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A Fire Long Kindled  by Nilmandra 57 Review(s)
KarriReviewed Chapter: 2 on 12/13/2005
A beautifully written day. :-) The description were very vivid.

Author Reply: LOL, thanks Karri.

KarriReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/13/2005
Elrond has my sympathy at the beginning; it is understandable that he would hesitate, but soon he is happy and steaming. Glorfindel and Celeborn were in fine form here! Adored them! :-D

Author Reply: Elrond is fortunate to have good friends :D

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 2 on 12/13/2005 many times did you have to run out into the snow while writing that? I missed reviewing the first chapter, but I enjoyed it. Boy, have I mentioned lately that I love Glorfindel? Since you've got dibs on Elrond, perhaps I can put in a bid for the blond guy?

This was a sweet chapter. The wedding was beautiful! I could see it! I had to cover my eyes for the wedding night, but it was great...I'm told. I didn't peek...much. Very well done. Sweet, intimate and...well, a snow melter.

In fact, I think I'll go read it again. Are you sure there's only one more chapter? I think you're good for several more. :>)

Really!!! enjoyed both chapters.

Btw, the Ray's dog has a friend...Danielle Spaniel. I had to beat her off with a Milkbone to keep her from reviewing this. Bad dog.


Author Reply: Btw, the Ray's dog has a friend...Danielle Spaniel. I had to beat her off with a Milkbone to keep her from reviewing this. Bad dog


I want a review from the dog, really!

Glad you liked it, and yes, cold showers are very very helpful. Have I ever mentioned I want to be Celebrian?

Hotaru9Reviewed Chapter: 2 on 12/13/2005
Lovely chapter! It takes a good writer to write a love scene. I love the ending with Elrond and Celebrian not showing till lunch. They deserve it though. I also like Cirdan. I always wondered how Cirdan would have reacted to Celebrian and the twins and it's entertaining to see that he is still gruff on the outside but loving on the inside. He is such a great mentor. I wonder why he has a beard though...

On the other hand, relating to reviews. To make a long story short, I basically switched over to Stories of Arda when you made it. But I didn't know that you didn't have to have a profile to review. So I have read all of your stories, I just didn't know how to review. I didn't make a profile because I don't write stories. But I finally figured out how to review and so it's fine. I didn't leave any review at because it seemed as though you didn't update there as often. But I got it figured out now.

I can't wait for the ending! Will we see the begining of elfings or is that too soon?

Author Reply: Lovely chapter! It takes a good writer to write a love scene.

I am glad you liked it. I don't write many love scenes and never this graphic, so I admit to being a little nervous about posting it.

Reviews are always appreciated, but never required, but I am glad you have found your way around SoA now.

I can't wait for the ending! Will we see the begining of elfings or is that too soon?

I will leave you in suspense until tomorrow :D

French PonyReviewed Chapter: 2 on 12/13/2005
Celebrian seems very relaxed for a bride on her wedding day. No emergencies, no suddenly missing objects, no last-minute meltdowns. I guess that's what happens when you have Lady Galadriel herself planning the wedding. Everything goes according to plan. Or else.

And you did have Cirdan standing in for Earendil! I remember that you had mentioned something about that, and I was glad to see him there. I love how Celebrian takes advantage of being princess for a day and pets his beard. You know Cirdan likes it. He wouldn't keep the beard if he didn't like curious young elves petting it.

That was a lovely wedding, though rather calmer than the one I imagined.

Author Reply: I figured if you put Galadriel in charge of anything, it will go off without a hitch merely because she willed it to be so. I admit I also enjoy writing her as a mother, however - making Celebrian's day wonderful for her.

I had picked Cirdan back in HLII, which made sense in my world, since he and Gil-galad has raised Elrond and Elros. I did think about Glorfindel though, too. Glorfindel is, btw, a wonderful character. He shows up for these great moments and then disappears when he is not needed. I think perhaps he stood guard outside their door with sword drawn, ensuring no one bothered them.

They needed a calm wedding to prepare for the night :D

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 2 on 12/13/2005
I want Elrond to make love to me like that!

Nice chapter, Nilmandra. They're joined body and soul, and the sex is much more intense because of the control they exert and the depth of relationship they bring.

Author Reply: I want Elrond to make love to me like that!

Hehe - no way, this is my fantasy!

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 2 on 12/13/2005
*sigh* This is lovely, Nilmandra.

Author Reply: *grins*

I am glad you liked it.

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/13/2005
“Gil-galad did not intend to die, your parents did not wish to leave you, and Elros could hardly have chosen other than he did. But the fact is they did leave you and each took a piece of your soul with them. If you bind to Celebrían, she will hold your heart, as you will hold hers. Do you trust her? Do you want to live again, both giving fully and receiving fully?”

What a wonderful, wise friend. It's such a joy to read of love, romance, and happiness in Elrond's life.

