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Gandalf and the Seahobbit  by PIppinfan1988 26 Review(s)
pipwise brandyginReviewed Chapter: 10 on 6/29/2004
Oh, I love this story so much. I can't believe I haven't read it before! So congratulations on being recommended by Marigold and thanks to both of you for such a wonderful read! You've brought so much more depth to Pippin and Gandalf's relationship by showing how Pippin reminded him of old friends yet also distinguished himself in his own way. I love Gerontius and Isengar and Gandalf's friendship with them both, and it's rather poignant to think of Gandalf seeing all these generations of Tooks go past, each one a little different but possessing the same spirit and looks as others before him.

I'm so glad that Pippin was able to prove himself to Gandalf, he had a lot to live up to, didn't he! The last chapter was beautiful and brought tears to my eyes, I loved this line: "My fight and flight in Middle-earth is for these, unthanked though it may be." But I like to think that those last-minute hugs were all the thanks he needed - Hobbits are so good at showing their love and thanks through other means than words aren't they!

Also, I'm quite curious as to what your views are on Gandalf seeing them all again? I like to think he did, but I just assumed he would live on in Valinor and do whatever wizards do (not really well-versed in that.. lol).

Anyway, thank you again Pippinfan, I thoroughly enjoyed it! :)

Author Reply: Hello Pipwise! Its *always* nice to hear from you! :-) What a lovely review--and what shall I say to that? Thank you, from all of my heart. Your review is definitely a keeper; I'll cherish it for as long as my files are compatible! :-P I'd like to say indefinitely!

There is a "sequel" of sorts in The Storyteller; posted only on SOA. didn't give me the choice of Paladin Took, and the Story is told by him, and from his perspective. I do love my Tooks! :-)

Gandalf seeing them all again? Hmmmm. Are you throwing Plot Bunnies at me, too? Hmmmm. First read Storyteller and an upcoming story I submitted for Marigold's Challenge #6, then let me know what you think. If you turn your plot bunny into a plot rabbit (full grown), I'll give you credit. However, Lindelea (I so admire her writing!) submitted a wonderful story about "beyond the curtain" in one of Marigold's Challenges (#4?) that brought me to tears. I really don't think I could come close.

Thank you again, Pipwise, for reading Seahobbit, and taking time out of your busy schedule to review. Thanks. :-)


FantasyFanReviewed Chapter: 10 on 2/8/2004
A very satisfying ending. I have enjoyed reading this story, and learned a little hobbit-history, too. I think your Gandalf characterization is splendid. I especially liked, "It is through this small vessel of the One that I am now encouraged and strengthened on my journeys. My fight and flight in Middle-earth is for these, unthanked though it may be." Gandalf's mission is to give encouragement and strength to all in the fight against the darkness, but he is encouraged and strengthened by the goodness, the innocence and the love of the small folk. Just wonderful!

Author Reply: I couldn't agree more about Gandalf's mission, and I really liked the part of Isengar hugging him as well. I drew it from a personal experience some years ago, when a small child at a Bible study just walked up and threw her arms around my neck. I'll never forget that feeling of pure, innocent love, and so I thought to pass it on to Gandalf. Thank you for sharing in the story!


FantasyFanReviewed Chapter: 9 on 2/8/2004
Hobbits! Indeed. They're only as tough as dragon scales on the outside - inside they're just pudding. That's why we love 'em, I think. Poor Gandalf, anticipating his departure already. Do you think he'll ask Frodo and Bilbo to go with him partly so he can keep some hobbits to take care of, for a little while longer?

Author Reply: LOL... Absolutely! I'd certainly like to have Pippin and Merry. Oh, they'd be spoiled beyond recall! :-)


Grey WondererReviewed Chapter: 10 on 2/8/2004
Just wonderful! Thank you for this amazing story.

Author Reply: You're welcome--and thank you for reading it!


Grey WondererReviewed Chapter: 8 on 2/8/2004
This is wonderful. It may be my favorite of your stories and that is saying a great deal as I have enjoyed them all very much.

Author Reply: Now you really have me blushing! And I have enjoyed all of your stories as well! I know you were working hard yesterday; I thought of you as I was tapping out chapter ten on the keyboard, while you were doing the same thing on your keyboard! I notice your results have been posted, and I'm on my way to go check them out! Take care.


Grey WondererReviewed Chapter: 7 on 2/8/2004
I was surprised to see so much of this up when I logged on! I have much reading to do. I am so glad that Isengar wasn't dead. I like that hobbit!

Author Reply: I couln't kill off my star! I've kind of grown to like him, too. Thanks!


PervincaReviewed Chapter: Author's Notes on 2/8/2004
I loved it! A very interesting idea, comparing the three Tooks and Gandalf's interactions with them. I thought you portrayed Gandalf's thoughts very well. Fantastic work!

Author Reply: Thanks, Pervinca! That particular format was new to me, and I didn't know how it would come across; if I could keep the readers aware of the different time periods without confusing them--or the readers! I've done first-person narrative before and failed miserably, but Pearl helped me out on this one and kept me on my toes! Thanks for reading!


ConnieReviewed Chapter: Author's Notes on 2/7/2004
Oops! I knew something wasn't right when I wrote the review I submitted. I misspelled Gandalf's name, not just once, but several times. I admit that I'm the world's worst speller, and I know I should have double-checked it, but I didn't. Sorry.

I really like the story.

I think I'll slink away and go practice my Middle Earth spelling list now.


Author Reply: Don't be embarrassed! Check your spellcheck at the door when you post a review to any one of my stories. It's the heart of the matter or critique that counts to me. But I can't say too much; I'm hard on myself, too, when it comes to spelling. Its one of the few things I'm actually good at--except when I write long chapters and the words starttoruntogether, or my mind inserts a word that isn't there and it should be! Have a great day.


ConnieReviewed Chapter: Author's Notes on 2/7/2004
What a neat story. I like the parallels between the two hobbit. I always have felt that Gandolf had a special place in his heart for Pippin. He loved all the hobbits greatly, but let's face it, Pippin had that wizard wrapped around his little finger, probably from the first time they met.

Now you have me curious about what Gandolf told Pippin at the Havens. Oh well, the world will probably never know.


Author Reply: And not only Pippin--Isengar, too! Gandalf was a sucker for charming and courageous hobbits--and so am I! I just didn't have it in me to figure out exactly what he would've told Sam, Merry, and Pippin at the Havens, and knowing me, I would've wrote it and thrown the chapter off kilter a tad. But I'm glad you enjoyed reading the story--thanks for sharing in it! Take care.


Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: Author's Notes on 2/7/2004
This is a wonderful story! I always like to think that Pippin's love of life and plucky spirit were longstanding Took traits. And I like that they had a seahobbit in the family!

Pearl Took

Author Reply: A with a lot of your help, they did! I couldn't have pulled this off--especially the first person narrative and parallels--without your help. I am forever grateful. As you already know, I've really enjoyed writing this. Thanks for all your encouragement!


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