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The Dare  by Dreamflower 82 Review(s)
harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 6 on 1/14/2016
Good. It would serve them right. I hope their father soundly thrashes them, though knowing him, I doubt it. Someday I’ll make up for that.”

Pippin looked at Merry in surprise. “That sounds like a promise.”

And, since I am rereading your work in the order that you published it here I already know how Merry kept his promise.
It hurts to read but I applaud the complexity you put into the father/ son relationship here..and carry it on through to post quest.
Btw...I am making up for my years of lurking and not reviewing by making 2016 the year when I leave an appreciation for everything I read online. Please don't feel stalked or obliged to reply every time! Although, it is nice to know that you have seen the comment.

AspenJulesReviewed Chapter: 6 on 1/27/2008
Oh, that was good.

I kept meaning to leave reviews at the end of the chapter, but even knowing how it eventually turned out, I couldn't resist just clicking next at the end to keep reading.

It's nice to get the details of this story finally. And I liked Frodo standing in for Merry's parents... I'm glad that Merry and Pippin were able to have the time together.

So touching his chin to his chest would stimulate swallowing? I never knew that... And how does the burnt toast thing work? Kind of like charcoal? Isn't there a charcoal-ish remedy for poisoning? And what was the green liquid at the end of reviving him? Is it something specific and real or something general and vague that you created?

LOLOL, I guess enquiring minds want to know. Great story, Barbara!

Author Reply: I'm so glad you found it to be a "page-turner"! That's quite a compliment, and every bit as nice as individual chapter reviews!

Frodo would naturally do what he could for Merry in the situation--and by putting it the way he did, he brought Paladin to understand.

Yes, that's the solution SS came up with--she said it was something another doctor reccommended for patients who had vocal cord paralysis, as it seems to help the esophagus open a bit. Of course, he has to be able to swallow a little bit already, but SS said that was indicated by the fact that Poppy'd used the pipette to administer medicine already.

When I went to research first aid and folk remedies, most of them were either too modern or obviously ineffective--but the burnt toast one just kept turning up repeatedly in different sites. SS said that doctors sometimes use charcoal tablets, so presumably the carbon in burnt toast would work the same way.

The green liquid at the end is an actual medieval beverage called "sekanjhabin", made mostly with mint, vinegar and sugar. It's a great-tasting thirst quencher, and would act in some ways like Gator-ade in someone who was dehydrated. It's quite delicious, and I put the recipe in my story "Spring Quickening"

Queen GaladrielReviewed Chapter: 6 on 4/10/2006
Oh, Pippin! Dear me, what a thing to do! I can see why Merry would be angry, but I can't bring *myself* to feel anything but pity for him. Now, that's hard (the punishment), but I know he deserves it. And it was splendid of Paladin to allow them the time to say farewell, and to allow them to keep in touch.

Ha! Those rotten Bankses would fit right in with Lotho's crowd! Well, I have the satisfaction of knowing they and their father got what they deserved.

A very interesting tale!
God bless,

Author Reply: Yes, poor Pippin. But at least he's learned a hard lesson about taking dangerous dares. Merry would *not* have been angry, if Pippin had realized the consequences of his actions, but unfortunately, he didn't remember the bad parts. And *that's* why Merry got angry. Still, they straightened things out in the end, thanks to Frodo.

Paladin was glad to allow Merry time to speak to Pippin before they left once Frodo made him understand what was at stake.

Well, they do get their just desserts--eventually.

SlightlyTookishReviewed Chapter: 6 on 4/6/2006
Thanks so much for linking me to this! I've been meaning to read this for ages now, and I had a general idea of what it was about since I'd seen references to it in your other fics, and it did not disappoint. Those Banks brothers are awful! Just as bad as your Hyacinth - are you sure they really aren't *her* children? Lots of lovely Pippin h/c here, and I'm glad Paladin finally relented at the end and allowed Merry and Pippin to make up. Thank goodness for Frodo's intervention. I also liked seeing how resourceful Pearl was. I enjoyed this very much :)

Author Reply: I'm very pleased that it lived up to your expectations!

The Bankses are pretty dreadful, but I don't think there is a connection to Hyacinth. Poor Pippin is just unlucky in having so many awful relations, LOL!
But really, considering how many hobbits there are, and how many bloodlines the Tooks are related to, it's not surprising that he has a few bad apples in the family. After all, the Bagginses had the S.-B.s to put up with, LOL!

This was my very first h/c, and I really tried hard to get it right.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

GryffinjackReviewed Chapter: 6 on 12/9/2005
I know I have reviewed this powerful story before, but I wanted share a real life experience that just happened. Hopefully, this will help bring out just how serious and deadly alcohol abuse can be.

A week ago, we found out that my twelve year old niece's father was in trauma intensive care in the hospital for seizures and bleeding of the brain caused from too much alcohol over the years. Although he started to respond to treatment, his body was toxically poisoned and he had extremely bad sclerosis of his liver caused by the alcohol's effects over the years. I am sad to inform everyone that my niece's father passed away last night.

I hope that this story helps bring home the all too real dangers to anyone thinking that alcohol is nothing serious and makes them think twice about drinking.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 6 on 10/26/2005
Just as Pippin’s first thought when he was troubled was to find Merry, Merry’s first thought was to find Frodo.
(I love these hints you drop about the cousins' relationships.)

He found him in the first place he thought to look--the library.
(How well Merry knows Frodo.)

(Good for Paladin! He makes his missteps, as we all do, but in the scene with Clodio he's magnificent!)

