among the great of the kingdom, of all the Western lands, now, and high in favor with the new King. I could not simply walk up to the Citadel and demand to see you on the strength of our old acquaintance. I would have been laughed out of the City, and never come near you.""

You have given a very good reason why they would not have met before in Minas Tirith. Although Pippin may not be happy about it, he has risen in stature above Menelcar's class. And Menelcar is not about to forget it, although he will do as Pippin and Merry wish and refer to them by their nicknames. I don't think it's really sunk in yet with the Hobbits how important they have become to the peoples of Middle Earth. They are still struggling to come to terms and accept that they are famous and are going to be treated specially. It's especially difficult for the Hobbits to get away from that when the King encourages his people to show their well-deserved full gratitude and appreciation to the Hobbits.

"Menelcar rose with practiced grace, turned and bowed. "My Lord Steward, my Lady of Rohan, it is an honor. Sir Meriadoc, it is good to see you again.""

Nor is Menelcar likely to forget how to properly greet the Steward.
I don't think I've commented on it before, but you write fabulous greetings between the characters.

I really enjoyed the way you write Faramir and Éowyn, whether they are together or Éowyn is talking to Merry. Oh! And it was very in canon for Éowyn to be especially fond of the way Faramir grew sterner and used his command to clear the watchers away. Excellent moment!

Now to backtrack, it was very amusing to read how they couldn't go two feet without Pippin stopping to look or listen to the minstrels and bards. After all, he still is a tweenager, and one who is very interested in music. And for a Hobbit from the Shire to see such sights and hear new songs and instruments, it's no wonder he was totally captivated by it. Poor Merry having to run off after him! lol!

"Pippin rolled his eyes. "We'll never spend a copper of that nice money we've been gifted by our kings--" he grinned at Faramir “and so forth..” Faramir chuckled at his cheek, for he too had given Pippin a gift of coin for his knighting."

Another lovely line. I do enjoy seeing Pippin and Faramir together, especially in happier times, although I do wonder if they ever discussed Denethor after the Ring was destroyed. That could be an interesting conversation, though I'm not sure but that they would leave that matter behind them.

""And there was that, er, cobbler," Merry hesitated slightly at the unfamiliar term, "who had his stall near the barber, who wanted to give all of us shoes, silly Man. He really offended Sam, though Frodo thought it funny." Merry shook his head."

lol! Yes, I expect to a Hobbit, the word "cobbler" would be a new term, unless used in connection with a fruit pie. Although, don't the books say only that Hobbits *usually* don't wear shoes or else that they normally go about in bare feet? Perhaps even a Hobbit would wear a large pair of boots to muck a stall or to go out in a blizzard to tend the livestock.

Now just what sort of instrument is Legolas buying for Pippin? Hmmm??

I'm so excited that you have started posting this story!

Author Reply: Oh, so that was you! *grin* You just forgot to log-in--I do that all the time. It posted your remarks anonymously. But I like this nice long one better, LOL!

Yes, it's Menelcar. Pippin has found him, against all odds, and without expecting to. Just a "chance encounter", LOL!

Fame is simply not a hobbity concept. In general, hobbits are modest creatures, and the idea that they have done something extraordinary never really does sink in: they each think it about the others, though. They can understand people being glad that Sauron's overthrown, but they aren't comfortable with adulation for merely doing what they thought they should do.

Menelcar has seen enough of hobbits in their own environment to understand this just a little, and he's definitely going to follow their wishes in how they are addressed. But he was born in Minas Tirith, and he will not lose sight of the proprieties--especially in front of the Steward.

I'm glad you like the way the greetings go. I try to suit them to circumstance.

This, believe it or not, was actually my first time to write Eowyn at all (for this story was begun way last spring) so I am glad that she comes across well. I figured as a shield-maiden, she would very much appreciate Faramir's soldierly qualities.

Pippin's been a bit "music deprived" since the Quest began; a few chances to sing, here and there, and getting his shepherd's pipes from Legolas in Lorien, but probably few opportunities to play them. To suddenly get a chance to be hearing all this music now is probably as bad for him as a sugar high, LOL! He's clearly all wound up!

That line you liked was partly Marigold's contribution--I did have him comment on what the Kings had given them, and she reminded me that Faramir had also given Pippin some money.

I think they may have spoken of it--but probably only once. I don't think it would be a topic either of them would care to dwell on.

Merry might be more familiar with the term, actually as a Brandybuck--Bucklanders and hobbits of the Marish *do* wear boots during cold muddy weather sometimes--but I'm thinking perhaps they are a sort of oversized "one size fits all" thing brought in from Bree in trade. I can't see a hobbit making a living as a cobbler anywhere in the Shire, LOL!

You will find out about the instrument in the next chapter...

GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/28/2005
Oh goody! You're posting this finally! Loved the reunion of old friends, and Faramir and Eowyn's reactions to Pippin's constant distraction, and Merry ordering all that food. Legolas is getting a present for Pippin, perhaps? This is delightful as always. Can't wait for more.

Author Reply: Yes, I am finally posting it. It took a while to beta, as it had so many little problems in it.

I think Faramir and Eowyn would find an overexcited and happy Pippin a sight to behold, LOL! I mean, up until now, he's really had no reason to be himself--a chattering tweenager. Both of them have mostly seen him as a somber little Guard of the Citadel, with a lot of reason to worry. Now the whole City is celebrating, and Pippin is nearly overwhelmed with joy.

It really wasn't all that much food--for hobbits! *grin*

You will see about Legolas in the next chapter.

TiggerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/28/2005
What an intriguing start. I am very much interested in seeing where you take this Dreamflower. I hope there isn't too much time between this and Chapter Two!! :o)

Author Reply: Glad you are interested!

Shouldn't be too long.

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