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One Year in Mirkwood  by daw the minstrel 38 Review(s)
LeraReviewed Chapter: 15 on 9/25/2003
That was an awesome story. I'm thrilled to keep finding more and more good authors on here. I'm very glad you didn't kill Eilien. I enjoyed reading about what prepared Legolas for his role in LOTR.
You did a great job on the relationships between Thranduill and his sons. May you always write LOTR fanfic.

Strange BlazeReviewed Chapter: 15 on 7/20/2003
I really like this ending. That Sinnarn looks like Eilian...priceless!!! I am very very glad you did not kill Eilian, I think he is a great character who deserves his own story, though I love your whole royal family so much I hope they would all be in it too. Great with Nitha at the end too. I love the image of the handsome young elf giving the little girl a hug. I think Legolas would be good with kids and you portrayed that well. Also the epilogue was great. You let us know what happened with Miri and Falad (which I sort of guessed would happen all along) though it's a bit depressing to think of Legolas alone all those years later (or is he? I hope you write another story so we may find out). Please write more soon!!

AnaReviewed Chapter: 15 on 7/19/2003
Wow... you really wanted to kill Eilian? And I was hoping that some day you will write a story about him and his adventures, or about Legolas under Eilian's comand or Eilian meeting Imladris's twins or sth like that... :) Anyway it would be a great story either way, but I'm so happy that he is still alive. Will you write more about Legolas (and his family) as a young adult or will you move in later years? You will write more, will you not? To tell you the truth, right now I'm trying to imagine what would happen if Eilian was dead, how would they react, how would they life with it... The only problem is... if he's dead he stays dead... or he could be next Glorfindel, he died and came back, right? I liked Nitha very much, she is such a sweet child. And Sinnarn looks like Eilian... cool... Thank you for writing your storys... they are the best... Have a nice day(s) Ana

Maike (Dragon-of-the-North)Reviewed Chapter: 15 on 7/19/2003
Ah, finally... The last chapter! :-) Sorry for not reviewing the 14th one, but rest assured, I also liked that one very well... But this is a beautiful ending! I liked Legolas' begetting day - and the presents he got... The tunic does sound like a good present from Alfirin, matching her personality, but I thought it was amusing that the piece of armoury came from Ithilden and the things to do some paperwork from Eilian... But perhaps fitting nonetheless. ;-) The trip to Esgaroth was very amusing - and a very good gift from Thranduil... As it seems, he has finally realized that his son is growing up and cannot be over-protected all the time. LOL to poor Galion who is so wonderfully shocked when Legolas announces that he is going to visit the daughter of the trade council's president! But, well... I must admit I would be a bit shocked as well if a brother of notoriously flirtatious Eilian announced he was up to such a thing! ;-) Little Nitha was cute and very amusing... Her poor mother, forced to exclaim "Nitha!" again and again... LOL. But it was good that we saw the young lady in a more lighthearted scene now that she has been through so much with Legolas. The rest of the chapter was pleasantly lighthearted as well (except for the last bit, of course) - Thranduil made me grin for some times... "Not with my Dorwinion!" ;-) Hm, and so Eilian is back where he wants to be, the novices are growing up... ... and the last bit ties the whole story nicely to LOTR. Hm, so Falad has finally been "rewarded" with Miri? In that case, I hope she did mature a bit... I must admit that I could not think that anybody would be greatly "rewarded" by having to marry that stupid young thing... I liked the "the time had come" bit - it was the logical conclusion of all those "not yet" dreams... Well - and I, for one, am extremely grateful that you did not kill Eilian. The story worked very well without that charming prince getting killed - and I would have felt provoked to start ressurrecting other people's elves again, anyway... :-P This was a truly wonderful story once again! :-) And, as always: Please alert me when you start a new story! :-)

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 15 on 7/19/2003
Daw, great final chapter! *And* I can review on this site! I liked the reunion with Nitha, and especially the fact that Thranduil actually let him go. Wow! He *must* feel Legolas is growing up! You can't really blame him about the guards. I also liked the end, at the battle of Pelargir, with Legolas reflecting on the past. This has been a lovely story. Finally, I'm so glad you din't kill Eilian! It was clear from Thranduil's dreams that something was going to happen - I'm glad you changed your mind. Not just for Eilian, but for his family as well - they would have been devastated. Like Tree, I've killed my own characters before now, and one in particular I really regret, especially the manner of his death. It's too late to go back and change it now, as too much followed on from that event. I hope there will be a sequel before long! Jay

FadesintothewestReviewed Chapter: 15 on 7/19/2003
I have sudden feeling of, oh no it's over! I certainly do hope, pretty please, that you will continue spinning tales of Legolas and his family at different points in their lives. It's just that you have managed to create such loveable characters, too darn well developed that we, I, your readers don't want to stop reading about them. I was so touched by Legolas'gesture in buying the red ribbon for Nitha and how you tied that in with the Epilogue, but that Epilogue left me so sad. Me hopes fore more!

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 15 on 7/18/2003
Legolas got his seed cakes - see, that house just needed a female presence. He might not have a nana to remember such things, but he does have a sister-in-law now! The trip to Esgaroth is great. Where Eilian flirted with the local girls, Legolas blushes. But he saw the most important girl anyway. Nitha is as spunky as ever. I love the hair pulling - since I have had little Legles yanking hair since day 1, it is a joy to see him on the other side. The epilogue did tie nicely to his dream too. Oh, and I can hear Eilian laughing from here.

rorrahReviewed Chapter: 15 on 7/18/2003
I laughed so hard, I had this mental vision of an elf going all goggle eyed at the thought of Legolas calling on the daughter of an important official. That was great. Lets hope Eilian gloats in your brain for a great long time to come. I like him

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