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Good Neighbors  by daw the minstrel 241 Review(s)
elliskaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/29/2004
Oh goody! Another story. This one looks good. I love the idea of having a look at Thranduil's interactions with his Mannish neighbors. Legolas must have loved getting to hear some news for once. Especially on top of spending time with both Thranduil and Eilian. Trust Turgon to already know about something like that though. And to know that boys serve in the army too. That discussion and the lesson about arrow tips used for war instead of hunting could not possibly lead Turgon and Legolas' little minds in any direction they should be going in.

Ahhh Ithilden and Alfirin again. Are you going to put poor Ithilden through another round of toture in this one? Poor elf. Legolas' reaction to that was funny too. Young people just don't get it when their elders are enamored of one another.

But my favorite line in the whole thing had to be:

But Legolas had recently been studying the Last Alliance with his tutor and the thought had occurred to him that his own grandfather must have struck Gil-galad as an excellent example of just such problems, so he did not think that Men were the only people likely to balk at serving under a commander they were not used to.

There is just something funny about Legolas having traitorous little revelations like that. You have to wonder what Thranduil would think.

So glad to see another story.

Author Reply: I'm interested in Thranduil's interaction with Men. I don't think he's hostile particularly, but I also suspect he wants them out of his business and he wants to stay out of theirs. He has enough problems of his own. I like to think of him warming to them gradually as the time of The Hobbit draws near.

You surely don't think that Legolas and his buddies will do anything foolish, do you?

You'll notice that Legolas doesn't voice his thoughts to Adar!

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