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Tangled Web  by daw the minstrel 25 Review(s)
Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 5 on 6/11/2004
Daw, what a wonderful chapter this was. I had to go and read that part of The Hobbit again, and it's amazing how close, yet how different, the two versions are. Seeing it from the elves' POV is great!

Magic!Thranduil is very fey and majestic, and a perfect Elven King. Yet by the end of the evening, I'd do anything to avoid pissed off!Thranduil - as would Legolas, by the sound of things. And like Leolas, I can't quite believe how inept the patrol was.


Author Reply: Doing this from the Elves' POV was a challenge because I had to explain a whole lot of stuff that the Dwarves didn't understand. And then the whole thing turned comic on me. Except for pissed off!Thrandul, of course. I going to have make up some feeble excuses for the patrol, I guess. I loved Magic!Thranduil.

nessieReviewed Chapter: 5 on 6/11/2004
Yes! I couldn't wait to see this part of the story, thanks for posting it so soon! I feel Thranduil's annoyance and anger. If the dwarves had cooperated in the first place when they were captured, they wouldn't be in the dungeons and the king would probably let them be on their way (but not without rolling his eyes of course!) Poor Tonduil and Aerlinn!

"Poor Tonduil," Legolas gasped. "Perhaps we should circulate among the tables and urge people to eat more quickly."

That part had me laughing! But finally they said their vows and stuff, and luckily those pesky dwarves didn't see it! But they were close! Ai, they just HAD to have come at the wrong time, didn't they?

Well, I loved this chapter and absolutely can't wait for the next one! I can't resist an angry Thranduil! I can't resist Thranduil at all, but hey, what are you gonna do?


Author Reply: Thranduil is pretty ticked off. This is a very private ceremony for Elves and the Dwarves intruded three times and roused the spiders to boot! He's unlikely to feel much sympathy for them.

I figure Tonduil and Aerlinn will have a good story to tell their grandchildren (once they manage to get married so that they can get on with the business of having children first, of course). Legolas and Annael were enjoying themselves much too much!

Thranduil is the best!

JebbReviewed Chapter: 5 on 6/11/2004
Poor Legolas praised one minute in deep trouble the next and all due to those pesky dwarves
I like the way he refers to them as 'it' and you could sense Thranduil's growing displeasure and frustration as the evenin wore on and the dwarves kept reappearing
as for the king's use of his own brand of magic I thought that was superb and so much in keeping of how I have come to believe in how wood elves communicate with nature all though your stories by the way
I look forward to seeing the progress being made in the south as well as the confrontation between king and home guard lieutenant perhaps a good nights sleep will calm Thranduil enough to know where to properly turn his ire then again!!

Author Reply: Thranduil just managed to keep himself under control by the time the evening had ended. Between his annoyance at the Dwarves who were invading something private and his annoyance at his seemingly incompetent guards, and his worry about spides on the prowl close to home, he had had it!

I'm glad you liked the magic. I was a little worried about writing it. More magic coming up in the south in the next chapter.

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 5 on 6/11/2004
What a brilliant chapter!

It makes me think of a David Attenborough programme - 'Here, deep in the forests of Mirkwood, we see the Wood Elf in its natural habitat. Observe how the presence of Dwarves confuses them as they attempt to defend the group. . .'

I am glad that Legolas involved Thranduil in every stage of the decision making here, or he might find himself enjoying the hospitality of the dungeons! He is still going get all the stick, though - even though every stage of the planning seems sensible, the end result was to make Thranduil look bad and he won't care for that at all! (He is just such an alpha male - back to wildlife programmes! - gorgeous to view from a distance, but dangerous.)

Thranduil's use of magic seemed good - but I will bet he wishes he had just used a knock-em-out sleepy spell from the beginning! At least then he wouldn't have had them running around in headless chicken mode. I'm not surprised he ended up completely infuriated with the Dwarves and stuck Thorin in a cell.

Perhaps someone should point out to Sinnarn that it is all very well winning over the parents, but you also need to spend some time convincing the elleth! Although I think her casual act was more for the benefit of Legolas and Celuwen.

I liked seeing Legolas tease Tonduil - is it only male elves who get in this state on their wedding day? Was Aerlinn calm and amused, or was she falling apart with unsatisfied desire as well?

