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All Those Who Wander  by daw the minstrel 175 Review(s)
PurplesmackersReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/18/2005
Yea! You are back!
I had to do a double look when I saw the story posted...just to make sure my eyes were not playing tricks on me! I missed your stories, and I am glad to see you back!
Anywho, I have loved all the younger Legolas stories thus far, and I do not think this one will be any different. If I am thinking correctly, this is the third story about this time period in Legolas' life. I love the insight of how each character has dealt with this particular time period of the aftermath of their mother's/wife's death. I think this has been the first time that we have seen Thranduil mention the bitterness of his wife not waiting for the escort. I was always curious about his feelings on that.
Thus far, I love the direction the story is going. I am looking forward to seeing this story develope.
Once again, welcome back! You were missed! :)

Author Reply: I'm so glad to be back. I've been working on this original fic and that's fun, but I missed these characters like crazy. You'll notice I did a section from the point of view of each of my four main characters in this chapter. I wanted to see them all!

I think this is the fourth story about the time right after Lorellin's death: When Shadow Touches Home, Battles Won, and Heart's Ease are the others. I think. I had to stop and try to remember. I may have been doing this too long!

Rose SaredReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/18/2005
Phew, relieved sigh, daw is back with another vintage tale - how comforting. I think the thing I like about your stories is the company that it allows me to keep. I find myself missing all your characters when you are not writing, and even worrying about them - What mess has Elian got himself into, will Legolas ever get over his insecurities? It is sad really, I should get a life!
Nice feeling to know I will be able to spend several hours enjoying the family over the next few weeks.
You haven't lost your touch

Author Reply: Oddly enough, that's what I miss too. I miss thinking about these characters and how they're doing. I like the way they relate to one another and struggle with those relationships as well as whatever Sauron is throwing their way. I've particularly missed Ithilden and little Legolas because they aren't in the original fic I've been working on. Thanks for the kind words, Rose. (And I would have told you about Celebrimbor earlier but I thought you knew. I was waiting for you to explain the whole thing to me!)

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/18/2005
I was thinking as I read this how hard it must be for a parent to discipline a child who is ill or disabled in some way, or re-establish discipline after a major event like Legolas has lived through. They need to be gently cared for and coaxed along the path to healing, but it can be too easy to spoil or give in. A parent really has to know the child to know where the fine line is and know what battles to fight. This is a good one, and I like this line: But Legolas did not make the rules, and in the long run, he would be happier if he knew it.

How true that is for all of us! But, I rather look forward to the trip and seeing at what inopportune time Legolas regales his father with his use of 'orc spit'. :D

Author Reply: Thranduil is feeling his way along here. Not only has Legolas been through trauma, but also Thranduil is having to do things with him that Nana did with the older sons and with Legolas up until less than a year ago. So Thranduil is learning how to be a single parent at a time when it's very hard.

You think Orc spit will come back? That wouldn't surprise me!

LOTRFaithReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/18/2005
Horray! A little Legolas story... :-) Awww and it's sad one too :-( lol.. I would love to tell Eilian to grow up as well. "I'm bored!" I find it rather insane to go from a story when Eilian has matured and married, to one where he is still very immature and childish. But I am glad you are back!! :-)

Author Reply: I love jumping around in time with these characters, but then I do have to keep reminding myself how old they are and where they are in terms of maturity. Sometimes I feel bad for Eilian because his father and Ithilden are pretty hard on him, but then I get to a story like this one and I can see that he really was difficult to deal with. I'm glad to be back too. :-)

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/18/2005
Oh hooray! A new story! This is obviously a very interesting time in their lives too, with Eilian less than perfectly balanced and Legolas so nervous. I laughed out loud when he shoved his cold little feet on Eilian's back. And the Orc spit exchange was great. (So was the implication that Eilian had discovered the secret of Ithilden's blankie!) But poor Legolas finding out about Thranduil's trip in such a way. I wonder if Nimloth will regret her offer (or if Thranduil will regret accepting it). And poor Eilian and Ithilden--Eilian's early days as a warrior were hard on them both. And what had happened to Maltanuar?! This looks great Daw! I'm sooo happy to see it.

Author Reply: I'm happy to see it too! I missed these characters so much I could hardly stand it. I had lots of threads from old stories that I wanted to work in here -- like Ithilden's blankie. And I just enjoy writing about little kids, which I wasn't doing at all in the original fic I'm working on. Thanks for the review, Elliska.

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