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All Those Who Wander  by daw the minstrel 175 Review(s)
pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 7 on 7/31/2007
Very nice!
This is a very nice scene between Eilian and Maltanaur. Everyone is worried about Eilain, but as always Eilain wants to push himself further. Maltanaur is a very fierce protector and will protect him from himself if he has to... They waited for the dawn, very nice. Love it!!! Please continue

Author Reply: Eilian is probably his own worst enemy, and in Mirkwood, that's saying something. But Maltanaur isn't putting up with any nonsense. I'm glad you liked this.

pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 6 on 7/31/2007

Love it!
You have to feel for Ithilden talking to his Adar. That took guts for him not to falter. Eilian was a handful, it had to be a challenge taking him on as Maltanaur has.

Nice work...

Author Reply: Thanks, Pipinheart.

You're right. That was tough for Ithilden. But Maltanaur had convinced him this was the only way to save Eilian from himself, so he did it. Thranduil really is lucky to have Ithilden.

erunyauveReviewed Chapter: 7 on 7/30/2007
>>Eilian shook his head. It would not be enough. He was beyond help, beyond hope. They all were, only the rest of them did not know it yet. They had failed. He wrapped his arms around his knees and put his head down on them. "I am so sorry."

You always find a way to make abstract concepts come alive.

(And have I mentioned how much I adore Maltanaur?)

Author Reply: You always find a way to make abstract concepts come alive

Bless you, Erunyauve. I'm sitting here wrestling with an original story, trying to describe a chaotic situation and despairing that the writing will remain chaotic too, so your vote of confidence is very welcome.

I love Maltanaur too. He's very well suited to looking after Eilian. He accepts him for who he is, at the same time he guards Eilian from his own weaknesses.

Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: 7 on 7/30/2007
I have read this story before - but for some reason, today it hurt to read. Brought back so many memories, hurtful memories of a time too much akin to the loss this family is going through. You wrote it beautifully - too realistically for my poor heart. I really cannot write why this affected me so - too personal - but it is well written.

And the ending chapter was beyond words.... left me near tears.

Author Reply: Thank you, Agape. We all draw on our experiences when we read and write, I think. I hope I didn't bring back too many bad memories. You honor me when you say it rings true to you.

Alison HReviewed Chapter: 7 on 7/30/2007
This was so well written, Daw.I enjoyed the further evidence that while Maltanaur may seem gruff and hard as nails he really, really does care for Eilian's well-being.He didn't hesitate to tell Eilian that he was going home and Thranduil's stubborn second son needs Maltanaur to push him--for his own good.Eilian's relief when he realised that he would soon be home was palpable.

These little additions are wonderful, Daw.I hope that you have time to do a few more.I love this family of Thranduil's and your stories are required to be read repeatedly!
Take care.


Author Reply: Thanks, Ali.

Thranduil did a wise thing when he chose his sons' bodyguards. Maltanaur must have save Eilian from himself on more than one occasion. Poor Eilian. He's relieved to be going home and ashamed of his relief.

Bodkin's birthday is Friday. I expect I'll have something for her.

perellethReviewed Chapter: 7 on 7/30/2007
Wow! I found this so touching, daw! Goood that Eilian has Maltanaur, and an understanding lieutenant and good friends in his patrol, and a loving family waiting to take care of him, even if he is too down to be able to see it... It is so comforting to see him finally allowing himslef to break down! And perfectly pictured. I am loving these director's cuts! .-)

Author Reply: Eilian is on the edge of despair here, and Maltanaur sees it and doesn't hesitate to act. Thank goodness. I expect the whole patrol was walking on eggshells. They'll be relieved to see him go home, though I suspect Thranduil will be dismayed and frightened to see him. Thanks for the review, Perelleth.

NoorReviewed Chapter: 7 on 7/30/2007
Thanks Daw - I presume this is when Legolas was worried about Eilian in the south?? When they both were suffering from shadow sickness ie much later on in your timeline or is it earlier??
Eilian normally works so hard at being the invulnerable hero but it was a revelation to see him in such depths of despair.

Thanks again


Author Reply: This is the Shadow Sickness episode that takes place right before "My Brother's Keeper," the story in which Eilian plays undercover drug cop. I probably should have attached it to that story. Actually that would have been a much better idea. What was I thinking? Oh well. Too late now. I think I attached it here because this story ends with Maltanaur.

Eilian is so resilient that I had a hard time remembering he was supposed to be so beaten down he couldn't cope at all. That's why Maltanaur drags him home. Poor guy. It's interesting that Tolkien had much of Sauron's power lie in his ability to drive people to despair.

mistry89Reviewed Chapter: 7 on 7/30/2007
I don't believe I've ever said how very I have enjoyed this story, so please accept my belated "Thank you".
One of the very best things about your writing, for me, is the way in which despite the sad events, trying circumstances, and complicated relationships (especially within the family!), there are so many moments of humour and delight. The characters are not cardboard cut-outs - Ithilden is as much devoted son as he is dedicated commander, and loving brother - he is also oldest child, grieving son, frustrated soldier, irritated sibling, he is both Thranduil's heir and his biggest threat (as he takes the role Thranduil wants him to, he is taking control (must be difficult to hand over that authority to a younger elf, and your own son at that). ... and more beyond. I picked on him because he is the son we see least of, because he *is* controlled, and eldest, and different in nature to the others, and yet he has as many sides as a many-sided thing. :)
Phew! Sorry, didn't mean to ramble, but I really enjoy your stories, this one included, and wanted to say my thank yous!

Author Reply: Thanks, Mistry. I've been working on these characters for a long time now and trying out different events and time frames. So I suppose it's not surprising that over the years they've developed and shown sides of themselves I had no idea were there at the beginning. Ithilden was especially difficult for me to figure out. I don't think I really did until I wrote some from his point of view.

In any case, I so appreciate your kind words because in that lengthy time, I've grown very fond of these characters and anyone who says good things about them makes me happy.

RedeReviewed Chapter: 7 on 7/30/2007
So tell in the WORLD do you write like this? I mean, it's getting a bit ridiculous! I find myself choked up at the end of nearly EVERY chapter. Especially this one! I swear, if you stop writing I'm gonna hunt you down and nag you till you call me momma. Really though, I look up to your talent. One day I hope to be half as good as you are.

Author Reply: Geez, Rede. Thank you. I've been working on original fic lately. Maybe I should forward this review to the agents and editors who fail to appreciate me.

GwynhyffarReviewed Chapter: 7 on 7/29/2007
Oh wow, Daw, that was really powerful. You really showed the effects of shadow sickness well here. I could feel Eilian's despair and completely understand his misguided thinking. He is lucky to have Maltanaur, I think. Well-I know he is, I don't think he is!

Author Reply: Thank you, Gwyn. Eilian is completely broken down here. But Maltanaur is old and wise and is willing to offer comfort and support. He knows the morning will come.

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