It was lovely to see Annael and Legolas getting the giggles - they are such good friends, but that doesn't make good drama. I love seeing them together. (At least I know he will survive the Battle - he's in QoD.)

Good point about the noise attracting the spiders. After all that spider hunting, it must have taken something to get them there.

'What kind of people send a child to do their work for them?' Knowing he is a hobbit and Bilbo at that, this is quite ironic - since the gathered races at the Council of Elrond send this 'child's' nephew to do their work for them at Mount Doom.

More please.

Author Reply: You know, I had that seem thought about anthropologists! I thought it when the Elves were watching the Dwarves struggle along the path, but it's also true as we watch the Elves. They are so puzzled by all this, but because we've read "The Hobbit," we know what's happening.

Thranduil is, as you say, not going going to be happy, and Legolas will be wishing for Ithilden's return more than ever. The Home Guard did come out looking kind of incompetent, but the Dwarves weren't really a threat except to the secrecy of the blessings.

Tolkien shows lots of magical things in Mirkwood (there are magically sealed doors at the stronghold that I have to write about too), but I was worried about how to write them because my mind doesn't really work that way. My theory is that Thranduil's magic comes from some sort of union he has with the woods. Elves are connected to Arda, Tolkien tells us, and I think that for Wood-elves, that went even deeper. And Thranduil is their king.

I enjoyed writing about Legolas and Annael having a good time at the wedding. "Ori! Nori! Dori!"

What a good point about Frodo! I never even thought of that.

French PonyReviewed Chapter: 5 on 6/10/2004
Cue the Wacky Hijinks! An interesting take on what happened to the Dwarves in the clearing. Thranduil doesn't have to move the feast after all, and hey, free entertainment. And (trust me) fainting Dwarf intruders are lots more fun at a wedding than, say, fainting brides. And in the end, Thranduil did assume the responsibility for the Dwarves, so he really can't yell too much at Legolas when they intruded. I figure he meant for the blindness to happen, but I guess the stumbling was an Unintended Consequence. Thranduil's going to be real pissed at himself, and that spells trouble for the Dwarves.

Do the Elves know about the magic river that Bombur fell into? I wonder why they haven't thought that maybe that was what had happened to him.

One thing I like about the way you write the Elves is all the varying attitudes they have towards things like meeting and trading with Dwarves. Everything from curiosity to business to avoidance to politely veiled hostility. It's fun to see how these Elves react to their relatively isolated place in the world.

I think I will have to try roasted venison some time. I had it once, a long time ago, and I think I remember that I liked it. But soon I will be moving to a state where they sell venison, so I can try it roasted. You make my mouth water when you describe it.

And Legolas is now not only under the impression that Bilbo is a Dwarf child, he thinks his name is "Hobbit." I think it's going to be fun watching him learn better.

Author Reply: LOL. The blindness was intentional, and anyone who entered the clearing twice was meant to fall "deeply asleep." Everything else was just the Dwarves running around in a panic. Wacky Hijinks indeed!

I'm sure the Dwarves know about the river. It just didn't occur to them that Bombur might have fallen in. None of them would, after all.

I'm so pleased you like the variation in the Elves' attitudes here. They have come to seem real to me, and real people do differ.

In truth, I've never eaten venison and have no desire to. I'm a city girl who read "Bambi." You'll have to let me know if you like it.

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 5 on 6/10/2004

I'm so glad you got this chapter finished before I headed out to be a weekend Wood-elf. It was just wonderful! You did a magnificant job of weaving Tolkien's tale into yours. And it was so believable. Seamless. I recently read over this part of 'The Hobbit'--studying spider behavior--and with it fresh in my mind, your chapter was so much fun to read. And all from the Elves' point of view.

Poor Tonduil. He was already a nervous wreck and then to have his wedding crashed by dwarves! I loved Legolas' line about getting them married, "perhaps even tonight."

Now this line: “No more so than many others,” she said a little saucily. Hm.m.m. We are not going to have a repeat of the Legolas/Miriwen/Eilian little fiasco, are we? Though it might serve Legolas right to have the shoe on the other foot for a change. But then, he was young and in love when he lit into Eilian in the Great Hall.

Mirkwood,“There may be a problem,” (to be read in your best Tom Hanks voice.) Well, yes, it's a problem and the dwarves and the child named 'hobbit' will find out about it first hand.