Frodo knew the proprieties.
(I love this intimation that there *are* proprieties, and properly-brought-up hobbits know them. It adds such a feeling of depth.)

Paladin was reminded very much of Bilbo, who could look just so, when he thought he was right.
(I like this bit of resemblance being noted. )

“If you send Merry away now, without giving him a chance to mend things with Pip, he is going to fret himself sick. I mean this.”
(Is there a story behind this? Is it silly of me to be curious, and want to know more about how Merry frets himself sick? Or is it just that I am always ready to read more Merry h/c?)

And Merry sounds quite vengeful... I don't remember if he carries out his promise in another story or not.

I meant to ask, what is Hyacinth's maiden name?

Thanks for a good read, very diverting, and I'm up past bedtime but at least I wasn't interrupted in the reading!

Author Reply: As I've said, the relationships for me are what it's all about. I could spend ages just talking about the discoveries I've made about their interactions, LOL!

Paladin's not perfect, but when it comes to dealing with people like his erstwhile brother-in-law, he has a sure touch.

Yes, there are definitely proprieties in hobbit society, and one of them of course, is that an outsider doesn't interfere in family business. Frodo shows that he *is* following the proprieties by establishing the fact that he is *not* an outsider when it comes to Merry, and that by involving Merry in Pippin's punishment, Paladin has given him this leeway. Frodo has taken it upon himself to stand proxy for Merry's parents, something he has a right to do not only by his close blood relationship to Merry, but also because he was at one time basically Merry's foster-brother. Not all of this needs to be stated, as Paladin clearly understands where Frodo is coming from.

I do like to put in reminders that Frodo's Baggins heritage is strong and important as well...

You know, I didn't have a specific story in my head for this, but that's a mighty fine bunny you just gave me. And there are some precedents--in the Brandy Hall Incident, Merry comes very close to making himself sick with worry over Pippin, and only Frodo's presence keeps that from happening.

He does. In fact, the story where this occurs is what drew so many requests that I wrote this one: "A New Reckoning", where Merry deals out his delayed vengence, don't remember the Chapter number, but sometime during the Ball.

Hyacinth was a Brockhouse.

I went to bed on time, but I'm up again, as you can see, LOL!

Very nice to get up and find a whole new batch of reviews at 2AM.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 5 on 10/26/2005
Poor Pippin! Thinking Merry is furious with him! And poor Merry! Not able to set things right...

“If that had happened, there is *nothing*--and I mean *nothing* that would have kept you from being flogged, marked and banished for causing a wrongful death!
(and they didn't learn their lesson, it seems...)

He drifted finally into sleep, chasing after the funny and sweet memories of the two cousins he loved like little brothers.
(what a lovely image you paint here)

The messenger nodded, but did not look at him directly. Instead he fixed his gaze on the rug in the front hall... The messenger spoke to the shrubbery at the side of the front step. “I can’t say, sir, I’m sure.” Which meant he had not been given leave to say, not that he didn’t know. Everyone in the Great Smials knew by now, he was sure. He stood there briefly, just long enough to make Clodio know that he was aware of the lapse of courtesy for not asking him in for tea, not to mention failing to offer the customary tip. Not that he expected one. The Mistress’s brother was known to pinch his coppers till they squeaked. “Well, sir,” he said to the doorpost...
(I chuckled at your messenger, got quite a lot of personality for a simple walk-on part)

Having Pip alive and able to experience his first hangover was lovely.
(how true--everything is indeed relative)

Author Reply: Well, of course, he was right, Merry *was* furious. But it didn't last long, and Merry was ready to set things straight after talking with Frodo and calming down.

No, really they didn't. Or let us say that the lesson didn't last long enough.

I'm glad you liked that phrase. I think that thinking of his younger cousins was often soothing to Frodo.

LOL! That messenger had *way* too much personality. I didn't *dare* give him a name, for I knew that if I did, he was going to hijack the whole chapter, darn pushy characters! As long as I didn't name him, I had a certain amount of control over him...

Yes, it all *is* relative; for Merry this would have been marvelous.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 4 on 10/26/2005

Y'know, I think Cado is probably the brightest bulb in the room. At least as long as the two brothers are alone together.

All too often it is easier for a younger sibling just to go along with an older one. *sigh*

Just goes to show you need to train the older one(s) up properly, to set the right example.

Author Reply: Yes, Cado is in many ways a good deal brighter than Clovis (though, really, that's not saying much, LOL!)

It is; Cado usually takes the path of least resistance when it comes to his older brother. Yet he gets a certain amount of his own jollies from the trouble they cause, and being bright enough to know better, bears a good deal of responsibility anyway.

Still, I don't think he'd be quite so poisonous without his brother's influence.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 3 on 10/26/2005
O no! I'm certainly glad this story is finished and I can go on to the next chapter. What an awful cliffhanger! (Take it from me...)

I like your healer, Poppy. Is she the same as is on the "Road to Edoras"?

Pardon me for being particularly vague tonight. I took something for a migraine and while the floating sensation is not unpleasant, the muddled thoughts are a bother.

Author Reply: Thank you--you are an expert on cliffies, so I consider this high praise!

Yes, she is. She's been the Took family healer for years, even before they came to Great Smials (much like your Woodruff) who went there when Paladin and family did. Her trip South is her first time away from her duties, in fact.

You don't seem especially vague to me, LOL! But I do know what you mean.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 2 on 10/26/2005
The sad thing about this is that it wasn't all that long ago I heard on the news about a lad dying because of a similar fraternity "prank".

Author Reply: It's very often in the news, and is one of the reasons I chose to explore this theme. It has a very sad sort of relevance.

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