Author Reply: I am glad you liked it... I love Glorfindel. He is such a good friend. I admit that I am writing a bit over my head here, but I so want Elrond happy. Too much of his life was tempered by sorrow.

DotReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/13/2005
Ah, so this is what you do to keep warm during those cold winters… ;-)

What a wonderful surprise it was to see this here today. I love outtakes! Next I want to see the bloopers :-) I just loved the scene between Elrond and Glorfindel, especially the sense that they know each other so well and the way they watch each other, each trying to figure the other one out. Plus I enjoyed seeing Elrond start to wonder if he was in trouble! So Glorfindel finally ran out of patience, eh? Actually, what’s so great about this is that he seems to have waited until the exact time - when he knew Elond needed to and could deal with this. And now he’s going to push that elf until he comes to his senses! I particularly like the way Elrond, despite not knowing what this is about, decides to put his trust in his friend and open himself up to him – because he knows that Glorfindel will only ever have his best interests at heart. The glimpse of what Imladris means to Elrond is lovely. I like the idea that it has slowly settled into what it is truly meant to be. Except for what’s missing, of course! Glorfindel is that friend that we all want to have or to be. He can provide comfort through his mere presence, he is gentle in his rebukes but isn’t afraid to blunt. He provides clarity but isn’t judgemental. And he understands Elrond so completely that Elrond doesn’t need to voice anything that causes him pain. I feel for Elrond in his fear of allowing himself to love someone so deeply that he opens his heart to the possibility of being hurt again, and I’m so glad he has a friend to help him see what he’s doing to himself and to Celebrían and see too that if he doesn’t live fully, he isn’t really living at all.

I do love your Celebrían. She clearly has such depth and such understanding of Elrond, and possesses great selflessness. But she’s also feisty and playful and self-confident and passionate. She makes me laugh to see her tempt and tease Elrond. What a wicked thing she is, almost landing Elrond in trouble with Celeborn! But then, I suppose she doesn’t want her adar to get bored either ;-) The idea of chaperones is hysterical but I laughed out loud at how much enthusiasm Celeborn brought to the job! Poor Elrond. But I’m sure he would have known pretty quickly if Celeborn really didn’t want him near his daughter…

Funnily enough, one of the things I liked most in this chapter is the reference to Glorfindel giving up his seat for Celebrían. There’s something very heart-warming about everyone accepting what will happen and already adjusting to her new role in Imladris.

Lovely poem! Everyone’s turning into poets these days. Is there something in the water over there or what??

The betrothal was just perfect. I love how you write their desire for each other – there’s such passion and need but it’s clear that it all stems from a love that is burning brighter each day while still running deep. Elrond did an admirable job of keeping control, especially when faced with a saucy little minx like his wife-to-be! Looking for burn marks! LOL! I admit I laughed too when they couldn’t fully give in to their desire, even though I knew I should be feeling at least a little sorry for them…

This bit is beautiful: Her presence gradually flowered in his mind, filling him, and he gently pressed into her thoughts, whispering words of love into her soul. It really reaffirms the specialness of their bond and the strength of their love.

I’m still laughing at the fact that the whole of Imladris knew about this! Elrond should be reassured by their happiness for him.

“And you were chaperoned.” ROTFL!! Evil author. I thought the Noldor, Teleri and Vanyar blessings was a lovely touch. And having Círdan’s permission for the last century is both touching and rather poignant. I was glad to see Celebrían lighten the proceedings. Very clever attempt to shorten the betrothal period! I got great delight from seeing the relationship between Celebrían and Celeborn – even if she can’t get away with quite everything with him! The love and playfulness you write between them is always wonderful to see. I don’t blame Elrond for wanting a daughter of his own – and I somehow don’t think he’d really mind if she wraps him around her finger :-)

The ending is so lovely. A betrothal year or not, these two are already almost as one.

This is so great, Nilmandra! I can’t wait for the next chapter (and I bet Elrond and Celebrían can’t either!).

Author Reply: I am glad all these nuances of relationship come through! I love your reviews for that, Dot. You're like rubber - I shoot the idea off and you bounce it back and I know if I was understood :D

I love my Celebrian, as you know, because I want to be her. She loves Elrond and has waited for him, and fortunately for Elrond, he has a friend like Glorfindel who knows just when to push.

Some of this was hard to write, given what we know of the future, but its also been very helpful to me as I write their reunion. I so want to see Elrond happy and at peace.

Thank you for the review!

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/13/2005
Reading about the courtship of Elrond and Celebrian is rather sad, because we know how it will end. Then I tell myself that they had 2,400 years together, and raised three children, so there is much to celebrate!

I liked the 'chaperoning' theme throughout - though I rather think that if Elrond and Celebrian had wanted to, they would have said 'sod convention' and run off together!

Looking forward to the next chapters.


Author Reply: LOL, Celebrian would mostly certainly have agreed with the 'sod convention' philosophy. I mean, heck, she had waited over a thousand years!

I hope you enjoy the rest. I don't usually write this kind of story and I'm in unchartered waters!

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