Overall, I thought Thranduil controlled himself quite well under the circumstances. No one was beheaded, no innards were spilled and the wedding finally took place.

Such a delightful chapter. I look forward to another one soon. I'll be home around Monday, so anytime around then will be fine, she says with one eyebrow raised in the manner of her favorite Elven king. :>)


Author Reply: Writing from the Elves' POV has been a challenge, I have to admit, so I'm glad you liked it, Karen. I kept wondering things like how the dwarves got so far without being seen (until Nilmandra said "Well, are we sure they weren't seen?") and how the lights magically went out.

I enjoyed the chance to show Legolas having a good time with his friends -- teasing Tonduil, laughing with Annael. I suspect things may be a little more tense in the morning.

Oh lord, you have a twisted imagination (and I mean that in the best way possible)! I had never even considered having Emmelin be smitten with Legolas. She was just conscious of the fact that these were Sinnarn's relatives sitting there.

We'll plan on Monday then!

CormakReviewed Chapter: 5 on 6/10/2004
I absolutely love your stories. I started reading them a bit late as I just found out about this site recently. I've enjoyed myself getting to know all of the wonderful characters that you have created. I love reading and finding out what is going to happen to them as much as Tolkien's characters.

This chapter made me laugh and gasp. The intrusion of the Dwarves was funny at first but then I felt badly, especially for Legolas and the Home Guard. The Dwarves just did not want to cooperate.

And everyone is meeting someone and is getting married. Poor Legolas. When is he going to find a nice elleth? Just teasing.

I look forward to the next chapter and all that follow it.

Author Reply: Thank you, Cormak. I am shamelessly fond of my OCs, so I love hearing that other people enjoy them too.

When I first started writing this story, I thought it would be all serious because, really, the Wood-elves have problems! But then I got to this chapter and I just couldn't stop parts of it from being funny. The Dwarves' entry is just farcical from the Elves' POV. But it was good for Legolas to have a chance to laugh with his friends too. Too bad Thranduil wasn't laughing!

I do feel sorry for Legolas being alone all those years. Sigh. Surely he met a nice girl in Valinor.

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 5 on 6/10/2004
As fun as that was, I am glad I am not Legolas! Neither dwarves nor spiders are his fault, but the buck apparently stops on his desk. Poor elf - I hope he doesn't take too much of a pounding from his father.

Now Thranduil has more than adequate reason to be uptight with the dwarves - they crashed a wedding three times, roused the spiders and we know from the Hobbit how stubborn they were about stating their business. I hate to say it, but I'd lock them in the cellars too :D

Author Reply: I'll bet the whole evening looked much less amusing from Thranduil's seat. He is a little peeved. Poor Legolas!

LOTRFaithReviewed Chapter: 5 on 6/10/2004
lol.... That was funny! :-) But poor Legolas... I would hate to be in his shoes right now... Not once, not twice but three times! Thranduil must be furious:-) As much as I love Thranduil, there are times when I am glad that I am not even close to Mirkwood;-) Great chapter! Looking forward to more~

Author Reply: Even when I was trying to be serious, this chapter just got the best of me and came out funny. Now comes the more serious aftermath, I'm afraid.

Ms. WhatsitReviewed Chapter: 5 on 6/10/2004
This was a great chapter. It has a nice comic feel but at the same time important stuff happens. I liked the Legolas-Thranduil parts the most--"making him feel like a competent adult at one moment and a wayward child the next," being proud of him and yet blaming him for things that aren't really his fault...*sigh* I love Thranduil.

I also liked seeing Legolas and Annael have fun together, esp. making fun of poor Tonduil and the Dwarves. I also found Legolas's deductions about the Dwarves endlessly amusing.

And poor Celuwen. At least she's got a brother-in-law like Legolas. And on a fangirly note, I am disappointed to learn that Legolas likes wild and untidy curls. I don't have curly hair! *pouts*

Author Reply: The comedy just keep coming out no matter what I did, so I figured what the hell, just go with the flow. I likes seeing Annael and Legolas have fun together too. They've been friends forever and are probably drinking Dorwinion. Legolas was doing the best he could to figure out the dwarves, but what was he supposed to think???

As for curly hair, that was an allusion to the maiden in "Spring Awakenings." Remember her? I have stick straight hair myself. :-)

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